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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Shadowbanning: the most evil form of censorship

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gerfunkable said...

Have my upvotes, Gelvon :)

No seriously, this is a Thing. I have deleted all my posts from T_D or any "marked" subreddits, and only lurk in them now, as I have found that when I did have posts in those forums, nearly if not all posts I made were down-voted within the minute (bot activity) I post the same thing on a throw away, and it would get up-votes. It does de-motivate me from posting, as I know without a "clean" posting history If I wanted to post to /r/funny or /r/askredit I would get blasted down, or some left shill would instantly state "Oh you post on T_D so your argument doesn't count" So now that I have a clean post history for the most part, I find that I can post in casual forums now without said side effects, but note that on some of the lefter leaning ones (politics) I'll still get negative votes, which I think is indicative of a bot and my name on a list someplace. (As most of the posts I do are fairly benign in nature, lest risk getting any more new posts shadowbanned.

What spaz has done to T_D is even worse than just shadowbanning them, he actively changed the algorithm so that I took 10x more up votes to get to the front page, to which T_D still got there, next he limited to only sticky posts in T_D which still got there. When All else failed, he made it so that users could modify their /r/all feed so that T_D doesn't show up. If this isn't a damning list of ways a company is trying to silence a user base, I don't know what is. Just plain muting the entire community so they exist in their own bubble (and actively promoting the other 40-100 subs that are anti trump, funny how they get to the front page all the time...) is sicking.

Anyways, for now, the only thing I can do is upvote what I like, and down vote what I don't.