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Monday, December 14, 2009

Whining post

Don't worry, there is a real post for today. I still write this whining rant. I joined to the "random HC dungeon" queue as healer in my Ulduar-clearing blue gear. The point was to collect screenshots about the reactions of groupmembers for the Morons of the week.

Well, luck ruined my plans, since after 2 mins of queuing up, I was in Forge of Souls HC. The group wanted to kick me instantly for my gear and while that would be good blog material, I was curious about the instance, so I put my raiding gear up (average 232).
  • The tank was a well-geared warrior with no enchants (flashing red sign) and ate more heals than the tanks I healed on Ulduar hard modes
  • The retri pala managed to die on probably every pull
  • There were 2 warriors (tank + DPS) but no HP shout
  • I haven't healed anything in 3 months
  • I had no idea what the bosses do in the instance and 2 others also got their achievement on that run and something tells me they did not read up before
  • I wasn't their first healer, the group had been struggling there for some time. They killed the first boss, but couldn't press forward.
So, just an average terrible PuG. Yet we 2-shotted the boss, and the first wipe was a combination of bad luck and unpreparedness: he does a Mimiron P2-like rotation, I didn't know it, and he started it near me, so I died on 20%.

About 20 min later I queued in, I had a new pair of gloves. Its predecessor was my first loot in U25. I paid 5K for the spot, I prepared as I could, and gave my very best. It was my first serious raid and it was awesome. And now, the loot was replaced by a random drop gained in a terrible PuG that should not be able to pass the first trashpack. The M&S don't even have to farm for their gear now. They just walk in and get it like that.

OK, whining off, I already figured out what to do with it!

PS: I don't have the achievement because I didn't kill the first boss.


Laura said...

The first two instances are relatively easy - I found the third one more difficult (a PuG I was in actually stopped after the first 2-3 waves because they were so crappy)

Manbearlion Coilfang-US said...

What Laura said. Try healing h HoR in blues with a 35k hp tank and average of 2k dps with no CC in the group except for my Cyclone and you'll see what I mean =p

Nivelo said...

Epics are new blues!

Kevan Smith said...

Yeah, these new pugs along with the new instances are something fun, for sure.

Stick with the blues plan, I'd like to see it!

I've had some great pugs and an some where I carried everyone just about, so far. Also, I've notice different servers have different preferred strats.

P.S. I can't be in pug with you, but, if I could, I wouldn't let you be kicked for gear.

MyName said...

HoR is the real test. The first instance is a typical loot pinata. The second is the "don't stand in the fire" instance. Any of the bosses in HoR can defeat even a well geared tank/healer combo if you don't have good, smart DPS. It's the MgT of this expac. I just wish they'd put ones like the second or third IC instance in at the start instead of Oculus.

Kyle said...

I really don't under stand your battle group, if someone showed up to heal the new heroics in ulduar gear id be estatic no one would ever kick you that's insane to think that they are that elitist

Tal said...

"The tank was a well-geared warrior with no enchants (flashing red sign)"

Why does the fact that he has no enchants matter that much? You're out to prove that gear and stats don't matter as much as skill, and you're complaining about not having enchants/gems?

Of course, WRONG enchants or gems are just as big warning signs as wrong gear, but now that new gear is so easy to come by it takes longer to enchant/gem it than to just get new gear...

Gevlon said...

@Tal: having no enchants (not talking about top enchants, just ANY spec-compatible enchants) or having no gems shows an insanely lazy player who most probably didn't care to learn his rotation. I'd rather go with an enchanted green-blue geared player than a non-enchanted ilvl245, despite the latter has higher stats.