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Monday, May 26, 2014

Bring me the head of a CFC titan pilot!

Once upon a time, there was a huge alliance living in the West, TEST Alliance Please Ignore. Their reanimated corpse still walks somewhere in the South, but that's irrelevant for this post. What matters here is a member who left before the failcascade. His name was Nia Frisby. Like many fellow TEST-ies, he was out on some minor op, bridged by a titan. The titan pilot had fleet access on for his fleet hangar. Nia noticed it and removed a 5B officer smartbomb from the hangar. When his theft was revealed, he left TEST, explaining his act "I couldn't resist it, the wealth lying there was beyond my wildest dreams".

In loving memory of his pitiful, but selfish act, I offer CFC pilots a chance to fulfill their wildest dreams. On the official forum, I announced 20B bounty for a CFC titan. To avoid any kind of scam blames, the money is held by Chribba, who verified this. What do you have to provide to claim it?
  • link to the API verified Zkillboard page of the kill
  • the dead pilot must be in a CFC alliance (no "I swear he is a Goon alt" is accepted)
  • a link to a well readable screenshot of the fight with the titan is still alive but damaged, without any masking (minimize your secret channels). Local channel must be open, readable, with transparent background.
  • on the local channel of the screenshot at least 5 people must say "Gevlon Goblin sends his regards"
  • The money will be given to the corp of the highest damage dealer.
In summary: you have to kill the CFC titan and offer the kill to the GRR project. As simple as possible. The reasoning behind it is a bit more complicated, and strongly related to our friend Nia.

You see, anyone who can kill a hostile titan, does. Those who are hunting titans and not blue to CFC are already doing 100% of their effort to kill a CFC titan, which includes using spies. My bounty can't make them work harder, therefore it cannot increase the chance of CFC titan deaths. Such case I pay for a kill I'd get for free. OK, I wouldn't get the local spam that would surely make Goonies mad, but that hardly worth 20B.

But let's think about the average CFC member. He is serving Goons, he grinds structures in bombers, he do as told and he is treated like a minion. He doesn't quit, because he has some pals in his corp and also, where would he go? Unless he is good enough to get into BL or PL, he'd be a commanded grunt everywhere. While he doesn't like being in CFC, he doesn't hate them either. Awoxing something would get him blacklisted practically everywhere in sov-null. Nia was the same. He didn't hate TEST, he probably even liked being there a bit. He wanted more, but couldn't get it, so accepted what cards life dealt. But suddenly he saw an opportunity to get lot of money (to him) and he took it.

This is what I expect. A simple line member who knows about a dumb titan pilot who logs off always at the same safe spot, whose tower is open to others, who fleets up with random "bros" to bridge them, who jumps to beacons or some other dumb fail that CFC pilots routinely do. Maybe he even joked about how easy it would be to awox it, but he didn't act. But now he can get ISK that would let him play for free for a year and a half. Sure, he had to sell his pilot(s), but he could buy a new one and still play for free for a year. And - like Nia - he'll act.

Note: I won't be able to process comments until later this day.


Anonymous said...

Just a point of clarification:

--the dead pilot must be in a CFC alliance (no "I swear he is a Goon alt" accepted)

Dead pilot implies to me that a pod kill is required as well as the titan.

Don't want to speak for you, but it's really the titan you want. The pod is just a bonus.

If the pod gets away, there's no dead pilot


joepopo said...

Cfc is going to recruitment scam a titan pilot, headshot it and claim the money...

Anonymous said...

how to awox a titan with 5 people.

its not that easy to kill it.

and if you bat-phone for dps, you wont be the highest dmg-dealer.

Gevlon said...

@Anonymous: Yes, the titan needs to be killed, not the pod.

@Joepopo: I'd gladly pay for that. Something tells me it would make their supercapital pilot recruitment a bit harder.

@Next anon: batphone DPS with the condition that they pass you the money. I doubt if BL/PL/lowseccers would skip on a titan kill or scam someone who give them a titan kill (and then skip on all the future titan kills) for 20B

Loops said...

>> Cfc is going to recruitment scam a titan pilot, headshot it and claim the money...

Well, then they'll have lost not only a titan, but a pilot as well. Even better.

>> Gevlon Goblin sends his regards

Hey maybe next time offer a bonus for a video of the kill, comission the Lannister Song played with airhorns and you have a GRR-propaganda video par excellence that can go viral.

Anonymous said...

keeeeep making great content.
I don't buy in on you goon hating philosophy, but its fun to watch the chaos you make.

only disappoint is that you should have tried to get the awoxer to get some sort of audio recording. that would be soooo sweet.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how goonies immediately began to trash talk in the eve forum. If they really think you just pay for a kill that would happen anyway, then why are they so butthurt? Instead of ignoring.

Anonymous said...

If you are serious about hurting Goons then optimize supercapital production and sell to PL. As a bonus, you get to compete with Mynna, Weas, and the other Goon industrialists on their publicly declared arms race.

If you want a contact within PL respond to the comment and I'll get in touch with you.

Anonymous said...

Now this is actually a rather intresting idea. Instead of fighting goons directly you can also support their enemies. Since time and again you've proven to have a good understanding of markets and industry this might just be the job for you. However building supercaps yourself might take a lot of effort and leave you with limited time to pursue other activities. Maybe it would be best to work as some kind of adviser to the existing builders. Try to analyse their methods and find ways to improve those or to make different builders work together more efficient. Since you seem to have a thing for spreadsheets and optimized solutions I'm pretty sure you'll find ways to cut corners and improve supercap building efficiency and/or speed over goon production.

Dean Stell said...

This is really clever. I look forward to seeing a future post telling of the success of the proposal.

I like it because you're not only accomplishing a goal (killing a titan pilot) but also doing something that causes internal fissures within your enemy.