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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Burn Branch: I didn't want that 40B anyway

The Burn Branch September was bad, but I saw hope in continuing it one more month. It was a bad idea, the October results aren't better. I'm not happy about this, but at least we can conclude that blindly placing bounty doesn't get kills. The Burn Branch bounty will be paid for this month (after all, the killers delivered), but the project is ended and my money will be used differently. Anyway, here is the last report:
Below you can see the kills, with ID for non-winners and ISK contribution for winners. The same kill can appear in multiple places with according to contributions: The last bounty is paid:

PS: the new sell interface is annoying as Hell (only 6 digits are visible, good luck selling 1B+ items), but there was an undocumented plus, mission ore in the ore hold of the ship is now acceptable, no more moving it to the hangar. Finally, the obligatory skill queue screenshot:

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