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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I'm weird, not the tomato

I hate tomato. I never liked it. Fresh, processed or even ketchup, I avoid it. If the food is tainted by it, I try to scrub it off. You get the picture.

However, I'm fully aware that this is weird. Tomato is not unhealthy like alcohol or tobacco, actually it's a good nutrient. If I was a perfectly functioning biorobot, I'd consume tomato. Also, it's widely used in the community, you see tomato plants in the gardens and the greengrocer part of the shops always put some ripe tomatoes at display to lure the customers in with their redness which strike out of the green background.

This means that when someone who doesn't know me well serves me tomato, I have no right to complain. I place it to the side of my plate (or trade it for cucumbers or onions with the people I eat with) and scrub the ketchup off my meat without making a scene or being offended. Sure, I expect my mum to not put tomato on my plate on family reunions and the waiter can see no tips if everything is covered by ketchup after I explicitly told him to inform the cook about my aversion. But without previous communication or long history together, I find it obvious that tomato comes in my way, like rain and fog. Tomato is part of the life around here and I must adapt.

If you remember the comment section of my earlier post, you figured out that I actually wanted to talk about pork and burka, not tomato, it just served as an as an "everyone is special and different" point. Yes, everyone are. And everyone must suck his specialty up in public spaces, because there can be one and only one culture to allow morons and socials to function. Socials need social rules (go figure), because they only follow peers and norms, while morons need to be predictable to allow us to avoid their tantrum.

The "immigration" problem isn't with people coming from different places (the New York - Los Angeles distance is larger than the Damascus - Berlin), but from people carrying different culture with them. This must not be allowed if we want to avoid large groups of violent welfare leeches. A singular culture must be enforced, so we have a monolithic social and moron population that can be managed. Those who don't fit must always be made aware that it's them who are being weird and it's their job to deal with it. In these parts of the world, the public cafeteria serves pork and tomato. Sure, you don't have to eat everything on your plate. But you have no right to complain or demand different. You can ask, you can pay, you can cook at home, but in public you must at least have to pretend that you are like the others. If there is friction, you must explain your odd behavior instead of being offended at the "normals" for violating your ways, I mean "sorry guys, I really don't like tomato" instead of "How do you dare to put tomato on the table infidel!"

How does that flies with my decade long "don't follow the sheep, the social norms" crusade? Simple: I never said you need to believe and replicate that culture. Socials simply accept whatever is fed to them and become as expected, even to the point of not believing their own eyes. I don't believe as told, nor I expect anyone to do so. But I avoid making a pointless mess and do expect everyone else to not disturb the peace for no reason. Not even in my early WoW years I ever inspected a random guy and yelled him for ungemmed gear. I simply gathered like-minded fellows into my group. When it became impossible to avoid them due to constant nerfs, I quit, recognizing that it's me who don't belong. WoW has a singular culture with no catering to anyone else than the LFR trash. So it's their land and I left. Similarly if my country would turn radical Muslim overnight with mandatory burkas and beards like Saudi Arabia, I wouldn't organize a protest or revolution, but act assimilated (beard, no pork, Friday at home) while selling my stuff and then leave for a country where I fit in.

I'm not a racist or "crusader". I don't think that Muslims and their culture is worse than ours. Sure, some of their customs are objectively wrong (like women being second class citizens), but so are some of our customs (like alcohol, tobacco and drugs). I harshly reject "democratization" of the Middle East. I accept the right of Saudis and Iranians to live in theocracies and I don't want to change it. But these cultures are not compatible with ours and anyone who wants to live that way must live there.


Slawomir Chmielewski said...

Judeo-Christian-Protestant culture is objectively better than Islam.
Of all the countries that take their social codes from religions, Christians live in free, wealthy and peaceful communities while Muslims live in poverty, tyranny and under constant threat of death. If it isn't their culture that's at fault then it must be something inherently wrong with them, so you're arguing for racism.

An exception that tests the rule: Japan. Prior to 1854, they were a feudal state akin to medieval Europe. They decided to adopt Western political, judicial and military customs. As a result, they managed to win a war against a European power merely 50 years later and fight as equals against Americans in the 1940s, just 100 years later. They were instrumental in destroying the British Empire. All of this within a lifetime.

Gevlon said...

@Slawomir: both Nazism and Communism born in Judeo-Christian-Protestant culture. They both killed much more people than Muslims.

Anonymous said...

" both Nazism and Communism born in Judeo-Christian-Protestant culture. They both killed much more people than Muslims."
This can only be argued based off the WW2 numbers. And those numbers were elevated due to breakthroughs of military innovation. Muslim genocides were more frequent, just not as bloody, because they didn't have means to make it more bloody.

Slawomir Chmielewski said...

Both communism and Nazism were born when the respective people rejected their religious traditions and created what was for all intents and purposes new religions to run their countries. Both countries persecuted their churches, too.

Gevlon said...

@Slawomir: "Islam is the religion of peace", the terrorists are "not true Muslims"

Anonymous said...

Democracy has an inherent contradiction which is the "freedom to be anti-freedom".

Anonymous said...

The western world fought with the nazis and communists and arguably Europe became a peaceful place after that. The muslim world did not change, even went worse after USA put his feet on their lands.
Regarding the post I can't really argue with that.

Gevlon said...

The Westerns put their feet on the Muslim world long before that. Check out British colonization.

Also, the whole argument about morality of cultures is offtopic and pointless.

tweell said...

You don't like tomatoes?! You have cut yourself off from one of the gamer's primary staples - pizza. I am sad for you, Gevlon.

Anonymous said...

my stuff and then leave for a country where I fit in.
well sorry, there is no where left to flee. if you are thinking USA, think again. and read about islam apologetics in the US and EU.

A singular culture must be enforced, so we have a monolithic social and moron population that can be managed. Those who don't fit must always be made aware that it's them who are being weird and it's their job to deal with it.
still your main point.
enforced. how?
monolithic social. jesus ... why not communism? was pretty mono and social. and enough force to keep it that way.
You seem not to care about the problem.
if we could use force. as it would be very political incorrect right now to tell an alien culture how to behave. we could have deported them ages ago. So I'm all ears how you might want to "enforce" this without getting killed by antifa and convincing the ignorant flower idiots that still have the majority in EU countries (look at france, now they have a bankster).

And just to contribute Muhammad was kind and very peaceful man, much more than any imaginary hero.

Gevlon said...

@Anon: communism was a BAD singular culture. Also an expansive one, wanting to enslave the whole world. I want LOCALLY singular cultures. One city can be Christian, the next is Muslim, the next is Ateist. But one neighborhood is for one kind of people only.

Anonymous said...

>I want LOCALLY singular cultures.

But how do you enforce it?

For example: let's say that two people visit town hall to apply for permits. They each want to organize a public march against the consumption of meat. The first is a conspiracy theorist who believes that animal meat is being pumped full of mind-control hormones by the FDA. The second is a Jainist monk who believes that all killing is wrong.

I assume that the first guy is allowed. He's an idiot, but he's a home-grown idiot. People are still (presumably) allowed to voice crazy protests against the government in GevlonTopia. I assume that the second guy is rejected. He's a foreigner who is trying to change the local culture to fit his preferences (instead of assimilating himself into it).

But how do you make this decision? From the perspective of the town-hall bureaucrat, he has been presented with two very similar application forms. He would need to send police officers around to search both men's homes in order to discover their motives. Someone would need to be watching their internet activity in order to determine whether their actions are being guided by any foreign ideologies or influences.

Or maybe I've completely misinterpreted your idea and it's actually very SIMPLE to sustain/enforce such a society. If so, could you please explain it?

Provi Miner said...

wow you blew my mind with the size of that paint brush. Your own home country is land to at least 3 different cultures that really don't mix well. Now there is a difference in how countries deal with this issue you have the rainbow of Canada where everyone is considered "special" and their culture needs to ascend over the common norm. you have Merica where the culture is allowed to assimilate into the back ground (that's a great deal of the current issues) and "flavor" the melting pot. Then you have places where yes your culture is allowed to exist but as fringe discounted value and is not allowed any input into the national social identity.

To prove the point I use one word: Romani

Gevlon said...

@Anon: Nope. The first one isn't protesting against meat, it protest against government conspiracy (putting mind controlling substance in meat) and not against the accepted norms of the city/county. Government corruption exists.

@Provi Miner: some cultures just reject the melting. Also, America could melt the European immigrants because it's a very common culture besides language. I can't tell how Hungarians are different from Slovaks besides language.

Romani aren't a cultural group, it's ethnic (different color, not different lifestyle)

Provi Miner said...

Gob, I posted before I saw your "neighborhood" response. in this you are very correct: A small minority can incorporate into any community however when that minority begins to have large enough base to "demand" change then you start to have issues. Likewise as long as People X stay in their neighborhood there is no problem. Not unlike the mafia running different parts of the city they didn't bring in Jewish mafia to run hells kitchen they co-opted irish gang members to run hells kitchen and so on.