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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weekend minipost: capital battle

The minions of Evil were happily scavenged the remains of the former house slave Raging Ducks. The Ducks lost two dozen towers to to GSF. The current minions were to kill a tower of their former "bros", when MoA jumped on their unsupported capitals and killed a stupid-fit Moros.

The tower losses make it clear that the departure of Raging Ducks wasn't on friendly terms. They were indeed kicked for ratting and low participation - by the pure blood Goons who rat much more and participate much less. I hope the Ducks want revenge and they can have: just rent land from N3, keep ratting there and send a couple ten billions a month to Mordus Angels to deliver their message to their former masters.

PS: let's not forget their battle against a Goon minion Tengu gang. Also let's remember this FA "PvP-er", who went to kill -EH- frigates. And met cruisers.


Anonymous said...

The ratting per participation was much worse for R-DU than for Goonwaffe.
The towers got purged because they abused the 1 week evac time.

Anonymous said...

Hello Greedy, can you explain that stupid Moros fit with an non stupid one? Or is that only one of your psychological incontinence against CFC?

Gevlon said...

Sensor booster against towers and modules? Target painter on the dread instead of a supporting subcap (even a noobship)?

Anything but armor or CC rigs?

If he had cap rechargers or cap boosters in mids, he could run the capital repper until help arrives (it arrived at some point otherwise the other capitals would die too).

Finally, not a single faction module for a 2.4B hull? A 50M imperial navy ENAM would have given +200 rep/sec and +40K EHP.

Anonymous said...

Haven't looked at the fit but from what you say its a standard cfc blap dread and he didn't refit.

Dreads are throwaway. The t2 fit even leaves you a small profit if you plat insure + srp. Why would the pilot want to spend more isk that would not be reimbursable?

Lang said...

Actually it's a standard blapping dread fit, although for POS bashing you're supposed to switch in 2 cap rechargers instead of sebos. Maybe he was too far away from a carrier to refit. Such an explanation is plausible since he did not refit to full tank once he got primaried. Or maybe he's just stupid. Point is, its not the fit that is stupid, but the player might be.

Mirkali Maricadie said...

@1st Anon: To be fair, their Raw Ratting to Raw Participation Ratio was much worse than GoonWaffe. None of that was relative to corp populations, which GoonWaffe has a much higher population. At least this goes on the assumption that the graphs are calculated using the same method as the first month when they introduced these public metrics.

@Gevlon: Y'know, there's monthly graphs posted on this stuff in our forums. In interest of having something funny to read and have a good laugh about occasionally, I'll give you the following advice: create a spy in Karmafleet and get forum access. Then you can actually look at the monthly performance graphs posted in the forums that are generated for all the corps in Goonswarm Federation, and write some big post about how Goons are terrible, hypocritical, racist, sexist, evil, just awful people.

Here, you can even have the first performance spreadsheet when Goonswarm started doing this back in November (They didn't post spreadsheets for the following months, just graphs):

Anonymous said...

2 Anonymous (08 February, 2015 09:11)
1) It mast be pure Goon logic :)
If towers of Raging Ducks were reinforced on SECOND day after kicking notice, and that some how abuses 1 week of evacing :)

2) Also on THIRD day of evacing even standings from GSF were reset. So that is how trustable Deklein holders are.

This two resolve in:
Summary: atm CFC lost to Ducks 30+ bil, account gonna obviusely grow :)

3) About ratting, hehe. Yes withing Ducks was a IsBoxer, who did ratt with all his 40 accounts, and seldom pvp with one... That is about how ratting stats became such. But no need to worry about as IsBoxer is back to Goons already, ratting.

and as 3.1) True Ducks were not so active in CTA participation, as those were meaningless, instead they were PVPing vs anything they could, was in MOA (who really could feel Ducks's guns on them) or anyone else.
Now only few HomeDefenders in Deklein remains, couple of witch are isboxers again...