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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

You didn't want those sandcastles anyway

Goons opened up a new renter program, this time, it's into Goonswarm Federation itself. Yes, you've read it right, the Goons take renters into their core alliance. At first the renters will be planted in Pure Blind, which makes sense if they want to avoid Mordus Angels evict them. They currently run whole fleets to stop Mordus from Entosising, but this can't go on long. I mean, how long can the members be rallied to chase or camp Mordus trolls for hours when all they can be offered are a few Cormorant kills? Mordus on the other hand proved that they are ready and able to troll them for years, as that's what they're doing for years. And it's not like they will ever going to run out of SRP.

However this could be done by revitalizing PBLRD, giving them a few systems in PB and see if they can hold them, expand the PBLRD Sov as it's possible. If the renters fail to defend their Sov, the "proper" Imperium members can just laugh on them, the loss is not their loss, the rent is already paid.

But no, they recruit the renters to Goonswarm. Why? They are pretty clear on their propaganda site: "Mega-alliances are the future. There are various meta reasons for this but they all point to that one truth. One mega alliance can kick over almost every sandcastle in EVE right now. At the same **** time. Guess who that is going to be. " Well, the thing is that "almost every sandcastle in EVE" includes yours. Goons aren't recruiting to defend against Mordus, that's just the first step. Their goal is the old "ruin your game". The question is what will you do about this open declaration of existential threat? Keep farming BRAVE/Provi until the Goons arrive and evict you, or do something about it while you can?

"But what can I do without making myself a target? If I stand up first, I'll be shut down first, if I lay low, I can live for years before they finally come for me!" - you might ask, if you are a lowly metagamer even in a video game where you could go down in flames and then just log off without any damage to your real life. Let me answer your question: you can create an anonymous alt, send this alt the price of your new toy (that would go to the Rekkingcrew/Snuff Box/LSH killboard anyway) and this anonymous alt donates this money to Mordus. The donation board collected almost 400B ISK so far. That's lot of money for small gang pirates who fly cheap ships to hunt down ratters and Enthosis Sov. But there are many other groups like MoA and I could support them if I wouldn't have to support MoA. So if you'd be so "nice" to take that task from me, I could find new talent, risking my own money to be lost on failures and scammers. You'd have no such risk, MoA has proven its worth without doubt.

If we destroy this renter program and drive out even current members, you won't be sitting in Empire a few years from now rationalizing why losing your Sov wasn't your fault and how much your didn't want those sandcastles anyway. Well, it was, and you did, because stopping them was a donation away in 2014 Summer.


Provi Miner said...

you do realize how hard it will be to hold sov you don't choose to live in, right? There is no doubt any mega can kick over someone else's sandcastle (thats a fact before fozzi sov). The trick to fozzi sov isn't in the kicking its in how much easier it is to reclaim what was lost.

Pre fozzi: about week and always a threat of drops post fozzi about 3 days and nothing expensive on the field anyways.

Pre fozzi: retaking systems even lightly defended was a royal pain in the ask, sbu's and a host of timers, now wam bam its done.

oh yeah for the pope of new eden come at us bro we got your inquisition waiting here.

Stabs said...

One of the fascinating things about the way the sov game has developed has been the failure of Eve players to deal with the emerging Goon dominance.

It's pretty obvious that in a game like this it's a mistake to let someone get out in front. Because the strongest alliance is the best place to rat, the best place to pvp with your super etc etc.

At no point have PL, NC., BL, etc seriously looked like they wanted to rein the CFC in since the 2013 Fountain War. They've always sought more winnable fights against weaker opponents.

You might have thought that 15000 newbies could be crafted into a useful meatshield but no, apparently it was felt better to farm Brave into oblivion while leaving the CFC room to grow and grow and grow.

The reason the Goons are winning is because of the enemies of the CFC.

of course I'm not blameless - I joined the CFC for a while simply because I'd lost all confidence in the people opposing them.

Gevlon said...

@Stabs: in simpler terms, Goons are winning because they are the only ones trying to win, while everyone else is just wanting to "have some fun fights" (= farm BRAVE/Provi).

maxim said...

The sad part in human politics is that while disasters can be averted with small investment early on, nobody thinks that making this investment is worthwhile until the disaster grows bigger and can no longer be averted with that small of investment.

We see it all the time in RL history too, right down to ISIS and Ukraine (and arguably Greece)

Zosius said...

I doubt you will find a lot of people willing to part with their money to pay ships for some guys to annoy goons. While there might be few who may believe in the cause, most don't see any incentive. You do not offer anything in return.

Take example of the CODE, that is approaching one billion in donations. People that donate get recognition and interest of their investment by daily updates on the site. It makes you feel "a part" of the movement.

Meanwhile you just offer a spot in donation killboard that barely anyone knows, except for that day when you post it on your post. Being statistics guy and having only 4 guys besides you donated this year, you should rethink approach if you wanted to make this more than just personal vendetta.

Another solution is to find like minded person that is well established in trading like you and can support similar amount. It will be hard, because those people are busy manipulating markets and experimenting in different ways to get more ISK. To be honest, I hoped your blog would have continued to be focused on business instead of starting this crusade against goons.

Gevlon said...

@Zosius: what business focus you'd expect? I'm making 60B+ a month with methods I detailed and see no reason to explore other markets while no one is bothering to compete for these.

I also don't see the difference between the CODE donation board and mine. You only know their donation board if you visit the blog of James (which is ranked lower on Alexa than mine).

Anonymous said...

After reading the news that PB will become a "renter heaven", while Goons are camping 5z and systems around including X-70 in order to protect their miners (yesterday example), is just a sign on how serious and retarded they are (no offense here). Who is gonna put renters who can hardly defend themselves next door to an alliance that is a pain in the backside of Goons for years?

Yeah Goons camp 5z, but that hasnt stopped them from being killed elsewhere.

Cant find monkeys in EWOK and EC? simple detour further into TNT space and you will bump into the players with the mindset: I have an interceptor, no way a newbie with a t1 frig will do any damage (shortly after the mistake is when everyone jumps in to handle a frig)... Nullsec PVP at its finest.

Renters are welcome in PB. Please rat with expensive blinged fits at your heart contents and you will receive a warm welcome...

Zosius said...

@Gevlon: they have donators list visible every time. Each milestone passes they give a shout out in a separate post. Maybe I am blind, but there is no reference of donation board apart from casual mentions on the blog. You have to either think of better way of selling it. That is if you wish to expand donations and invest in more corps as you wrote.

Regarding business. You got your optimal return for time invested and it is probably hard to scale up without investing more time. But I would like to see you trying to gather some capital and do investments based on upcoming patches, try manipulation. corner markets. Try to think of ways you could affect goons other way than just donating.

It's been over a year since donations started. It bumped up killings, but the growth has stopped. So either you choose to continue to be a nuisance or you try to find ways to scale up your operation. Either by finding another donator or scaling in business. And without investing much more time you will have to do something more than just buy low sell high.

Gevlon said...

@Zosius: I explicitly advise against investments on patches, manipulation and cornering markets. There are a few who made money here (mostly using insider CSM info) and many who lost. It's luck and I won't tell anyone to go gamble. I will not gamble myself either.

I noticed that my perfomance reached its maximum, I added about 200B/month to CFC deaths and it stays on that level. Calling it nuisance is maybe demeaning, but somewhat correct. I don't have time to increase my income and I am trying to lure others into joining (with this post for example), but with little effect.

I continue be a nuisance and hope that as Goons kick sandcastles, angry people will join.

maxim said...

The awesome part in human history is how often nuisances ruin all the best-laid world domination plans :)
Could have had a Maidan in Moscow in 2012, if not for a small then-almost-irrelevant politically group of nuisances

Anonymous said...

It's not just the nul sec pirates that can cause problems in renting pure blind, Black Rise is just seven jumps away. The only thing keeping low sec pirates out is Moa and friends keeping the region so dead.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick correction to Zosius' comment; the New Order board on the MinerBumping site reads 90+ billion in donations (it was 100+ billion and not 1 billion).