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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weekend minipost: unkillable Entosis ship

The forums are all over the idea of the unkillable Trollceptor and its possible counters. What they don't understand is the term "unkillable" must be understood on the strategic level and not on an 1v1 PvP way. What do I mean? Any ship can be killed, at worst by two of itself. There is no doubt that regardless of fit and player skill, everyone will lose Entosis frigates. However 1 second after he is podded back to his home station, he'll be in another, identical Entosis frigate. On a strategic level he didn't die, he was just relocated. All he lost was the time until he moves from his home station to the first structure where he can activate his link.

Ships with significant ISK value can be strategically killed. After B-R Pandemic Legion dropped the war, being unable to replace their fleet. TEST went broke before the Fountain war, losing thousands of battleships to PL/N3 "goodfights". CFC was forced to grind structures in bombless bombers due to fear of losing capitals. No alliance, not even PL has infinite SRP coffer. Kill enough of them and they run or ship down to irrelevance.

Since Entosis frigates have trivial value, they can be lost in practically infinite numbers without anyone caring. Chasing one off grid or letting him be while you run counter-Entosis on the structure have the same effect of killing him: he isn't making capture progress.

Because of these, the power of an alliance will be measured by "number of account-hours available in the 4-hours window". This is why Goons are against these changes: this is not N+1! A player who is ready to run Entosis with 4 accounts 20 hours a week worth 40x more than the guy who dedicates only 2 hours a week to Entosis duty because he isn't online a lot, has one account or - God Help! - want to enjoy the game.

I think sooner or later someone develops an Entosis bot that roams in a frig until he finds a structure and contest it. If a hostile approaches, runs off and seeks another structure. If popped, grabs another ship and returns, while the player can do something fun on the other screen. For example ice mining.

Yesterday saw two morons of epic proportion.
Let's also not forget about the winner of the "how not to fit a carrier" and the "did you want to PvP in this" contests


Antikythera said...

I think it is funny how everyone is explaining what ships will use Entosis Links and how they will work long before we know what powergrid/cpu requirements they'll have, we don't know their cap usage either.
Maybe a spoiler: Drifter Battleships on Singularity now fire multiple doomsdays and in their salvage/loot you'll find (some of) the things needed for the Entosis Link.
Have fun farming them for your unlimited Entosis frigate pool. There's a limited amount of Drifters out there, you can't farm them 24/7.
They are no longer vulnerable to 200km kiting Cerebrus, no subcap can tank a single doomsday and with multiple doomsdays available you might even lose some capitals in the future.
Now... if you need to put your capital fleet into open space to get some raw materials (remember fighter assist being removed?) for the Entosis Link - do you still think there will be frigates derping around for fun wasting Entosis Links?
Oh, and if you want to know how those Entosis Links look in action - go to Singularity and watch Drifter Battleships using them on the unidentified structures.

Ryanis said...

WHat do you feel wrong with the carrier fit ? (

jstk said...

This new sov null system is going to be like faction warfare. Farmers everywhere that are trivial to kill and trivial to replace and essentially impossible to get rid of completly.

Anonymous said...

[..]Exploring the recovered wreckage of these Drifter battleships, researchers are already starting to make startling breakthroughs in the field of mind-machine interfacing[..]
this is the same flavour text like any in New Eden, like with the t3 destroyers or SOE ships.

It's highly speculative to assume looting/salvaging Drifter wreckage from that text. SiSi salvage didn't point to EL related stuff anywhere. please link your sources.

> They are no longer vulnerable to 200km kiting Cerebrus,
Well why kite if ECM works? In doubt - ECM!

Anonymous said...


Can't happen. The big guys would just buy / farm them all.

If the top few alliances have virtually all of the Entosis Modules, their defense would be trivial.

They certainly wouldn't waste them on each other... they would use them supressing all small groups.

99smite said...

Actually, I like Gevlon's idea of an entosis bot... This might be the rebirth of IDBoxer too...

Again, simple proof that CCP do not want you to enjoy the game...

Ex said...

Actually might pay to check your sources, Goons are not against the new Sov System, Both the Mattani and several others within the CFC leadership have come out infavor of the new Sov system and while a couple "goons" might have voiced their personal opinions, many are supportive of it.

For example Sources:

Endie said...

"This is why Goons are against these changes"

Erm what? Are you mistaking some line mmembers for "goons"? The leadership are almost entirely in favour (while believing that the odd value needs tweaked). Check out if you doubt it.

Remember we have many thousands of members, all of whom are free to express their retarded opinions.

Arrendis said...

Out of curiosity, did you catch The Meta Show this week? Many of us are individually against some parts of the proposal, especially the potential for griefing the interceptor idea gives us - but on the whole, the CFC is actually in favor of the direction of these changes.