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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Weekend minipost: Twitter is rigged

This would be a great find if it wouldn't be well known: the "trending" in Twitter is manipulated and any hashtag that is against the political or business interest of the owners is removed. Let me remind everyone the obvious: you have no rights against Twitter, Facebook or any other social media. You don't own the content you upload, they can remove it as they please. Funnily, they left a mistake in their code. If you search for a hashtag and leave your browser window open, you get a message how many new tweets arrived since the last refresh. Unfortunately I figured out only 2 days after #CNNBlackmail started and one day after people complained that the #1 trending hashtag disappeared over a second. Still, it shows the extreme number of tweets created in response to CNN trying to blackmail a guy to post a false apology that they wanted to use for their narrative:

The twitter campaign faded out by Saturday morning. Of course only part of the memes were spread on Twitter.

For a very good summary what happened, please check out this only 4 minutes long clip.


Anonymous said...

As you said, sadly this has to be obvious and the default. When you are contra Jacks opinions and point of view you will not get twitter verified (for example sargon of akkad). like a kid "this is a badge only for my friends" and "only those with the badge are allowed to play"

A tad bit more background info and captured material from the meme war trenches.

twitter alternative
youtube alternative

99smite said...

This is an obvious find. The same has happened to videos trending on youtube. In case they were "controversial" or not "advertiser friendly" in the view of YT employees, these videos were removed and would not show in trending videos againg, although their view count would require them to show up...

Manipulation takes places everywhere there is a chance to manipulate.

Twitter shareholdes must pray every night before going to bed that potus tweets something "shocking". Due to their political correctness witch hunt, they had lost a lot of followers in the past, but since potus used twitter as his personal press platform, this service must have gained millions of new users... So sad, total losers, failing Twitter...

maxim said...

I wonder if this will free up the deadlock they have on Trump at all.
Doesn't seem like it would tbh. The deadlock is maintained through entrenched political and financial interests and this isn't something an attack on CNN can really breach.