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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Weekend minipost: Fresh start

I've started playing on the Archeage EU Fresh start server (it only allows accounts created in 2017, older accounts must play on Legacy servers). For some weird reason the game doesn't accept my credit card, so I'm on a free account, therefore farming and trading are not available, only questing.

I've finished the Warborn starter zone (which is a new region) and with various XP boosts (without subscription bonus), I'm already lvl 40, so something is not properly balanced here. several zones could be skipped:
Anyway, I hope that soon I get the subscription. The game is nice, but of course I haven't seen the moneymaking aspect yet. I don't know if I find an interesting "World" in it, or just write a moneymaking guide like in BDO and move on. So far I've seen or heard of nothing nasty going on, which is quite a change after the recent experiences.


Anonymous said...

Farming jester crates in lvl ~40 warzones during wartime for dust might be the best way to make money for f2p.

Archeage is really a "free to try" game like eve. You want to make the upfront premium purchase so you can play optimally from the start. Have you tried paying through paypal using your card without an account?

Matt Varnish said...

Sorry but you're going to hate ArcheAge. On my old server (NA) you couldnt even see the top end content because the top guilds would kill anyone, regardless of faction, who showed up. It was pure pay2win, to the point that the top guilds would have Mastercard logos on their ship sails. You had to join them or their pets to even get a whiff of the top content. Cost of entry to their guild? One Apex per month. Cant be more Pay2Win than that. It'd be like Goons charging one PLEX a month to be in their org.

Anonymous said...

The new races, warborn and dwarves, are supposed to be lvl 30+ before they leave their home region(s). Their racial quests (green questline) is tailored to this. They need this to get their racial skill.
The map you use is the old map with the lvl ranges for the old races, which is still valid for them.
That you made lvl 40, is due to the double xp, honor, vocation and droprate event for labor day.

Paypal linked to a debit card account is suitable for paying. It is what most europeans do, as credit cards are more an exception than a rule.

If you want to contact me ingame (Mirakel), that can only be done by mail as I'm 'from the other side'