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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday combat reports

As the reader count drops heavily on weekends, there aren't real posts in Saturday and Sunday. But is shouldn't stop me from telling the few weekend readers what happened in the war front.

Noir was busy on the POCO front. Two Goon POCOs fell. The first page of Goonswarm killboard orbital infrastructure goes back to December, not much activity. All the highsec losses are to the GRR project, no one else dared to challenge the mighty CFC and their highsec slaves. Speaking of slaves, their POCO got some love too, but they formed up fast, just to stand by it repping, without scoring kills. This will be a running theme for them:

Marmite was busy too, scoring lots of kills, this one stands out.

Lemmings are bearing most of the cost of fighting RvB, the only part of CFC that actually forms up in highsec. Our ISK ratio got better since February, but still not the best:

The main problem is that it's impossible for us (or RvB) to form up secretly, due to the open invitation policy. This means that RvB always know where and when we form only engages when they outnumber us seriously. This is why Noir could hit POCOs with smaller numbers: no spies inside. Since locking out spies from Lemmings is impossible, the only solution is being able to form larger fleet than RvB can. We are working on that slowly:

Don't forget that you can join the holy war against the evil Goons and their slaves, both as a PvP-er or as a donator!


Professor clio said...

Lemmings might disagree about RvB not being able to form up in secret

Anonymous said...

Those 2 Pocos weren't nationalized they were privately owned (you can see by the owning corp) - and the owners didn't ask for help or even told anyone about the timers. They deserved to lose them.

Druur Monakh said...

Sometimes I wonder if you could get more followers if you laid off the overwrought rhetoric a bit ("slaves", "pets", "holy war").