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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Albion Farms and focus

So far it seems I'm staying in Albion Online. If you want to try it out, here is my referral link! Warning: The game is still in beta, so it can change. "Change" in video game development is a politically correct term for "nerfed to the ground to cater to paying morons and slackers". Continue on your own risk, don't blame me! The game currently looks the most fitting to the "player can make an impact on the game world" hope. This promotional video tells what the game is promised to be. Of course there is a chance that it will become a "get everything from running piss-easy instanced dungeons", but one can hope.

So in Albion Online you have your private island where you can craft at disadvantage against open world buildings. That's not really encouraging, but farms are. There are 4 types:
  • Farms for normal crops: carrot, beans, cabbage. You can cook food for yourself, your buildings from them, or feed them to animals.
  • Gardens for herbs which are used for potions
  • Small and large kennels for small and large animals and mounts

After you built it, you must get seeds or baby animals. There is an NPC merchant near your first placed farm and there are seeds on the marketplace. Always check all 5 cities before doing expensive purchase:

When you have the seed or baby, go to the middle of the farm, dismount, so the mount range covers the farm and walk to the various segments of the farm to maek placement by clicking the item in your inventory and pressing "place":

If you planted seed, it will grow on its own. If you placed a baby animal, it needs food to grow. Use normal crops. The animals don't care about the tier of the crop, they eat carrots just as happily as cabbage. You can create the food on your farm, or you can buy it on the marketplace. While you can shop around, don't forget that crops have significant weight to transport. Simply place buy order for crops if you are into growing animals. It's unlikely that you could find crops for your animals on the first days of your game, so you must design around self-sufficiency. You can recognize a fed animal by having crops under it:
There is more on that window: watering for plants and nurturing for animals. If the animal has a hand above it or a plant has a water sprinkler, it could use some extra care. Extra care does not affect the gains. It increases the chance that you also get a seed or an extra offspring. On the example the base chance of getting a baby horse is 84%. So after every farming cycle you have to buy 16% new baby horse, which costs 2K silver if you buy it from the NPC vendor. This is the material cost of growing the horse. If you nurture the horse, the chance increases by 20%, so you save 2.5K silver. The extra care takes focus points, depending on how proficient you are in that type of farming. It costs me 70 now with horses. You get 1000 focus per day if you have a premium account, which is 36K/day savings on horses for me.

It's very important to know that this is the same focus you can use for any kind of crafting or processing. For example I could use 9 focus for returning 35% of the materials of a Travertine block. I could save 5.8K/day if I'd use my focus crafting Travertine Blocks. Every kind of crafting can be boosted by focus:

Onwards to alts and pay-to-win, since Albion is a buy-to-play+premium+gold trade game. If you spend money, you get silver. Today you can pick such game or a rigged "fair" game. For 2500 gold you can activate one month of premium time for an alt. You can buy extra accounts. An alt can have its island too. You can have as many islands as many alts you buy. You don't have to level these alts, you can just use them to create and upgrade the island, then walk to the board on the pier and set your main as co-owner:

Then go to the farm boards and set them to public so they can be accessed by the main

This way your main can visit and manage as many farms as he pleases. However it's beneficial to level the farming of your alts to the point where they can provide extra care for the crops or animals. Even with 90 focus per horse, you can save 800K per month. Ironically, you can use that money to buy gold (currently 120 silver) and keep being on premium. If you build a house, you can place a chest in it and use it to exchange items between alts.

Finally, a warning: since islands are available to everyone and eventually every random casual can build it up, the products of islands will be sold at a price that provide casual level income. Aka: pennies. While islands can be very lucrative at game start when hardcore grinders are needing food, potions and mounts while no one is there to provide it, the time will come when tending your farm will provide unacceptable silver/hour. However I will revisit farms to see if there is some high level item worth producing.

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