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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The worst scammer ever

This isn't the post for today, you find it here.

At first I didn't know who is the bigger idiot. Him for trying to scam me or me for baiting him for 1:30. He is probably the worst scammer of the planet. He approached me as TEST diplomat to recruit me. He did not even bothered to ask any questions to look any way legit, he told I'll be invited to TEST market section and given some part of the alliance wallet to use it in Jita. (like that would make any sense). After that introduction, he started talking about titan construction details. For loooong time. Then finally got to the point, I must pay 90B deposit to join as a safety to prevent me cancelling other jobs on POS-es. It also made no sense. If I trash a POS for giggles, I won't mind. If I don't it's waste. He couldn't answer just rephrased the same nonsense. I lost my patience and ended the conversation:

I thought I just wasted my time. This was too bad for even a joke post. I mean chatting 1:30 with a random TEST member isn't interesting post. But instead of just letting go, he lost his nerves and logged his official diplomat main. 90B can make someone greedy:

Now this is something! The diplomat of TEST, is trying to scam me! I double-checked, he is the same guy who is listed as French diplomat on the ingame TEST data. Right next to the "anyone asking money for joining is a scammer" warning. Update: He is fired!

When did he screw it up?
Maybe when he approached me instead of waiting till I go to TEST? (he could send anonymous messages that TEST would be receptive)
Maybe when he did not even try to maintain the look of an interview?
Maybe when he did clearly the opposite that the easily available TEST material said?
They all matter. But probably the point was when he openly bragged about his plan on reddit from a topic that gave my blog 3K visitors:

Anyway, heed my advice: if you try to scam someone, don't announce it in a public forum.
And try to make sense.

Update: This post became one of my most visited. I sent the guy a mail celebrating his accomplishment:


Anonymous said...

That's hilarious, I love that he posted about it on reddit.

But y'know, EVE players are just so much smarter than normal people that I'm sure it must be some mistake ;P

Alessandro said...

* Laughs *

It's really the worse Scam ever...

Also, who in their right mind would think they're capable of doing a 90B Scam on you?!

Unless it's a fantastic plan there's absolutely no chance.

Zyrus said...

Wonder if this would make it to eve news, now that'd be hilarious.

I can see it now "Diplomat of TEST is actually a petty scammer, also have his name that he uses for reddit, and probably lots of other places"

Energybomb said...

That whole reddit thread just goes to prove the obvious:

Reddit is a bunch of retarded kids.

These people are almost certainly not close to a Titan yet call a guy who will get something they could never even dream of within a year "a moron" and I won't even comment on the no-life comments because, from being in the same guild as Gevlon for long, I know for a fact that he doesn't play longer that most people.

Yeah, reddit proves it's true colors again, and it ain't pretty.

Alkarasu said...

Forget the scammer, that reddit thread is way more fun, then anything that poor guy could ever do. It was some time since I've met a place so full of so bright, so pure, so shining jealosy.

Elbrasch said...

Or, if you have to brag, brag after the scam is done.

Clarity said...

One dude reveals the true colors of a site with millions of daily visitors. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

The best part is that there is literally no way of doing what you want to do without exposing yourself to that kind of scams.

Now you know why the serious e-honor groups are the only ones you can approach.

Anonymous said...

That is an impressive pile of crap in that reddit thread. They all insist that they are way superior (by means of vague insults). I'm pretty sure none of them had 100B six months after starting, and I'd bet real money on them not having it now. It's Dunning-Kruger effect on display.

I wonder if this will have Fallout for TEST. If I was their leader, I sure as hell would drop that guy like a radioactive potato on fire.

Powers said...

As an official GSF diplomat, we cannot scam.

It's the fastest way to get kicked out of GSF. You are allowed to 1.) impersonate a diplomat or 2.) Scam as a diplomat

That harms the trust that the diplomat team has been able to build up over the years.

Anonymous said...

He is no longer a TEST diplo, btw.

Anonymous said...


we have one pretty solid rule here in test diplomacy - don't scam on your main.
apparently that is too hard.

mumble07 is removed from test diplomats.

wtb french language diplomat

#### SENT BY - leetcheese to all @ Jul 19 2012 22:55:46 EVE Time ####

Anonymous said...

He lost his Diplo spot over it, it's one of the few rules TEST has against scamming.

In his defense, I think he became a diplo like yesterday.

Bristal said...

Now THIS is an entertaining and fascinating read about EVE. As a non EVE player, I get so tired of all the highbrow "you just don't get it" crap.

And this actually makes me more interested in learning more about the game and what people are doing in it.

Talk about a "killmail". Now I really want to see you make an impact on this game, Gevlon.

Dioxin said...

>That is an impressive pile of crap in that reddit thread. They all insist that they are way superior (by means of vague insults). I'm pretty sure none of them had 100B six months after starting, and I'd bet real money on them not having it now. It's Dunning-Kruger effect on display.

I don't think anyone there is challenging his ability to make vast sums of money. That's pretty self evident. Ship builds and alliance politics insight on the other hand is another matter entirely. If you still believe none of them know what they're talking about on those fronts more than Gevlon then you've got some impressive Dunning-Kruger effect of your own going on.

Victor Stillwater said...

I normally don't read your blog, but I have to admit that this was an excellent expose. :)


Anonymous said...

now that is a killmail worth showing around :)

Energybomb said...

If that was the single example of reddit being a bad ape, you would be right. It isn't. Every time I hear of reddit, I learn about yet another childish, cancerous or stupid thing it did.

When every time you hear of something it is because it is being idiotic, it is only natural to make such far fetched assumptions like, you know, the whole place might be idiotic.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, there are plenty of good parts of Reddit; the gaming subReddits, however, tend to be a rather questionable lot (I trust them less than the NSFW subs, actually).

That being said, despite being an active Redditor myself, there are very good reasons I avoid Dreddit and the EvE subs in general, and this is only another example of them.

Kainotomiu said...

You think these count? I'd post more, but it's five past two and my phone is running out of battery.