Greedy Goblin

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekly report

As usually, copy and paste from previous week: glyphs, bags, mongoose enchant. I really-really don't understand how can someone have money problems if it's so easy to get 13K/week.

I'll write a non-business, but hopefully interesting post by the afternoon.

No, it's not about the only kind of PvP I do (pictured next to the gold).


Anonymous said...

not an enchanter, scribe, or tailor...

Anonymous said...

then you are fail

Anonymous said...

How many people are in your server horde side? How you can sell 100-150 glyphs EVERYDAY?

Where you found that much people who buy glyphs everyday? I can sell just 10-30/day.

Anonymous said...

Gevlon is on a low population server, where the horde population is alot less than half. basically, theres very few people on his faction / server, and he has 100% control of the glyph and bag business.

He did an experiment on the ally side of Magtheridon, to prove he can make money anywhere. It would seem that smaller populations are easier to make money on.

To test this theory, why not try the ally side of Silvermoon, or the Horde side of Magtheridon?

Kharthus said...


Awhile back you mentioned tracking your sales to see what you're actually profiting from. How much of your profit is just from glyphs? From the last few reports I'm guessing something like 80%.

Anonymous said...

I personally would be interested to see this kind of thing attempted on spinebreaker (US) alliance.
most stuff barring glyphs just dont sell, theres none of the profits that you are seeing. its almost like its a server of botters who are just not caring about undercuts etc.

Anonymous said...

You already know the answer why it's so easy.

Someone posted a cut forest emerald for 4.5g. This is exactly what they vendor for.

A level 80 spent at least 15 minutes in trade advertising 5 gems he put on the AH. Total profit versus vendoring if they all sold? 70 silver.

A small portion of my soul dies everytime I see stuff this awful.

(Sorry these stories aren't exactly relevant. I just needed a place to vent.)