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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Weekend minipost: no ducks

Fighting the Evil in New Eden isn't an easy task:

The GSF war by DEAF is doing great. The SMA war is OK. The Co2 and the Bastion wars are not. I give them another week, but they currently barely pay for their cost.

MoA caught a cyno-ratting Rokh and a sensor-boosted-cargo-expanded Thanatos, both belonging to Raging Ducks. That corp was one of the main ratting force of GSF, but recently left. It's yet unknown if they left to join a Russian alliance or if they are kicked because they foolishly thought that they can rat like pure blood Goons. No-no, the place of the house slaves (corps in GSF not Goonwaffe) is in the bombless bombers!

MoA also caught a very "smart" inner slave and his ordinary minion buddy. They thought that if they put small guns to maelstrom battleships, they can kill MoA assault frigates. And they were right! Unfortunately battleships are expensive, frigates are cheap, so they didn't trade efficiently.

Talking about frigs: this Bastion interceptor was carrying cargo in combat fit, making -EH- hunters happy. They were probably also happy when they realized that this FA deep space transport doesn't have MJD, so it could only sit in the bubble until died.


Anonymous said...

They were kicked for high ratting amounts and low strategic participation

Anonymous said...

"high ratting amounts" is an understatement when it comes to raging ducks.