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Thursday, March 16, 2017

BDO imperial crafting: too profitable to be true

There is a very hyped feature in Black Desert: Imperial cooking and alchemy. These mean creating normal cooking and alchemy items, packaging them and giving to an NPC for crazy profit. For example "tea with fine scent" is being sold on the marketplace for 6K, you need 30 for a package and an NPC gives 217K fixed for it, plus a token that is worth about 10K. Packaging is about 20 seconds, so you make 8M/hour crafting it from purchased materials. If you craft the materials yourself you save the tax for even more!

It's too good to be true, so it's not. And it's easy to find what's missing. At first, you have limited amount of deliveries, about 60/day. That cuts into the income, but not into profit/hour. The problem comes from weight and channel usage. 30 teas have 3Lt weight. Craft a package and you get 80Lt. When you deliver, you get silver to your bag, which has weight on its own. So you can't just craft 60 and deliver, like when you produce for marketplace or vendoring. You have to craft about 10, deliver, run to the storage, deposit the silver, run back.

On top of that, you have channel limitations. If someone else delivered items, you must either wait, or switch channel, wait 10 minutes, just to see if that channel is below limit. If yes, deliver, if not, move to the next. I did that jumping for crate trading and I didn't like it, despite the profit on a crate is much higher.

So Imperial crafting is just as hyped, but gives you as much work as grinding mobs and that provides more profit. Still, by all means, if you like active moneymaking, go and do it! But don't compare it to processing when you can process for a whole night and list the items in 2 minutes and done.


Empz said...

I dont do imperial cooking delivery every day, but i do it now and than. Max delivery amount per day = cp/2
You get the chance to make 2 boxes for the mats for one (~10% chance).
You dont have to turn in the boxes at the time of crafting.
So this is how i do it: when i'm cooking, i take a look at the imperial trader right after i cook with a 900 cooking tool (~15 min).
If i have something the trader needs, i deliver my boxes made days before. If not, i'm switching channels and cook the next batch.

Laenuriel said...

Hey Goblin, sorry for the Necropost. I hope you are still doing stuff in BDO as I haver enjoyed a lot of your blog. I think you are right about the fact that buying from marketplace and selling to imperial is too good to be true. On the other hand, you should take into account the fact that people who do imperial crafting delivery seriously have over 300 CP (150 daily limit), a cooking time of 1.1s, an alchemy time of 2.1s, and plenty of alchemy and cooking tools. On top of that if you diversify, have different types of crate, snipe resources off the market diligently and get a handle on when the deliveries for each channel reset, then it's a very easy 25-30 million per day activity. If you are having trouble packaging crates, then get +3/+4 craftsman's clothes and a sharp yellow alch stone (failing then is very rare). Also, after packaging thousands of crates, the proc rate for 2 boxes is about 10%, so add that to the equation. I hope you come back to BDO economy game strongly, as I miss your posts.