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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Weekend minipost: PUBG miniproject complete

If you check my stats you see them in free-fall. The reason is that I finished testing a very unusual playstyle that involved killing absolutely nobody. Post will come on Monday. Now I'm trying a much more aggressive strategy and playing aggressively against 2000+ rated players is a bit different from jumping to the School at 1200.

I fully expect my rank to drop to EU 1000 (from 120), but then, toplist, here I come.

Now, I expected my abandoned strategy to go all the way to the toplist, but it didn't, simply because half of the players in the top rated games play that. The dirty little punks preach about "mad skillz", but in reality they use the cheapest of tactics. Unlike them, I don't preach "mad skillz", I tell you exactly how can you walk to the top 0.5% without being any good. I mean literally your mum could walk to top 0.5% with this stat.


Anonymous said...

The aggressive style still gets you zero kills. Does the aggressive style include attempting to fight? Or just more aggressive movement, etc?

Anonymous said...

Number 1 solo player in Oceania. Thoughts on his play style compared to yours

retsep said...

Kind of expected that it's difficult to come up with a strategy that would be resistant against others applying it. Of course, current strategy has merits - getting to top 0.5% (or what the percent was) is a testimony for it. But a strategy "Be where no-one else is" doesn't require Gevlon to come up with. Show us even more bizarre/dirty style (for example, going where there's a battle and fighting weakened opponent)!