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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dead morons of the week

There is one thing inherently charming in EVE: in WoW you could name and shame the below-tank DPS or the cloth geared warrior but the in-game outcome was him waltzing away with points and loot you helped him to get. In EVE you can laugh on his destroyed ship and loot. The listed morons below lost more than 5B ISK. To get this money from the item shop via PLEX would cost about $150, 10 months of WoW subscription.
  • If you want to transport 5B in nullsec, get yourself a covops T3 with interdiction nullifier. Or at least fit your covops frigate in a less retarded way (MWD, passive shield tank to reach gate, mobility rigs, all nanos low).
  • 8B normal hauler in highsec. Not even a freighter.
  • 6B ratting Machariel.
  • Losing a Nyx is bad enough but happens. Losing a Nyx without much of a tank is worse. Losing a badly tanked Nyx with 20B cargo is outright idiotic. Losing a badly tanked Nyx with 20B cargo with Angel rats as top damage is beyond words.
  • You can redeem your gifts at any of your characters, including 0 days old alts in Jita. To redeem them in nullsec is dumb and risks losing them.
  • Flying a JF in highsec is generally bad idea as even an empty one costs more than a gank squad. Flying it in a wardeccable corp is typical sign of terminal case brain damage. I struggle to find words if you fly it under Goonswarm colors.
  • Another one! I hope there will be a ping about it to entertain the fellow Goons.
  • This isn't Goon, but flying them in wardeccable corp in highsec is still idiotic.
  • It's still idiotic.
  • Still is.
  • Still
  • ...
  • 13B just makes the idiocy of flying a JF in highsec under wardec worse.
  • Let me clarify, the problem isn't the "jump", flying a normal freighter under wardec is just as bad. Flying it with 7B which would warrant suicide gank too makes it worse.
  • A covops transport with 5B of WH materials should be fit with nanos and not cargoholds. Also, you should scan yourself to another hole with highsec or at least lowsec exit instead of jumping into Catch. According to Dotlan this specimen was saved from 3 futile jumps since he was heading to HED-GP where he would have surely died in the perma-bubblecamped Keberz gate.
  • Forgot one thing from the above list: forward scouting alt. If you have 6B of WH stuff you can afford a 4M SP alt in a Buzzard to find smartbombing gatecamps.
  • After all these interesting an innovative morons, a boring one: 5B freighter suicide gank.
  • Another one, for 10B.
  • One more of that kind.
  • You know that I have a thing for shield tanked Moroses. WH people tend to defend them. Well, let's see how they defend this 7B Moros with 2 shield tanking modules, one of them purple in a Red Giant wormhole.
  • What does a 6B normal freighter does in deep lowsec? Dies of course.
  • I have trouble figuring out what this abomination was trying to be, but it didn't work.


Anonymous said...

ok *that* is a moros you can pick on. It is silly. Wrong rigs and all.

Bad bad bad bad bad.

Moving along now.

can you clarify what you mean by wardeccable? are you talking about "any player owned corporation" - in which case can't you just say "don't fly a JF in a player owned corporation" (Freighter corps don't do this for obvious reasons but I've flown my freighter around in player owned corps since forever and never lost one).

Gevlon said...

"wardeccable" is a player corp that you want to stay in. If it's wardecced, you are in trouble. So a 1-man altcorp you can disband in a minute is not wardeccable.

The problem with these JFs is that they need to be in a corp to have standings so they are not shot at in nullsec. They can't just be in the NPC corp. However they can be in a set of altcorps, all having statndings and jump to the non-decced.

Or they just can have two JF pilots, the in-alliance pilot drives the JF to lowsec, cyno it to the docking ring of a station to insta-dock, then pass the freighter to the NPC corp pilot who drives it to highsec.

Anonymous said...

The '8B' iteron V kill isn't even remotely close to that value, it's worth maybe 2-3% of that.

The only reason compressed ore shows at such a high value is margin trade scammers.

Anonymous said...

Gevlon, I just saw a post that instantly reminded me of your 0.01 ISK blogs. It's from GW2, where the auction is united for all 51 servers and allows for buy orders, making it more of a Jita than Stormwind. Here's the link

Anonymous said...

Is The PuG still alive and kicking on Agamaggan?

Gevlon said...

Yes, read the "WoW guild" page in the header.

Anonymous said...

In Zedrik's case, I'm willing to bet that it was a revenge gank. He's got several dozen kills where he's flying the "Iteron of Doom".


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