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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Weekend minipost: highsec wars on zKillboard

Important question: the Marlona Sky coalition map data puts SOLAR FLEET into CFC. Is it true? Aren't they stainwagon?

I've noticed a new feature on zKillboard. Using the recently implemented wars API feature, the largest highsec wars are listed. You guessed it, the first is RvB. But if you look at the rest, you can find more proof of the total irrelevancy of my GRR project:

Considering that the various CFC wars will be constantly paid from now on (and not rotated between Marmite and Lemmings), I expect more GRR wars to get on the toplist of active wars. For example the RAZOR war, despite being only 2 weeks old is near the toplist with its 29B damage. Wouldn't it be beautiful if 9 out of 10 of the top 10 would be anti-CFC wars? By the end of the year, this will likely be the case.


Anonymous said...

SOLAR are not Stainwagon Russians. In the recent past they lived in the Drone Regions, but historically they have close ties to Goons through the old RedSwarm. In particular, their leader Mactep is close to MIttens.

PL kicked SOLAR out of the Drone Regions when Tech got nerfed and goons let them crash on the couch in Querious.

Gevlon said...

But BoTLord pact explicitly excludes SOLAR sov as "non signatories"

Stabs said...

SOLAR aren't really in a coalition at all except very loosely. They seem driven by a need to get their space back (perhaps not least because many of their assets were trapped by PL's infamous deadzone).

They stage from Konora and mostly raid into Drones. They love to make life difficult for NA. renters by camping N-RAEL, an entrance point into the Drone Regions.

They would never sign Botlord because their main aim is taking PL/N3 space which they view as rightfully theirs.

Paul Dejean said...

SOLAR not not a part of the CFC and don't participate in CFC fleets, but they're blue with the CFC.

-A- is shit, Darkness of Despair disbanded and DARKNESS joined N3. SOLAR on the other hand is competent and can field a lot of dudes and a lot of capitals, so I'm assuming The Mittani wants them on his side. Meanwhile SOLAR wants to keep their querious sov (which they originally took as part of a coalition with Black Legion) so they can build supers. As a result they agreed to be blue with the CFC.

In the ratting rights entry of the goon wiki it states:

"Solar sovereignty: Just stay the fuck out, seriously."

Anonymous said...

It's Marlona Sky, so it having a slight grrgoons tint is not entirely unsurprising.

Bobbins said...

Marmite griefing Estel Arador Corp Services does not reflect well on them and indeed should be a bit embarrassing for them!

Gevlon said...

@Bobbins: because anyone has a reason to fly expensive ships under his jump clone creation term.

Anonymous said...

Mactep has never gotten along with the other russian alliances despite working with them many times. Mectep made the alliance after turning his back on xdeath during the first great war, then played nice sharing drones with xdeath for renter income untill old NC made a push for xdeath renting space, the only reason Solar even joined that war to kill onld NC was because leadership in old NC was very public with shitting on that FC that attacked xdeath space, that he was suppose to attack Solar. Even during that war Solar stopped attacking after geminate fell. Then there wa s the fallout of xdeath, and Mactep, with RA leadership siding with xdeath. Then Mactep had a falling out with Gypsy band(which turned into -DD-) about how they were to friendly with CFC. They of course worked together shortly in that last war, but they have never really be considered close like they were back when gypsy band was around. As far as the Russian community goes, Solar is the redheaded stepchild that always wants things their way, and throws tantrums when they don't, which is why they are not really in any coalition at all. That being said, if PL went for Solar space at the moment, CFC would without question defend it, and stainwagon likly wouldn't(because most other russian leadership doesn't like Mactep).