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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Selling raidspots and achievements

The slow summer got its toll on our guild too. Too many vacations, we had 20-21 people on raid inv. To protect my investment I do some extra work, being online on every raid inv, so if 1 healer makes or breaks the raid, I join.

However making the raid itself is not enough. With trialists, second spec people and 4-5 friends and family you can't really do tries on Firefighter, Smell the saronite or Two light.

OK, I have to admit, there is a charm in ganking the bosses in normal modes who wiped us so many times on real tries. There is place now for silly things and jokes:

However fun expires after the first day, so let's do something goblinish, shall we! What is funny/boring ganking for us, is a great battle for someone else. Let's give this greatness... for a price!

The guild post an advertisement on the realm forum, selling spots to Ulduar rolfstomp raids. There are applicants who want the achievements and the ilvl 226 thingies that are sidegrade at best for the guild (except me who slack at attendance). This guy got lot of achievements on the same day, including FL+4, XT-hard and Hodir-hard. He payed way over 10K and according to his comment, he is pretty satisfied. The position for the next raid is already sold.

This seems to be a great income source for more progress guilds on low-attendance periods and also on farmraids. I guess lot of raiders would pay for an Ulduar that has Siege-Antechamber cleared so they don't have to waste time on them. How about making others pay you to save you from the boring grind! With 5-10 players (who still need something), 5-10 alts/offspecs and 10 buyers you can clear the farm areas of Ulduar and fill the guildbank in the process.


Unknown said...

To be more exact, Windwalkers earned a total of 48600 gold in the last such raid. :)

Anonymous said...

On my realm a guild sell the ulduar dragon for 30k and algalon kills for 50k (10man).
They have spots sold for several weeks now,

Jacob said...

On high populated realms the drakes goes for around 50k gold on 10 man.

It's harder on heroic since it's hard to convince all raiders to do an achievement like "Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare" which is basically just standing and doing nothing at razorscale for 30 minutes. Last time I checked the top guilds wanted at least 150k for a complete 25 man drake.

Smeg said...

lol @ 10k for gear that is out of date in a few weeks. bravo!

Sean said...

You LOL because 10k is a lot of money to you. For some people 10k is nothing but a week's work. Sure, gear is obsolete, but the achievements regard the date it is complete and is permanent.

However, even though such a scheme is tempting to me (and I can certainly afford it), I won't do it. Why? Because killing the boss without being carried is what gives satisfaction to me.

Ayonel said...


I agree with you, however for many people the opportunity to even get into Ulduar doesn't exist. Either they aren't in a guild that can do it, they don't have the time/inclination, or other. I'm am in an okay guild on a low-pop server, and even though I might be top 3 dps, the rest of the raid team can't pull enough total dps/healing/tanking to run a lot of content. Just a thought.

While the money you're talking is high to me, though I know some folks can afford it, I think this makes perfect sense. If I could pay a 'reasonable' sum, as defined by whatever both parties think is fair, I would much rather run with a decent guild raid that had space than a pure pug group.

Yaggle said...

Yet another reason why achievements are stupid meaningless status symbols. Let's say Lindsay Lohan charges $10k to come to her party. A person could leave with a t-shirt that says "I paid 10k to go to Linday's party and all I got was this lousy t-shirt". Or similarly, they could pay 10k for a spot in Ulduar raid and leave with a t-shirt that says, "I paid 10k for Ulduar raid and all I got was this lousy achievement". How does anybody know how they got their achievement? They could have paid gold. They could have traded cyber for it. It's absolutely meaningless.

Ayonel said...


I agree with you. For me, the motivation would be strictly the opportunity to get better gear, not achievements. Similarly, in the case of Lindsay Lohan, I think many people would pay the 10K in hopes (delusional, but nonetheless) of a) having someone at the party realize they should be a movie star, or, b) (more likely) hoping they'll wake up the next morning in bed with Lindsay and/or some of her skanky friends.

Unknown said...

@ Yaggle : They mean different things to different people. I don't think that's the topic of discussion.

Many organised pugs, or top raiding guilds, want to see some experience before inviting you and there's no otherway to prove that experience other than through achievements. It's the same as when you apply for a job, they want to see your university degree because that means you're capable. It's irrelevant to them whether you slept with your lecturer for grades.

In both of the above examples, it'd soon become apparent if you can't perform to the standard that your new guild / employer requires. So, if you can actually perform, but just happen to be a reroll or alt etc, then buying the achievements is a great idea.

Additionally, gear from raids has been sold from as early as Classic days. My guild still has an extremely old thread on it's forums advertising MC gear for 300g. It's not really any different to having the 'qualification'.

Zaphind said...

"There is place now for silly things and jokes."

Be careful Gevlon, too many statements like that and you're running the risk of becoming social! (Or at least accepting of it.)


Anonymous said...

I have struggled with this is a different way. When I first came to the game I found it really strange that people would pay to have someone help them level by running them through an instance. But I get it now. I have a level 54 alt that I want to level so I can max out the professions (one of them being inscription) but frankly I don't really enjoy playing that character anymore so he just sits there.

Paying some gold to help level me to 70 or so makes a lot of economic sense. Especially when 3.2 comes out and getting 20% bonus to exp I should be able to zip right up.

But paying someone to level me just cuts against the grain of the game for me. The goblin and the social part are at war!

Fortgnox said...

Those screenshots are priceless, thanks for beginning my day with a laugh :D

Tonus said...

"lol @ 10k for gear that is out of date in a few weeks. bravo!"

Gold is not difficult to come by anymore. Even low-level dungeon epics can last a non-raider for a very long time.

Bell said...

There's a Horde guild on my server that is selling a one-night Rusted Proto run for 20k.

My guild isn't doing that yet, but we've been selling the Sarth drakes and titles for a long time.

Unknown said...

@ Smeg and Yaggle,

The gear doesn't necessarily go obsolete in a week. If you are looking at hard-mode loot, I'd gladly pay 10k for the mace and shield from Hodir10-hard for my pally tank. Those are solid items that will take you well into the next patch.

If the top guild on my server would sell those, I'd be there right away.

Carl Lewis said...

I don't know if this will work on my server but, I will try.

Unknown said...

How do you decide how much to charge?

X amount per run plus X amount per item? That seems to be the best way, I'm just curious as to how guilds are doing it.

Gavin said...

I think the usual procedure is a fixed amount for the run and a bonus per item received.

Carra said...


10K isn't a lot for some people. And I imagine that people don't do it for the gear. Being able to do the end game content once seems very interesting to me. Other people have done the hard work, you can just buy a ticket and see it all. Without having to do the dame old boring instance every week. And of course, it's the only way for a lot of people to actually see the endgame content. Not everyone can or wants play 4-5 days in an endgame guild.

Lee Quillen said...


I don't think you delete posts, so I'm reposting because it must have been lost :/

How is having someone pay to come to your raid any different than your paying to join your current raiding guild?

Yaggle said...

I understand why people pay for a spot for better gear. I don't blame them for doing it because it's a way to get their foot in the door, and it's using their expertise at making money for obtaining better gear. I meant my comment more to be critical of achievements in general. Today I got an achievement for 1000 daily quests completed. I think that is an M&S achievement that is frankly somewhat embarassing.

Yes, Gevlon deletes post. He has deleted at least 2 of mine that I know of. He put up in his blog various reasons why he might delete somebody's posts. From what I remember, there were a lot of various possible reasons. I wouldn't take it personally.

Anonymous said...

I love how Laytex fails! Hay Jonas!