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Monday, August 18, 2014

Entering Nullsec was never easier

OK, maybe when the servers first started and all nullsec was empty, it was easier. But ever since, if you wanted to carve out some space, there was never a better time to start it.

What? Everyone whines how it's very hard and the "little guys have no chance" and how "nullsec is broken" and that CCP must fix it or EVE dies and so on and so on. But I believe in numbers instead:
What is it if not the most dynamic growth EVE ever seen? BRAVE, TEST and GSF in their finest days couldn't grow that fast. And to make it even better, it's totally inclusive. You, yes you with your few-men real-life friend missioning corp can join today.

What alliance I'm talking about? The renters: NA., BoT and PBLRD. They are (or rather, the first two are) the future of nullsec entry. You don't need doctrines, don't need thousands of "friends", you don't need hundred supercapitals, you don't need nullsec expertise, all you need is what you can easily earn in highsec: ISK. Once you are in, you can earn even more from utilizing your space.

It's amazing how problems are solved within the playerbase, using mutually beneficial trades. Of course there are oldschool moralists who say that the "true" method would be uphill in the snow, grinding multi-million HP structures in subcaps like they did, and what you rent isn't "real". Well, it'll be pretty real when you anchor your tower and start to live in it. Ignore their whining and get to work!

What? You need to sign a treaty to have space? News bulletin: even the largest and strongest has to. Anyone goes maverick and "I do what I want" will end up in lowsec faster than a renter not paying his rent. Everyone has to negotiate, sign treaties, build blue lists on top of having a thousand battleships and hundred supers. Your treaty is no different from theirs. So check the alternatives, sign the best and plant your tower today!

PS: FA is still bad.
Important ratting advice: totally safe for CFC!


Anonymous said...

when will you accept that renting is not some glorious capitalistic enterprise where you are completely free to do whatever you want consequences be damned?

Renting should be compared to a feudal system. You do NOT own the territory you are allowed to work.
Your overlord (PL/NA/CFC) tells you what your taxes are and can change them at any time without getting your consent.
Your overlord can evict you without any legal recompense.
Your overlord can even try to confiscate all your belongings in a station, again without any legal recompense.
Your overlord can change due to circumstances beyond your control (war) and the new overlord has no requirement to allow you to stay there.
And your overlord, nor your neighbours, have any requirement to come help you should you be attacked by bandits. In fact your overlord doesn't care as long as your taxes are paid and your neighbours are happy it's not them under attack.

Gevlon said...

There are n legal consequences, but there are business consequences for treating your renters bad:

The landlord has to offer a good service or they run out of renters. This is indeed a glorious capitalistic enterprise.

What you don't notice is that the feudal landlord had power over the serf. In EVE no one has real power over the other, as you can't kill a capsuleer, nor you can take his belongings in NPC stations. So the renter can only lose the assets he brought into the renting business. It's exactly like business world: your corporation can bankrupt, but they can't go after the home of the workers or even the owners.

Anonymous said...

You seem to have the grand idea of what renting actually is but the truth is you're entering into nullsec and are completely at the mercy of your landlord as well as their enemies. If the CFC or N3/PL decide your time in nullsec is over then it's over.

The only exception to this is people who carve out their own space in nullsec however this again is completely at the mercy at CFC and N3/PL since they can evict you at any time.

Renting is not the amazing thing you seem to think it is and the landlord has complete control at all times.

daniel said...

@ anon:
doesn't make your quirky argument more true if you repeat it...

unlike in a feudal system, you are not bound to the land that you are cultivating.
you also, at any time, have the free choice to end the business agreement.
aaand, you have a variety of potential business partners.

if in a feudal system you had the opportunity to say, ohhh, landlord one doesn't offer good service, i go and see what ll2 has to offer, meh, not good, but no3 offers excellent service, deal!
yep, in that case one could compare the curretn renting situation to a feudal system.

gevlon is right, what we are facing is pure capitalism - not that that, at least in the real world, would be any better than a feudal system, bvut that's another story.

btw, tha company that i am renting my appartment from doesn't care neither whether bandits come and rob my flat or not. allthough i never checked in detail, i am fairly sure that way consider homedefence to be my obligation. but they do care for that another apartment company won't claim the land i am currently inhabiting over night with the purpose to evict me - unless it is part of a business deal between those two companies.

eve's sov null is the dream of every pure capitalist. only deals that are beneficial to both parties last - without the interference of any obscure jurisdiction.

btw, pblrd's service indeed does cater for a certain kind of playstyle. there is much more action to be had - yes, there are players who do like that.

Anonymous said...

Fuedal system almost no choice, Renting free market choices all over.

fuedal: you live where you are told to live, you do what you are told to do you have no options

Renting: you pick where you want to live, you can not live there anytime you want. how you earn isk there is up to you (might have to work an agreement but meh) you have options no "Serf" ever had.

That there are several groups to pick from you can find your own best deal The sad part is that the easist isk land also happens to be in the worst option.