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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Morons of the week

I neglected the killboard outside of my own. This was a mistake. Idiotism should not be ignored. Watch, how our fellow human beings, who managed to collect billions of ISK displayed zero understanding of the game.

This report covers the October 14 – 20 week and I hopefully don’t forget to do it again next week. I created 3 groups for them. The first is suicide ganked morons. They simply put way too much value into their ship for its tank and got ganked. No, a freighter isn’t too tanked and not able to protect more than a billion. No, shield booster is not considered tank. Neither shield boost amplifier. The second group is even dumber. They flown something expensive in highsec under wardec. Usually a jump freighter. So their death didn’t need an organized gank group, just a few pilots. Because if you own a 6B ship, you can’t afford a second pilot who is in the NPC corp and takes over the JF in a lowsec mindpoint. All together 246B. In a week. Approximately 1T/month. That’s a high price for being a moron in EVE Online. Counting with $13/PLEX and 600M/Plex, it’s $22000/month. It would have paid for basic education. Please also note that the gank losses of overpriced morons are already in the magnitude of the kills of the largest nullsec alliances.

The last group is stupid beyond imagination. I mean the previous ones are bad enough, but they could at least get lucky and pass unnoticed. However these idiots put a few PvP modules, typically a point or scram to their otherwise completely badly fit and stupidly expensive ships. So it’s likely that they were actively looking for being killed. In which they succeeded. Oh wait, they might just wanted to impress Ripard Teg.
  • 14B something. I failed to figure out what he wanted, but surely not showing up here.
  • 12B something. It’s like the previous one, except having gateguns on the kill and being in lowsec.
  • 5B Loki in Uedama. It had a long point, which complements the autocannons, and webs well. Oh wait, it doesn’t.
Finally, let me share a personally found idiot(s). This one has a story, unlike just a kill report and a one-line summary. So, I was ganking ice Macks. Found one with interesting fit: 3 empty midslots and a 400M faction invulnerability field. Ganked him. Got the pod too, 2.2B. OK, losing an expensive but dumbly fit ship and a stupidly expensive pod is bad enough, but the story is far from being finished. After docking up the flashy red pods, I went to loot the faction invulnerability field which dropped. Except it wasn't there. Easy come, easy go, I guess. So I found another Mack and ganked it. Another 600M kill. How? It wasn't expensively fit! Then I checked the cargo: he took the invulnerability of the wreck of his corpmate, and kept mining. His pod was 2.3B. Since the loot fairy loves those who cleanse New Eden from idiots, the faction invulnerability field dropped again and this time I looted it.

PS: a piece of great news by Sugar from EVE Vegas: “Are they done with mining changes? No. They want to do another pass of the barges. The Procurer and Skiff are not as useful as they want. The Retriever and the Mackinaw are too strong with being good in two out of three areas.” The three areas are tank, yield and ore hold. Since Rets and Macks are meant to have the best ore hold, it means that they will either get a tank nerf or a yield nerf, both are welcome changes.

No day shall pass without an anti-tear:


Anonymous said...

"Counting with $13/PLEX and 600M/Plex, it’s $22000/month"

If this destruction of currency didn't happen, though, that amount of in-game currency might not be worth $22000.

Sjonnar said...

That Loki is fine. Between the extended range on the webs and guns and the long point, it's designed to hover outside the effective engagement range of its prey. The 5B comes from the genolution in the cargo hold, which may have been loot from a previous kill which was on its way to a safe place when he got jumped by marmites.

As for the "5B thing", that's a terrible excuse for a snipe-and-scoot mach. He's bad, but at least i know what he was going for there.

Gevlon said...

The loki has no kills in the day it died, so it was cruising around with the Aurora implant. Which by the way "does not destroy if podded". Just if it's in the cargohold.

maxim said...

Ooooooh now that's interesting.

For comparison's sake, is there any way to estimate how much is lost in all the conflicts outside of highsec?

It will be funny if combined losses in highsec are actually higher than combined losses outside of it :D

Lucas Kell said...

"It will be funny if combined losses in highsec are actually higher than combined losses outside of it"
Not so much funny, it would be expected. The population in high sec is considerably higher, as well as the majority of logistics in game being in high sec (with shipping to market/mission hubs, and shipping to null staging systems).

Gevlon said...


Anonymous said...

While I can't say I am proud to be on the list, I admit I was one of the wardec JF losses in the second group. I am posting because I hope others can learn from my mistakes.

I was making the jump from lowsec to hisec where I would normally switch to my out of corp freighter for the remainder of the trip. A corpie was on grid in an out of corp alt "prepared to web me. I have used this tactic hundreds of times in and out of wardecs without incident.

No War Targets were in local, no neuts were on gate (that we are aware of).

I made the jump from low to high when a flashy red locked me within 10-15 seconds of arriving on grid. My corpie flew to safety because he didn't want to be on the killmail (grrr) and 3 additional targets were on grid within 30-45 seconds.

They used a tactic known as a "login trap" whereby they position their ships at optimal, log off, then log back into the character selection screen. They monitor the gates using a neutral alt, and login the second the WT arrives on grid.

Two separate CCP GM's have confirmed that this is not considered an exploit. It does no good to disagree because too many griefers like to use this tactic. However, it clearly is a way to get around both hisec local and cloaking game mechanics. Not to mention it breaks the "story" of Eve as a ship just arrives from "nothing" and destroys everything.

Since this incident i have started training 2 additional out of corp JF pilots.

Raziel Walker said...

Possible Retriever nerf incoming?
My guess would be on a tanking nerf. Yields are close enough for all ships that it's not a big factor in choosing a ship for me.

Perhaps I will have to replace mine with procurors. Was planning to do so anyway but until I lose them to gankers there is not really a reason to do so.

Mining ore in 0.7 I have never seen a ganker (except for some goblins on their way to the neighouring 0.6 system)

Nolen said...

"5B thing. I can’t figure out what he wanted."

Looks to me like a travel fit incursion ship.

Anonymous said...

Since when have JF rocketed to 9B?

I build mine for 5.2B...

Looks like you got the price tag wrong. By almost 50%

Anonymous said...

And a last one: That 10B T1 is more like 3B looking at Jita prices.

Bobbins said...

Nerfing the retriever/mackinaws on their own would be counter productive causing people to move to the procurer/skiff setup.

More people in the procurer/skiff is bad as it would make ganking miners impossible. Mining in the retriever/mackinaw must remain a viable option in order to provide gankers with viable targets.