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Monday, May 22, 2017

I'm a natural born PvP God (not really)

Look! I've joined a raid the fist time in Archeage on Friday, for a Mistmerrow battle and right at the first time, with low gear, I finished on the top spots among the 50 participants! I'm a natural born PvP God, pwning those noobs left and right!
Except I had absolutely no clue what's going on, so my "l33tneess"was limited to "if you see red, shoot red". And that was enough for the top spots, because the others didn't bother to do the same. The raid leader was keep asking "everyone got the quest", referring to the daily quest given for doing stuff in the battle and led the raid to various pillars where we waited for them to turn red and shot them. That was all. We met a few lost enemies, but never seen a big enemy raid, probably they were busy doing the same thing.

This both shows how little the players care about the battle and how easy it is to make someone look awesome if he lacks any self-awareness. I'm sure many morons really believed themselves to be awesome just for showing up and shooting reds. While I'm still interested in the moneymaking aspect of the game, especially because comparing different game's money schemes gives perspective, I'm positive that Archeage won't be my game for long time.

PS: I'm up to something in Archeage moneymaking, which has effect outside of this particular game. I've just purchased my first month of subscription with APEX (Archeage token) and a +1000 labor/day pay-to win item, also with APEX.

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