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Friday, May 12, 2017

Archeage farming

Farming in Archeage was designed as a defining feature. Farms are objects in the World, not instanced. To have them you need to get a scarecrow garden from quests (one leveling, one Blue Salt Brotherhood trading questline in Tigerspine) or a house from Gilda stars, objects you get for main storyline quests and dailies. Then you go to a "Housing province" and place the garden or house - if you find a place for it, because there are lot of players already planted farms. You also have to pay taxes for your farms, you get tax certificates from quests, you can buy them for loyalty points (what you get daily if you are subscribed) and from labor points at the scarecrow itself.

After placing your garden, you can plant crop seeds or place baby animals. You can buy seeds and babies at the merchants available near the postbox in every housing province. There are two kinds of merchants: one sells items for a few coppers or silvers, the other wants vocational badges. These badges come from the daily challenges (the spend x labor points on specific task and the spend 2000 labor points on anything challenges). Since they are somewhat limited, their products have higher cost.

So you plant the seed or baby and get a cogweel icon for default action like irrigating the plant (needs water from the nearby well), feeding the animal (needs feed created from crops), playing with animal or whatnot. After you performed all available actions you wait some time and harvest. Waiting can be a few minutes or even a day, depending on the difficulty of the plant/animal and the climate: each plant/animal has a favorite climate (you can check it on the map) and grows faster. After the waiting is done, you harvest/butcher, sell the products and get rich.

I mean you get rich, if you are a bot. If you are a human, you soon realize that you are clicking repetitively for hours to get in-game currency that you could get from a price of a coffee in the shop. Farming is a baseline activity, every moron can do it and so bots. Therefore selling a farming product that has seed/baby sold for coppers usually make 1-2 silvers per production. You need 160000 silvers for 2 APEX-es, which give subscription a month. While you ideas of "fun game" vary, probably clicking 300K times to save $15 is not among them. Items coming from vocational badges sell 10-100x higher, depending on their badge prices, showing that the value of the product comes from the limited badge and not the farming actions. Some items sell for 10 badges, others sell for more. I butcher cattle for their beef and pelts, their calves cost 450 badges, so no one can just plant a zillion. But I doubt if I will continue doing it after I've found some proper moneymaking method. This is just ... farming.

One more thing: you can - and should - plant Farmer's workshop in your garden, that's a special crafting tool you can't get in the public shops.


Anonymous said...

the upgraded 16x16 scarecrow you get from crafting your 8x8 functions as a farmers workstation

Gevlon said...

I'm standing next to my 16x16 scarecrow and it doesn't allow any other work than nameplates and tax papers

Anonymous said...

not the 16x16 you get from the quest, you can craft an upgraded 16x16 with your 8x8 as a component which makes you two 16x16