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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The minions of Evil didn't want that 3.7T in October anyway

Using the October CFC loss data, here is the report of the last month of CFC losses, similar to September. As always, the kills are de-whored, so if you did 1% damage of a 100B titan, you get 1B damage booked and not 100B. 54595 API-verified losses were processed, let's see their ISK distribution among alliances:
316 - Circle-Of-Two
58 - Executive Outcomes
186 - Fatal Ascension
205 - Fidelas Constans
76 - Forged of Fire
112 - Get Off My Lawn
1043 - Goonswarm Federation
286 - Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere
46 - I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth
37 - Initiative Associates
19 - Initiative Mercenaries
96 - RAZOR Alliance
130 - RvB - BLUE Republic
214 - RvB - RED Federation
96 - SpaceMonkey's Alliance
156 - Tactical Narcotics Team
181 - The Initiative.
203 - The Bastion
3706 B ISK lost by the minions of Evil

Let's see who killed them:

The Marmite Collective is still receiving higsec wardec funds from me. 162B kills for 30B war costs is a pretty good return on investment. Let's laugh on the stupid ones who entered highsec with the mark of Evil on their 500M+ ships: 1658M, 573M, 534M, 548M, 778M, 671M, 1475M, 715M, 1165M, 4250M, 4250M, 2138M, 509M, 6528M, 1974M, 1663M, 722M, 646M, 528M, 6478M, 538M, 752M, 537M, 839M, 771M, 1463M, 509M, 3367M, 2338M, 696M, 1318M, 522M, 9119M, 560M, 611M, 966M, 971M, 592M, 1038M, 882M, 1214M, 810M, 517M, 6158M, 1047M, 1091M, 2711M, 1749M, 1684M, 811M, 635M, 6368M, 521M, 683M, 533M, 694M, 882M, 982M, 2784M, 570M.

With the hellcamp gone, Mordus Angles is back on killing CFC at large. 161B kills are pretty good. Don't forget that you can support them in their noble quest. As another great example of the power of multiboxing, 84B of these kills were claimed by the one player behind the Replicator fleet in the corp Nullbear Tear Extractors. Yes, the rest of the World could only kill 43x more CFC than a single player. Anyway, feast your eyes on the 500M+ kills of MoA: 528M, 661M, 722M, 710M, 501M, 1451M, 1328M, 588M, 1315M, 532M, 651M, 885M, 15062M, 1106M, 604M, 3156M, 705M, 901M, 3867M, 2931M, 2895M, 631M, 566M, 2648M, 1297M, 12250M, 843M, 3008M, 1134M, 3085M, 649M, 541M, 673M, 1106M, 520M, 2691M, 1898M, 800M, 790M, 576M, 2152M, 800M, 536M, 1328M.

Let's continue with the biggest killers from coalitions:
186 - Nulli Secunda
150 - Northern Coalition.
79 - Gentlemen's.Club
77 - Legion of xXDEATHXx
67 - Pandemic Legion
45 - The Kadeshi
37 - Brave Collective
30 - Northern Associates.
28 - Infinity Space.
26 - The Unthinkables
Here you can see the 500M+ kills of PL Block: 1203M, 26807M, 980M, 2944M, 949M, 586M, 1824M, 1742M, 1603M, 1812M, 1994M, 516M, 667M, 585M, 859M, 777M, 644M, 579M.
Here are the N3 500M+ kills: 539M, 694M, 717M, 702M, 1758M, 2187M, 629M, 1097M, 519M, 1160M, 738M, 1176M, 1235M, 548M, 1004M, 576M, 1831M, 2053M, 1878M, 1831M, 1574M, 2599M, 670M, 889M, 994M, 691M, 1307M, 2971M, 2693M, 543M, 739M, 813M, 560M, 535M, 1390M, 888M, 2381M, 1555M, 1917M, 1320M, 2072M, 502M, 2971M, 1754M, 1904M, 2085M, 2420M, 1204M, 656M, 578M, 911M, 634M, 578M, 1428M, 510M, 1963M, 1826M, 995M, 1087M, 910M, 1400M, 772M, 883M, 1557M, 1083M, 1455M, 1312M, 1233M, 1101M, 1343M, 1338M, 832M, 1220M, 1399M, 1458M, 1765M, 1521M, 1758M, 2219M, 661M, 1794M, 545M, 3126M, 1702M, 3079M, 19873M, 724M, 2101M, 988M, 795M, 3529M, 536M, 1107M, 617M, 1744M, 1670M, 588M, 1916M, 1772M, 1784M, 1811M, 2211M, 735M, 786M, 761M, 1410M, 560M, 4514M, 1415M, 823M, 23806M, 2449M, 1391M, 8760M, 761M, 614M, 2747M, 551M, 621M, 906M, 907M, 2229M, 677M, 1013M, 2555M, 1342M, 1391M, 2142M, 1150M, 1516M, 979M, 2018M, 1159M, 548M, 2951M, 729M, 1431M, 536M, 1086M, 17622M, 1895M, 2329M, 6245M, 607M, 799M.
Proviblock 500M+ kills: 1171M, 524M, 1861M, 943M, 554M.
HERO 500M+ kills: 754M, 6543M, 743M, 551M, 777M, 837M, 939M, 623M, 523M, 556M.
Legion of xxDeath 500M+ kills: 509M, 525M, 528M, 764M, 1817M, 548M, 2071M, 556M, 1689M, 1097M, 610M, 970M, 966M, 800M, 675M, 826M, 1540M, 508M, 1516M, 511M, 620M, 651M, 903M, 503M, 533M, 843M, 531M, 1070M, 992M, 1297M, 613M, 786M.

Awoxing is still a traditional activity of the minions of Evil: 1080M, 641M, 3907M, 760M, 1454M, 789M, 1535M, 1813M, 587M, 1303M, 3807M, 1742M, 869M, 3042M, 663M, 1701M, 609M, 2203M, 884M, 589M, 605M, 595M, 606M, 772M, 1149M, 2770M, 1544M, 624M, 802M, 1378M, 783M, 1178M, 786M, 567M, 939M, 1001M, 1101M, 1298M, 612M, 1488M, 986M, 2741M, 664M, 908M, 919M, 1340M, 1112M.

Finally, let's see what everyone else did to the CFC:
412 - Black Legion. (killing titans is good business)
79 - Pasta Syndicate
70 - Sorry We're In Your Space Eh
45 - GaNg BaNg TeAm
42 - Triumvirate.
37 - Dangerous Voltage
36 - Choke Point
33 - Advent of Fate
32 - The G0dfathers
27 - The Exiled Gaming
24 - No Holes Barred
23 - Out of Sight.
21 - #Corp Super Cr3w
20 - LowSechnaya Sholupen
Here are the 500M+ kills of the pirate groups: 6032M, 601M, 576M, 1342M, 1065M, 536M, 1063M, 638M, 974M, 746M, 648M, 769M, 737M, 731M, 1487M, 695M, 1610M, 855M, 1795M, 1960M, 819M, 1607M, 764M, 756M, 590M, 835M, 1402M, 1136M, 880M, 2155M, 1343M, 778M, 647M, 526M, 3061M, 913M, 707M, 504M, 724M, 519M, 1648M, 561M, 2141M, 3317M, 523M, 527M, 1203M, 553M, 1919M, 671M, 1137M, 2117M, 614M, 674M, 859M, 513M, 7972M, 1579M, 1374M, 564M, 933M, 904M, 534M, 771M, 652M, 686M, 1551M, 665M, 3409M, 6878M, 830M, 547M, 593M, 2432M, 3192M, 681M, 780M, 1158M, 534M, 3472M, 538M, 3261M, 1237M, 2409M, 1498M, 655M, 580M, 1592M, 3640M, 543M, 2031M, 937M, 583M, 1490M, 555M, 920M, 504M, 700M, 762M, 5163M, 535M, 569M, 1223M, 500M, 1367M, 581M, 1160M, 2053M, 1962M, 1016M, 1274M, 986M, 1583M, 888M, 536M, 508M, 746M, 1554M, 2128M, 570M, 559M, 671M, 757M, 2364M, 2009M, 1064M, 1032M, 2324M, 2981M, 693M, 1221M, 578M, 1503M, 861M, 511M, 6395M, 828M, 1328M, 509M, 795M, 1302M, 1322M, 1297M, 2363M, 1297M, 515M, 503M, 579M, 2181M, 543M, 638M, 738M, 800M, 770M, 995M, 1297M, 1320M, 1297M, 1298M, 926M, 778M, 1980M, 694M, 559M, 1125M, 1921M, 1356M, 1605M, 840M, 934M, 959M, 541M, 1499M, 1991M, 537M, 1441M, 2358M, 1979M, 2732M, 1771M, 633M, 554M, 800M, 823M, 5629M, 124321M, 812M, 10690M, 2234M, 1991M, 637M, 590M, 3096M, 723M, 674M, 3430M, 537M, 1203M, 2063M, 1074M, 715M, 766M, 542M, 1124M, 2919M, 1670M, 927M, 817M, 516M, 514M, 2266M, 1197M, 959M, 1137M, 1115M, 1722M, 886M, 1316M, 2137M, 2572M, 2116M, 1938M, 1506M, 1225M, 1406M, 2242M, 1734M, 4366M, 1491M, 1461M, 793M, 1020M, 1496M, 538M, 691M, 852M, 1036M, 1649M, 643M, 1119M, 548M, 520M, 1068M, 1019M, 729M, 1415M, 640M, 819M, 1083M, 842M, 2215M, 94270M, 727M, 943M, 504M, 636M, 1190M, 730M, 2992M, 607M, 1118M, 1592M, 655M, 528M, 760M, 565M, 1249M, 855M, 678M, 666M, 535M, 825M, 535M, 2311M, 614M, 741M, 678M, 623M, 2052M, 1111M, 1083M, 823M, 507M, 921M, 1625M, 1299M, 2788M, 1117M, 1608M, 1609M, 2100M, 1595M, 687M, 1439M, 723M, 1198M, 1762M, 2589M, 572M, 561M, 945M, 583M, 532M, 1321M, 1499M, 1878M, 776M, 1211M, 531M, 1899M, 2897M, 591M, 635M, 605M, 849M, 891M, 1640M, 514M, 750M, 1826M, 530M, 1990M, 3901M, 2161M, 2558M, 1034M, 1461M, 1174M, 628M, 646M, 871M, 1434M, 737M, 1808M, 1270M, 946M, 790M, 3414M, 922M, 1627M, 643M, 544M, 1014M, 1856M, 734M, 513M, 1300M, 582M, 678M, 621M, 727M, 2997M, 675M, 2854M, 502M, 573M, 1005M, 1744M, 1236M, 534M, 504M, 679M, 1047M, 667M, 1051M, 551M, 819M, 525M, 896M, 602M, 824M, 3367M, 844M, 1507M, 1086M, 575M, 873M, 3101M, 533M, 697M, 860M, 705M, 2446M, 1043M, 613M, 741M, 1019M, 8186M, 3202M, 843M, 781M, 564M, 955M, 1232M, 504M, 1839M, 704M, 649M, 898M, 716M, 588M, 12443M, 583M, 3129M, 913M, 2889M, 610M, 1026M, 593M, 517M, 1426M, 2014M, 546M, 763M, 1936M, 768M, 2484M, 602M, 4254M, 2151M, 1381M, 618M, 536M, 898M, 784M, 1074M, 1081M, 611M, 1272M, 577M, 538M, 1889M, 505M, 1153M, 1993M, 637M, 1040M, 607M, 2228M, 1945M, 616M, 648M, 2365M, 1887M, 1269M, 718M, 852M, 843M, 656M, 1139M, 501M, 634M, 1166M, 745M, 706M, 1857M, 1272M, 1064M, 1732M, 640M, 572M, 1101M, 643M, 1635M, 937M, 732M, 507M, 551M, 950M, 817M, 3441M, 928M, 645M, 518M, 533M, 860M, 1258M, 693M, 725M, 787M, 894M, 2429M, 572M, 771M, 631M, 795M, 829M, 1877M, 2531M, 1297M, 721M, 580M, 960M, 637M, 2084M, 1751M, 1103M, 1289M, 575M, 523M, 997M, 664M, 1901M, 2069M, 504M, 525M, 687M, 831M, 818M, 539M, 599M, 4654M, 7911M, 4968M, 616M, 755M, 798M, 798M, 727M, 694M, 649M, 1569M, 1514M, 1854M, 10489M, 2657M, 1811M, 768M, 981M, 2668M, 662M.

Here is a toplist of ships exploded with the mark of Evil (B ISK):
Capsule: 488
Ishtar: 188
Tengu: 140
Avatar: 124
Erebus: 114
Thanatos: 85
Naglfar: 81
Nyx: 80
Talos: 76
Archon: 68
Proteus: 46
Rhea: 44
Dominix: 43
Deimos: 42
Gila: 41
Loki: 40
Nomad: 40
Sabre: 38
Zealot: 33
Rattlesnake: 33
Vexor Navy Issue: 33
Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant: 32
Crow: 32
Scimitar: 31
Hawk: 30
Vexor: 29
Apocalypse: 28
Obelisk: 27
Infrastructure Hub: 27
Cynabal: 27
Brutix: 26
Vagabond: 26
Megathron: 25
Harpy: 25

Let's see the killer fleet sizes and lost ship costs. Both pies are ISK value, the numbers in the second pie tell how many individual kill happened in that ship size range. We can see that most CFC losses happened in small gang, but the multiple titan losses increased the last segment:

The regional distribution is here:
590 - Deklein
571 - Highsec
419 - Lowsec
343 - Foreign Null
273 - Fountain
227 - CloudRing
226 - Delve
225 - ValeOfTheSilent
183 - Tribute
148 - Querious
129 - PureBlind
123 - Branch
72 - Syndicate
56 - Fade
50 - PeriodBasis
42 - Venal
17 - Tenal
12 - OuterRing

Finally, the timelines:

Not CFC related, but really stupid.


NoizyGamer said...

I listened to the Podside Podcast and there were a lot of tears about their losses to folks like Marmite. They wanted to have wardecs nerfed. The only thing is, they think that Alexseyev Karrde is responsible, not you.

Anonymous said...

Really? Now you openly advertise Replicant, the ISBoxer?

Even after your own definition, this is a P2W method as he is spending money monthly for a 3rd party tool that accelerates his success and achievements in-game...

This is despiccable as it gives UNFAIR advantage over any solo pilots.

Gevlon said...

I'm not advertising. I'm pointing out. I do think multiboxing bombers is overpowered.

Anonymous said...

"I listened to the Podside Podcast and there were a lot of tears about their losses to folks like Marmite."
I had a listen to that and didn't hear any tears. I heard some discussion over the low cost and high effectiveness of wardecs and the desire to see them balanced with restrictive costs to prolonged war decs and mass war decs.

Calling something "tears" is generally a good way to ensure your opinion on the matter is rejected. Those guys running a podcast, getting CSMs in and discussing the matters in a civil manner, that's likely to push a change. With the general consensus from the CSM in mind about wardecs, I'd be surprised if they lasted through next year without a significant increase in costs for groups looking to run long term or mass wardec campaigns.

Anonymous said...

@noizygamer one of the more interesting bits of the podside podcast was the host recalled a conversation with a CSM member at Eve Vegas about something clearly under NDA 35 minutes from the end.

Anonymous said...

Under the new movement restrictions attacking the CFC is sustaining it, not degrading it.

The CFC needs an active military to underpin it. With arguably some of the most talented FCs in the game they have a core of PVP players who care less about ratting and more about PVP. Groups going into CFC space to shit on it gives those people content.

If we learned anything from the fall of the old NC it is if you leave these large groups in peace the PVP core fucks off to find content leaving behind ratting alts and hard-core carebears.

If BL, PL, NC, N3 etc decided to leave CFC space alone – the same would happen to them.

Goons need people to attack them, because deploying to find content when you’re the last blue blob in Eve is now logistically very difficult and leaves them open to the wormhole transport tactics they are using on N3.

For the first time the CFC is vulnerable to their own tactic of making the game so boring that their enemies just give up.

But … like a sore tooth people can’t help but poke the CFC.

Leaving them alone in the North with no content but ratting will kill off the CFC far faster than any invasion.

CFC Grunt said...

I still kind of fail to see the point of dumping a big pile of numbers here as random losses without context.

I'm actually among the losses for this round. I don't feel especially affected by my decision to engage in a rapidly deteriorating situation. I lost a ship, in pvp - as it should be.

Neither do I feel especially affected by the cost. These days, 1b+ killmails aren't a huge shocker anymore - neither is 1bn a huge sum of money.

Also, those "awox" killmails - some of them are from the RvB foreverwar. There's an MTU kill (shooting MTU's is awoxing?), a Vargur "killing" a Rattlesnake by aggressing with a smartbomb. Do you even review the data before analysis?

Anonymous said...

You need to dewhore your isk contribution. How much is do they destroy because of your contribution vs how much isk they destroy without your isk.

Anonymous said...

It was nice to hear goon cries and outrage about replicator after they had been using multi-boxers against us in 5z for such a long time.

Goons were even speculating that replicator was in fact Gevlon.

But it is a moot point now, Replicator has been swayed by goon isk.

Anonymous said...

The CFC can neither confirm nor deny the Replicator rumor. What I csn say however is that Gevlom Goblin is not the only person/entity in eve that can buy influence.