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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Morons of the week

Kaaterina of Twilight's Hammer found this forum. This guy (0 enchant, messed up gems, no professions) is complaining that his girlfriend, (T9, 0 enchants, 0 gems, no raiding prof, core talent missing) was kicked from some PuG, for "being undergeared". I guess she did not make 3-4K, despite being arcane mage.

It's easy to fulfill the desire of the heart of Quethbert of the The Underbog. All one has to do is send him a moron letter:

Manafingers not only sends moron letters, he also makes a moron thread! He is trying really hard to get here. (by Koy)

Okrane S. found us a rare specimen, a honest M&S who says it loud what makes all of them M&S (at the bottom):

"lol 1G plz" is so last year (by Orthien-Dath'Remar)

Another great player with rich real life (by Matt)

Gliphy of EU Darkmoon Fair encountered someone who find a very new way of being stupid:

Exelon of US-Bonechewer put 1000G to a beggar's trade window before taking the dog out. When he got back, he saw this:

And finally (by Alexandre) the usual forum topic.


Hirvox said...

A small correction to the caption of the last picture: Exelon sent the picture, hccmoney is the beggar.

Lupius said...

3 hours to farm a stack of wild steelbloom. Even at 8g that's less than 3g per hour...

Antaria said...

that last one is old, i once entered the goldcap to a beggar and went getting groceries :P

Anonymous said...

@ Antaria:

Be a bummer if you dog went up on the keyboard and managed to click accept like mine does.

Anonymous said...


You really think he farmed only Wild Steelboom for 3 hours ? I laughed more at your responce then OP


Sindicat propositions are getting old imo. As stated in the mail there are way more pple creating monopolies then ones refusing .

Noodlemaistha said...

the mage u linked armory to doesnt even have any glyphs...

Rhii said...

My 2 80s are a holy paladin and arcane mage, so I looked up the first pair out of pure curiosity. Neither spec is hard to gear appropriately, so I wondered how badly they could mess it up.

I looked at the boyfriend's gems, and they're pretty standard holy paladin fare... unless he's changed them since you last looked as a response to the criticism.

There are a few different ways to gem for holy paladins, but probably the most popular one is to gem straight +int regardless of socket color (which he has done) and use just the minimum other gems to activate his meta (he has a nightmare tear filling this, I use one ametrine and one eye of zul). He's using the most popular holy paladin meta, int + chance to return mana. As far as I can see, the only thing messed up about his gemming is that he doesn't have epics yet. And you don't need epics for heroics or naxx.

His gear's a little weird though. The 2pT9 bonus is of questionable usefulness, and he's kept that, but replaced or skipped 4pT9 (which is a pretty nice bonus) in favor of the 245 emblem buys... And he's passed over the talent divinity in tier 1 of prot which would be a straight up five percent healing boost in favor of... pursuit of justice in ret and a three percent bonus to crit and the damage of some attacks that he doesn't even have? Heal five percent less but run faster! Sign me up!

Now, his girlfriend's stuff is REALLY messed up. Her spec is missing really critical talents (she didn't take any points in spell impact which is a straight damage boost to your primary nuke) and she has no gems or even glyphs... So they definitely deserve a spot in morons of the week... but it does bear mentioning that the paladin's gemming is okay, though.

Inquisitor said...

I did that to a begger once. I think it was only 50G, though.

I came back to find about 100 lines of assorted begging and pleading - it was... kinda creepy actually. Do I share a *species* with these people?