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Thursday, May 4, 2017

My Archeage tribulations

I've started Archeage and I like the leveling, just like I liked it in WoW, but I know it's not a project or even a game, it's an interactive video, what will matter is the endgame. Like every other game, my Archeage stay can continue the following ways:
  • I find no competition and quit in boredom: WoW
  • I find competition, but find it rigged to secretly cater to baddies/payers (open P2W is fair, you can make an informed decision): World of Tanks, League of Legends, EVE, Albion.
  • I find unrigged competition, make a guide how to get stupidly rich and get bored: BDO
  • I find a World where I can have a project to change this World and stay there happily ever after: not yet found
My fundamental problem with Archeage is to do any kind of industrial or trading activities, you need subscription (patron status). This is obvious and fair. The problem is that Trion (the publisher) doesn't want my money. Or probably they want, but for some weird reason they can't record my credit card info, so I can't make a damn $15 purchase. They are the direct opposite of Crowfall, which has no game content, but you can purchase a lot of things.

So the farm and the AH are closed to me. The only way to get into action is to buy APEX on the AH (you can purchase items, just not sell), but how to get gold without the AH at the first place?! I have to figure out some weird method that involves only NPC sales, or trade directly with players. The latter will be against my nature, but being poor is even more against my nature. I have no doubt that as soon as I can put my hands on patron status, I'll be able to infinitely remain patron, but the start seems hard.

Anyway, I'm surprised how much content the game offers for completely free. The leveling experience is equal to WoW's and the World is huge and lively. There is allowed PvP outside the starter zones, but you have no reason to care, as you don't lose stuff to gankers. I bump into such idiots once or twice a day, but as it's a corpserun only, I don't even bother to fight back. If I'd win, he'd be stalking me to get revenge, now he is happy with his awesomeness and moves on. I don't really understand why games have such pretend PvP: either go loss-PvP or no PvP!

Anyway, if you have ideas how to make money in Archeage without patron, I'm interested.


Hanura H'arasch said...

Maybe try buying the starter pack on steam?

Or get a friend with a different card and try again.

David Hudspeth said...

why can't they save your credit card info? Is it a restriction on which countries they can accept payment from? According to this link they accept karma koin I can pick up a card for you if you think that would work.

Raphael said...

Why are World of Warcraft and Black Desert Online categorized differently? In WOW, way back when, there were others selling on the Auction House before you out-competed them in the marketplace. Then you got rich, wrote guides, got bored, and quit. (You also got bored of competing for raid progression.)

Gevlon said...

@Hanura: I really don't want Steam on my computer, but probably I just have to surrender

@David: I have no idea about Karma Koins

@Raphael: in BDO you keep your gear and wealth. In WoW, it's devalued into irrelevance every patch.

Anonymous said...

make a bunch of f2p alt accounts, leave them online for 2000 labor, and then do family fishing, its about 400 labor for 30g and very fast

multibox a bunch of lvl 30 f2p accounts with a donkey to make a trade pack train

contact customer support or use a middleman service to pay for patron like paypal or paysafe

Anonymous said...

You did not get stupidly rich in BDO, you just got bored (probably rightly so). In BDO, high tier gear IS wealth and as far as I remember you never got there. You _could_ get there given your rate of progress but still, you are misusing the stats you presented as an argument to that effect.

Anonymous said...

You can try a VCC (virtual credit card) depending on your payment choice it adds 1-3% extra transaction costs. I use if i don't want to hand out my main CC number or have payment issues. The BIN of those cards is a mastercard located in GB-United Kingdom.

Jonathan Silva said...

If my experience in Archeage serves any good to what it is now, Sports Fishing is extremely good gold at any pace of the game. It's also very fun and even though simple, the layers of possible PvP and risk vs reward is exciting for any tier of player (even at my most geared, top 50 NA I could be at risk when fishing due to swapping pole for main hand). The hard part is the start up, ideally you need a Fishing Boat, skill in fishing for better rod (better dps vs fish), and chum. All which take time to get to, chum being the least difficult to get a hold of. Things probably have changed so much since I played, but last I remember they were headed in the direction of stream lining profits for Sports Fishing to be rather equal across the board (no particular fish is significantly more pricey).

Honestly if you're friendly and the social atmosphere still trends that way, you could bum a ride off some other sports fisher and ride the coat tails of their chum too, feigning interest in joining their guild. Archeage was a very diplomatic/political game when I last played. A "maneuver" like feigning loyalty to a guild for some victimless gains is pretty tolerable.

Anonymous said...

I had the same issue when trying to pay for a Minecraft Realms subscription for my daughter. I tried different cards, different browsers etc etc. Eventually, I just used a different laptop and it worked fine. I assume it was due to add blocking/ AV software on my machine. Try a different machine?

Anonymous said...

I use paysafecard, hungary seems supported the question is if archage accepts that payment method.

I got creditcard issues. I don't have a smartphone and I don't want my visa to be connected to that number. but in the last couple years visa pushes their smstan bullshit. so I'm glad paysafecards exist.

Anonymous said...

What's your objection to Steam?

Gevlon said...

I don't see reason to its existence, so I'm suspicious that it's just another spyware collecting data about my activities.

maxim said...

You could always just RMT the gold from a farmer
This video might be interesting to you on the subject of the "World":

Hanura H'arasch said...

"I don't see reason to its existence, so I'm suspicious that it's just another spyware collecting data about my activities."

Well, it surely does that. However, I think for my suggestion having a steam account should be enough, you don't need to run it over the steam client.

Gevlon said...

@Hanura: that's a great idea. I just have to figure out how to connect an existing Archeage account to a Steam account.

Hanura H'arasch said...

Damn, you probably do need the steam client, at least their support page says so.

The upside being, it appears you can actually buy APEX directly over steam. Though I still don't think you'll need to launch the game over steam all the time.

gerfunkable said...

Hey Gevlon, I Just heard of this game. It looks like it might be right up your alley, plus the guys that are making it are no slouches to the MMORPG game.

Might be something to check out in a year or so when it finishes up, and you get bored with whatever project your working on.

Cathfaern said...

There is a high chance that it's a scam: