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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Goons vs CSM

Sion Kumitomo is extremely busy tarnishing the CSM. Not some members he dislikes or has conflict of interest, but the whole institution. He started with placing a steaming pile on the attempt of CCP to publicize the CSM. The dev blog was a rather technical and boring piece, purposefully staying in the back, giving the spotlight to the players, the members of CSM9. They wrote about what they achieved and what they didn't, what are their plans and generally talking about themselves and their place in the process. Sion on the other hand blamed CCP for ignoring CSM, informing them only days or hours before going public, giving no time to implement the feedback of CSM, making it useless. Then he went on calling CSM itself a feuding, passive-aggressive bunch. One wonders why he bothered to write anything, when many other CSMs didn't.

Then he wrote a rather large post about something that deserve no words: the childish drama around DJ FunkyBacon. Are there problematic people in every organization? Of course they are. You fire them or you coach them, or you place them into a position where they can perform without creating problems. CCP seemed to handle this and unless you had nothing better to do than follow the twitter of DJ FunkyBacon, you didn't hear much about this nonsense, until Sion choose to write this post. By his own words "Funky is not the least active CSM member. Funky is not the member of the CSM that has most hurt CSM-CCP relations. Funky was not the guy updating his website while at the summit table. Funky isn't even running again. There is little sense in laying bare this saga". Yet he did, and surely not for the reason he claimed "here is a lesson to be learned here, a way that we as players can make our Council more effective", since the players can't do anything to make their council more effective. We can elect better members, but after they are elected, they are free to act, we can't even observe them due to NDA.

Finally he went on with his latest post stating "THE CSM IS USELESS" with big letters. Sure, at the fifth and sixth pages he writes some things to look less hostile, but no one reads 6 pages besides the most devoted followers of James 315 while waiting out GCC. And the first pages again serve no other purpose but to convince you that the CSM is a waste of time.

All his posts serve this purpose. If you are convinced that the CSM is a waste of time, you won't waste time voting. The less people vote, the bigger share Goons will have. Their minions will be pinged every day to vote for their masters. They've always voted, they'll vote again. If everyone would vote (300K accounts), the CFC would have 1 members in the CSM with influence on another. This won't happen. But if more of us vote than last time (won't be hard), then the power of the Evil will shrink.

Ignore the words of the lieutenant of the Evil and heed his actions! All EVE needs from you is 1% of the time he spent writing his demotivational crap. When the election is up, just open the interface and vote. I'll obviously post my candidate list, so will others if you can't be bothered to read them up. But if you just click candidates randomly who don't bear the mark of the Evil, you are did a great service to all of us!

PS: serving the Evil didn't help minion to keep his 1B exploring ship! Watch how he cried on the intel channel:

Finally the worst fit transport interceptor I've ever seen. Luckily the minion of evil was stopped before he could convince others to use such fit.
Deklein ratters are the undead of EVE. They die, but keep coming back.


S Riojas said...

Sounds about right with regards to Goon propaganda. If they can't get people to vote for them they will work hard to suppress anyone voting for their competition. They want to be the only voice heard and have the only ear to the secrets the CSM is privy to.

I imagine if they could intimidate outside of the ganking, mouthing off in local, and 3rd party war decs, they would.

You should really consider maintaining a war dec against goons and their minions in high sec. Just because their members are roaming in Null Sec now, does not mean they won't be back to be killed.

What do you make of their pointless war dec against Red Frog? Maybe tyring to scare the unkowing into moving their own freight leading up to Burn Jita?

Anonymous said...

What do you make of their pointless war dec against Red Frog? Maybe tyring to scare the unkowing into moving their own freight leading up to Burn Jita?

"Your contract alt is the one we'll know you with, and all of your performance statistics will be associated with it. Remember, this isn't your freighter pilot. It's simply an alt that accepts contracts and passes the packages to your freighter pilot."

no freight under RF. they freight with npc corp pilots!

99smite said...

Well, GG you did not disprove or contradict Sion on any claims he made.
If any positive influence of CSM could be proved, I would consider wasting my time in EVE voting for any decent candidate that would stand for improving highsec PVE.

CCP basically ruined WH liefe for small entities, industry rehaul was just crap, although the new industry gui is very good.

Is there any decent candidate who is a devoted highsec dweller and pve player? yes? maybe?

I know only candidates who are puppets of large powerblocks/lobbyists.

So, why vote? AS most people consider CSM powerless, why should people care whether some goon lobbyists or N3 lobbists, or NOHO lobbyists get their egos polished??
Just begging people to vote against a goon candidate makes no sense for most players. Neither do we, the playerbase know how and in what way evil goons influenced the CSM for the worse of us non-goons, nor do we know how the non-goon candidates protected us from goon evildoing...
I'd rather update market orders than waste my time voting...

S Riojas said...

@ Anom
"no freight under RF. they freight with npc corp pilots!"

Implied in my post. The questions is: if people know this, why bother war deccing them except to scare the unwary?

S Riojas said...

If the CSM is useless, why would powerblocks have any interest in maintaining puppets. If anything, I would imagine only PvE people would be filling the CSM.

What proof does Sion offer to support his claim that the CSM is in fact useless? Did the other CSM members say it was useless?

So we are back to the question: if the CSM is useless, why do any blocks put up candidates for it? Or does the CSM actually have influence contrary to Sion's claims?