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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Arazued! (Fighting Burn Niarja and such ganks)

I was prepared for Burn Amarr with reppers.
Then I was disappointed that the minions of Evil simply ran to Niarja.
Then I trolled them with a 10-plex Jump Freighter.
Then I declared victory and left.

What I didn't do is figure out something against Burn Niarja and similar actions to ruin their backup plan. Only in the evening I got a random idea and dropped everything to test it. It worked! Of course it works much better in the hands of someone who is used to and likes to PvP. I don't. I messed up the clicks (hence the only one kill) and didn't at all like the "reflexes of a cobra" playstyle. So shame on me, I abandoned something that works, because it was very much not fun. However PvP-ers will like it, so I share the plan.

You need an Arazu. You can likely do it with a T1 frig, but the Arazu can work from safe distance, even if using scrams instead of disruptors (if they start to fit stabs). Also, the Arazu can cloak, therefore can act as a threat even when you are AFK. Of course you have to get a name of a dangerous anti-ganker first, otherwise they won't care about you in local.

At first, you need an overview:
By disabling every standings, including no standings, you hide every ships. Then you enable two kind: those who have limited engagement with you and those who are criminals (worse than -5 sec status).

Then you sit on a gate where you expect them to come and watch them with a scout on the other side. When they jump, you decloak, activate sensor boosters and DCII and wait for them to appear. When they do, you lock four of them and point them (not one with 3 points and try to lock Madir gate like I did). Since the baddie can't warp off before the NPC police arrives, he dies without you even having guns:
Since you aren't a war target, the others can only shoot you if they go GCC, abandoning the gank. It will also do nothing with their blasters from 10 km. The FC will likely not notice what happened and proceeds with the gank, just missing 4 members that can cost him the gank. On top of that, you don't just take out 4 random members. You take out 4 seasoned gankers as they have deep negative sec status, while the useless newbies are not yet criminals. If you are lucky (or have a spy), you can target the FC. If you point him, he can't fleetwarp and his whole fleet will sit on the gate helplessly.

Enjoy the ganker-hunt and the free kill reports!

Unfortunately I don't, so I go back to my trade orders.


Anonymous said...

So to be clear, after all you've been doing, what you've come up with is "kill the gankers" which the ag groups have thought about for ages. The problem with that is that most ganker groups take into account that tehy will lose a certain amount of their fleet and make up for that with extras. You also have trouble locking and scramming that many people, since you can only lock and pre-activate modules on one. The others have to be done individually by which time they've usually warped away.

Watch when goons are jumping through the gates, there's scores of instalock ships trying to grab point anyone they can, they simply can't take down enough to make it worth it.

Anonymous said...

Some random brainstorming...

How about defensive freighter bumping? The gank catalysts have really shitty range and are slow so perhaps if the freighter can be kept moving quickly enough the entire gank fleet will have to be kept warping around endlessly to avoid the faction police. Disadvantages - very tedious, risk to moderately expensive bump ship.

Using a throw away pilot to initiate combat as the gankers are in warp? Concord will arrive early, in mid-gank. I don't know if it would be enough to cause the gank to fail.

Use a smart bombing ship to kill ganker catalysts. Obvious disadvantage is that you'll generate a bunch of kill rights from 'neutral' bumpers so it's not really repeatable.

Move a fleet booster into system and offer to boost the freighter victims resistances? Doesn't work with afk freighters, doesn't actually increase a freighters ehp all that much. Have to convince someone about to be ganked to join your fleet.

I wonder if there's a way to use, say, a Nestor to let the bumped freighter refit to tank? Have to convince someone about to be ganked to join your fleet.

Use a throwaway alt to scram the bumping machariel? Might give the freighter time to warp?

Anonymous said...

wow 4 catas you can stop.

sometimes, we lost like 30-40 catas due to late warpin to faction police and still succeeded to gank. 4 wont make a difference.
thats the good thing with swarm tactics. if this would have been talos or tarnados, it would be a good tactic.

Anonymous said...

No chance would you catch 4 catalysts like that unless you were a true ninja and located directly next to the server.