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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

EVE Downtime: why 11:00?

Ever wondered why the EVE downtime is when it is? You probably thought that this is because of the lowest connection count: this is when the smallest amount of players are annoyed by being kicked off the server.

But it's not true, as you can see from the chart on Chribba's site:

You can see that the minimum user count is around 6 AM EVE time and from there it's growing until the downtime hits at 11.

Of course the downtime can't be at 6 AM since EVE time is the time zone of the Iceland, where headquarters of the developers is. During downtime they do maintenance on the server, which goes better if they are in the office. However I don't see why can't it be pulled back 2 hours, to 9:00 EVE time.

I know it's not much of a post, just a weird observation, but I'm still puzzled why the downtime is not closer to the minimum user load.

The moron of the day figured out a ingenious way to hide his covetors:

The anti-tear of the day is a miner who learned a lesson:

Finally, another ice belt saved:


Anonymous said...

Eve time is actually GMT ...

Lucas Kell said...

I#s becaused it lands in the middle of the day in iceland. So office hours mean they have time to prep anything they need in the morning (patches and such), and time to deal with anything that goes wrong in the afternoon.

I'm a software developer (database and web) and we do the same, rollouts happen between 12 and 2 generally, and never on a friday.

Gevlon said...

oops, posted wrong anti-tear picture, fixed