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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Weekend moron

Being rich and famous has its drawback: drooling morons find me with their "great plans". Meet the one who will defeat the CODE without doing anything at all (lengthy conversation, you don't miss anything if you only read the underlined text):

The thing is that if you do nothing, nothing will change. Hoping that you can create a group which will start to perform is the most social thing one can do. "Groups" don't perform. People do. If you are in a performing group, it's either because you are performing yourself, or others do and you just leech on them. Our lovely M&S clearly planned the second.

Of course raising awareness and spreading the word is important. But first you need to do something worth spreading. I mean I always talk about donating to anti-Goon pirates. I asked for the creation of the donation board. But I do it myself first: provided 144B out of the 177B collected. I spread the word to others to follow. Not sitting and doing nothing telling them to go out and do stuff.

Speaking of donations: I decided to distribute the ISK between MoA and EH according to their last month performance. Since they killed 155 and 59B in February, they'll get 7.5 and 2.5B/week in March. If they want bigger share, they need to kill more CFC. I try to increase the sum, I think I'll be able to donate 12B/week in April:

Finally, some funny CFC: ratting Proteus, 500M frig and ratting Vindicator, stabbed ratting Navy Scorpion.


W said...

Ashamed to admit I have had a similar idea, (had a message typed up and everything). However I let the message sit for a bit first before sending it, which allowed the neccesary time needed to become disgusted and delete it.

If this guy happens to read this comment, remember that anyone can make a mistake, just remember to cool down a bit, and not become over zealous.

Xev said...

An alliance against code is a failure from the get go, even a corp is a poor choice.

If some one wants to fight code build an out of game organization. Find players already working against them and provide the services they need to amplify and coordinate their efforts.

Yes this approach requires work, it's probably why no one has done it. Without a personal motivation anyone capable of doing this is always going to have something better to do with their time.

Anonymous said...

The only way to really 'defeat' the Code is to replace it with another one that more people easily accept. Code will just keep on going until the very last person stops believing in their cause.

Basically, someone else needs to step up and claim highsec in the same manner that Code has. You can't just pick a system here or there, you need to think of all highsec... Code has already proved enough that an organization can do so and make it profitable, and CCP's stance is that this is completely legal, so get out there and start taking highsec already!

Anonymous said...

Actually spreading the word is the best way to defeat code, and by the word I mean how to web freighters, check recent killboards, spy on known gankers to see when online, not carrying ten billion cargo etc.

I can't think of anything an actual alliance would achieve, even mass ECM, which is chance based, and they just come back with more ships with ECCM because the catalysts are so cheap they can do ten runs on a single freighter and still profit.

nightgerbil said...

Interesting proteus fit for my eft.

the fit I found and was working towards was cap stable with an afterburner, had 603/amatter or 426(spike) dps and a 54k 514 eh/ps v gursitas. That fit only lasts 2ms with the microwarpdrive going, with same dps. 77.3k with 498-954 eh/ps. I'm impressed by its tank, with its speed at 1600m/s it must be godlike v nullsec rats. I'm assuming though that the mwd is just used to go loot stuff. Maybe another reader could help me out how that fits supposed to be flown?

That navy scorp had a lovely tank, but only 428 dps. Was it not in fact simply over tanked?