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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Lottery failure

I announced the New Eden bot lottery to celebrate and reward the ice bot gankings.

To my utter surprise, only 5 mails arrived, despite we destroyed awful lot of exhumers. Just the small corp I'm in killed 60 this week and most Knights are not even in a corp since there is no real point to (besides centralized killboard, the reason I've joined).

It seems most Knights have enough money and couldn't care less about winning more. I'm surprised, but life is full of surprises anyway. So despite I distribute winnings today, the lottery is discontinued.

The list of participants:
I used Chribba's dice to determine a winner, as you can see I only used the dice once and the winner is #2, a wonderful 4x civilian shield booster Mackinaw. Prizes are:
  • John E Normus: 165M
  • Fawn Tailor: 150M
  • Lin Suizei: 122M + 200M submitter
  • Raqn Paudeen: 112M
  • George Theodore Barrack: 104M
  • Aleksa Mayhap: 97M
  • NoseCandy: 50M
Winnings are being sent now.


Camo said...

What do you think could be the cause of this non partizipation?
Was the information not spread enough, did they just not know?
Was the required work too much?
Was the distribution between actively submitting and just collecting not worth the payout?
Looking at todays payout, the difference between the submitter Lin Suizei and the second highest John is a mere 57M, to the third 72M.
Overall Lin got 22% for 100% of the work, while almost 80% went to the freeloading rest.
Would the "submitter gets all" version work any better?
Maybe, but only if people know and care about the lottery and I'm not sure about the latter.

David Caddock said...

You're quitting after only one week? That sure doesn't give a lot of a data to analyze, Mr Data Analyzer. I would think you would do it for at least a month. All those random people who got money but didn't submit were marketing subjects. I bet if you continued participation would pick up.

Gevlon said...

There is no recovery from 5. Maybe from 25 I'd consider to run it a few more weeks. It's like a pig farm in Israel: there is no need for it.

Anonymous said...

@Gelvon I'd ask James to do a blog post and try running it for another week, it'd be much more of a success I can guarantee.

Agent Trask said...

Part of the problem is issues with killmails. Since we don't keep APIs of Knights, we can't enforce killmail posting.

Maybe you should consider asking James for a copy of his reembursement lists for a given week?

I might end up off the contest anyway, since my main will cheerfully pay for gank cats until doomsday, un-reembursed.