Greedy Goblin

Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 13: Terrible BFD

While strange and soul dust still rots in the AH, the dream and vision dusts were sold, so I restocked by bidding on cheap armor. Some of them will be overbid but others will be mine to disenchant.

Bought some items for myself and even enchanted them up for better tanking.

Quested up to lvl 23 in Redridge Mountains and to 24 in Wetlands. Was very lucky there, found 2 other players and made the raptor quest chain together. Completed in no time.

After that I collected a team for BFD and went in. Was epic failure. The healer refused to use talent points, the mage attacked every moving object, regardless what did I try to tank and the rouge came up with the wonderful idea of he tanking and I'm healing. I left and had to rethink my instancing policy. Anyway, the analysis for today came from this event (and many similar).

After that I went back to Redridge and leveled to 25, with a randomly joined priest, than a random paladin. Luckily these short time teams work.

I looked at my money and was not amused. Altroug 292 is the highest yet, I'm usually around 150-200G, which is the income of a single daily quest session (granted, no dailies for a lvl 24). Am I doing something wrong? No, just have my gold work. The money in my pocket is not doing anything, while the money in the AH does. I have 288 auctions waiting for buyer and 54 bids waiting for expiration. The items set to auctions have value, approximately 4-500G. Of course it's not money. To change it into money I have to sell these items, and some of them don't want to sell. The "value" is an approximation, my guess on the price I'm gonna get for it. Maybe my guess is really wrong, and will have to accept much lower price for my investments. But they surely worth something and I'm gonna get this price sooner or later.


Queklain said...

Whoah, whoah, wait, the priest refused to use talent points? Like he was in your level range and just had 14-ish talent points just sitting there, unused?

That's unbefreakinlievable.

Gevlon said...

He was a shaman, but yes, he had his talent point unspent. And when I reminded him about that, he said "it's not BT dude, stfu"

krizzlybear said...

I can see how that could happen if someone had insta-dinged 40 levels from Recruit-a-friend and went straight into BRD, forgetting to take talent. Heck, if i happen to ding in the middle of a dungeon, I oft forget that I have an extra talent to spare, since I'm too busy focusing on the game. But what you speak of is simply ridiculoussss