Greedy Goblin

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Archeage quick update

So far I managed to buy 6 APEX-es (each is E9.99 on the item shop), so I'm doing well (though not as well as I expected) I have a subscribed alt up and operational, but I'm far from the EVE/BDO "I can buy whatever I want" situation.


Stabs said...

I potter about casually on Archeage when I'm not playing other games.

Have you found out that on each account you can make a North American character which will get its own Labour point pool and Loyalty tokens? My NA characters pay the Apex (and then some) leaving me with all the gold my EU characters earn.

Here are two youtube channels I like for covering various economic topics. They are Marcko type economists (try a wide variety of goldmaking schemes) not Gevlon type economists (you seem to hop around until you find something broken then go all in on that one activity).

Lastly I'd like to ask you to look for something. I have a theory that Archeage is full of people who spend RL money, hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and actually doesn't have much population of non-whales. Not 100% sure though, look forward to seeing if you agree.

Gevlon said...

That's impossible. In order for a whale to be able to buy something, there must be a non-whale who farmed it and willing to sell. In an only-whale economy you cannot sell APEX since nobody is buying.

Sure, there are awful lot of P2W stuff in the item shop, so one can assume (and likely right) that most of the value entering the economy isn't because someone farmed it (ore mined) but because someone paid for it (wagon upgraded with a E30 ticket).