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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

August ratting data

Like in July, I processed the downloaded Dotlan data for August 2015. Let's see the ratting charts first:
As you can see highsec and nullsec ratting remained mostly the same, except for the Aug 22-29 week, where nullsec ratting dropped.

The reason is the Providence war:
Please note the different scale, Provi ratting is about 10% of the Imperium. While Provi lost more rats relative to the baseline, their absolute losses are 100K rats/warday while 600K rats/warday for the Imperium. Using the old CCP tweet, we can estimate 0.31 MISK/rat average nullsec bounty, so the war caused 31B ISK/day loss to Provi and 186B ISK/day loss to the Imperium. It's no wonder that they avoid wars as possible, the opportunity cost is devastating and way higher than anyone elses. So just by resisting and keeping fighting the Imperium of Evil can be defeated as the war costs break them. This new info can help the morale of attacked alliance. All they need is one guy checking dotlan every day and announce "yesterday by forming against us and running around entosising, the ratting in CFC regions was 150B less than usual! Let's do that again until they run out of money!"

Let's see the nullsec regions!
The first 3, like last month are Imperium regions. All 3 got on the "top 10 NPC regions" list of Dotlan, beating highsec regions. The next four are all renter regions. It seems renting will remain viable after all. Providence lost ratting for the war, Fountain for the departure of Black Legion.

There are much to see here. At first, all Imperium alliances lost ratting percentage due to the Providence war (orange). All, except Goonswarm itself, they reached a new record. While the minions were fighting, the masters were filling their wallets. Goonswarm also increased its land size, mostly from TNT who were stripped of their Pure Blind holdings. The xxDeathxx renters decreased their performance despite the increase of ratting in many of their regions, due to the decrease in Perrigen Falls and Kalevala Expanse. Soviet-Union keeps growing steadily, along with Solar. The most surprising is that B0T, which was meant to be closed, is now increasing its landmass.

Ratting in the Imperium overall didn't change much since last month, however it includes the Provi campaign. This means that they'll likely increase their ratting in September.


Anonymous said...

can you do a graph over the longest time period you have this data for?

Anonymous said...

Actually a much simpler explanation for the increase in Goon activity. Those players were asked to log in their pilots in case. But not required to travel down unless needed. So they did what bored people do. Found something else to do in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

Dude. You don't go broke from opportunity cost.

Gevlon said...

So if you are fired and no longer get your salary, that's not a problem. After all, you didn't lose anything, you just stopped earning more.

Anonymous said...

If you don't NEED to earn more, what does it matter?
I stopped ratting and PI months ago. I play for big/medium fleet fights, which is what I like.
I have the ships I need and if I lose them I get SRP.
At the moment I bleed about 100 M a month due to SRP/buy difference and the occasional basic implant loss.
I've got 14B in liquid cash, so I can keep this up for 140 months without needing to generate income.
And unlike some I couldn't care less about what others make in real life, let alone a game.
The provi invasion provided me what I liked, and if others were bored enough to spend that time ratting, I pity them far more than those that 'lost' ISK>

Anonymous said...

I'm confused, everyone considers PvE ratting to be one of the most boring activities available. The Goons found something more interesting to do for a few days by killing real players in opposing fleets instead of boring AI rats... and that's a bad thing because they made less ISK for a few days?

I can see how that would be devastating to YOU, but I can't see how that would hurt a group whose stated goal is ruining the game for others.

Further, the Goons increased their 'land size' and had 'reached a new (ratting) record'. So the minions might have felt a sting, but they didn't? How is ANY of that a bad thing for the goons?

Anonymous said...

This happens to any nation state when they go to war especially if their forces are made up of part time solders. You earn isk in peacetime and spend it in war, every organisation in eve operates like this and always has. The Imperium is in now way financially challenged with this lightning strike at Provi, let's not forget they absorbed a trillion in damage in the Halloween war and that lasted months not days.

Anonymous said...

CFC line members do not require income to pvp. 100% reimbursement completely nullifies your entire (misapplied) opportunity cost analysis. Not earning ratting income does not result in going broke. It only results in a stasis of line member net worth.

Your claimed that pvp'ing the CFC will lead to economic collapse/going broke. That's false. Line members will lose opportunity cost of not ratting, but only that. A loss of income does not equate to a reduction in accounting net worth

Anonymous said...

Actually, that's not a good analogy.
A better one would be, you pass up on overtime, you're not going to go broke.
Ratting is based on an hourly rate.
There's another point too, most people in null have several accounts, and can both rat while on a cta.
I had no problems in the past with an afktar while roaming, camping, or pos bashing while making 35+m / hour.
Duel monitors and a decent computer makes duel boxing very very easy.
Sure, I could have lost an afktar, but I haven't yet (to players, I have forgot to orbit a long time ago and lost a navy vexor)

Gevlon said...

Goons rat. A lot. Literally more than anyone else. Their pets are trailing behind. YOU might not rat and then the above does not apply to you, but you must understand that you are an exception. The typical Imperium member rats a lot. YOU might also be able to rat on an alt while you are on a stratop, but if this would be typical, Imperium ratting wouldn't be halved during campaign. The observable fact is that most players can't do that and a deployment affects their ratting.

Nobody rats for fun. Some might manage to have fun while ratting by chatting or watching TV or playing on another screen, but that's despite and not because he rats. So people rat for ISK.

Therefore they want the ISK. Why they want it I can't tell. Maybe to PLEX their account. Maybe they want a super. Maybe they like to roam in Cynnabals and lose a few every week. Doesn't matter, they want the ISK. This is why "Imperium has 100% SRP" a bad argument: if people would only play SRP-able PvP, they would never rat. But they do, exactly because they want something non SRP-able (PLEX, super, Cynnabal)

If something stops them from ratting, it stops them from the thing they want (they can't PLEX, they won't have super, they can't roam in Cynnabal). Player not having what he want is an unhappy player. Ergo, the Imperium leadership can expect burnout if they command their members to a campaign that stops them from ratting.

The Imperium obviously survived a 1-week Provi campaign. But we don't know if they'd survive a 2 months long Provi campaign. My guess is that they wouldn't, because a 2 month campaign would literally cost them more than the B-R loss of all sides.