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Monday, January 30, 2017


I haven't uninstalled LoL yet, since I wanted to add some things to my page. This is something that was only mentioned, because doesn't affect most games, but it's probably the most powerful tool in the hands of Riot to rig games: Unranked.

Meet Pla4Fu. He has 30% winrate in normals and custom games. He has absolutely no clue what he's doing. And he - by his own admission - tried out ranked because he thought it's easier than normals. He was ADC and had 4 minion kills when the enemy ADC had 47. The fact that it matters surprised him, we were the first people telling him that killing minions is something to do in this game. We won, because the enemy jungler went AFK, leaving me puzzled: did the game want us to lose and give absolutely clueless, literally below Bronze 5 ADC or did it want him to win and gave the enemy a notorious AFKer?

Needless to say that such matchmaking error can't be explained by incompetence, as implementing "all placement games must be in bronze" isn't hard.

But the more interesting game was this:
When I saw unranked, I knew it will be a long shot and luckily Warwick wasn't banned. New Warwick is very good at breaking Sure Losses. But this time, Riot went all in. Not only our specimen had 40% winrate in normals and zero ranked games, but he was support and locked Katarina, insisting that he'll go mid. Pantheon was toxic and when he lost his tower started spamming "sdfsdfa" and went AFK, but Miss Fortune was such a good ADC that when I went ganking, it was 1v2 because she didn't consider it his job to shoot the enemy. This lane was set up by the matchmaker to carry, placing a 75% overall winrate enemy ADC in the opposing lane. Oh, before I forgot, the enemy mid, who farmed the unranked Kata, was - obviously - a New champion user (buyer). Granted, Kata shouldn't have been mid at the first place, this 25% overall winrate gold player (likely ebayed account) was the original mid.

This is the full power of the matchmaker. Lane-mismatched unranked, troll and 25% winrate guy facing 75% winrate guy carrying the buyer.

PS: this is also a good combo: a guy who always bans Yasuo plus a guy with 60% winrate main Yasuo:
SouLinChains(GK): yasuo will be banned
TheRealSpectar: ok
SouLinChains(GK): by me if not by others,just 2 know
TheRealSpectar: then i will go troll
Gevlon: Why do you troll?
Gevlon: Don't ban other's champion
SouLinChains(GK): you will troll anyway
TheRealSpectar: classic toxic shitt
Gevlon: Damn ****** trol
Gevlon: Report Annie for griefing. But for now, try to win this
SouLinChains(GK): hhhahah
Gevlon: Mid, please play well. We'll report troll Annie
SouLinChains(GK): i am not,just silver yasuo is not good for the team
Gevlon: But if you troll too, we lose and report you
TheRealSpectar: you are just *****
TheRealSpectar: why should i be bad
TheRealSpectar: if you never see me play him
SouLinChains(GK): coz you are not the first one i had in team who "main yasuo"
TheRealSpectar: i dont main
TheRealSpectar: him
TheRealSpectar: i just wanna play him you fcking *****
SouLinChains(GK): even worse than
Gevlon: Mid, please play well. Annie will be reported for griefing if you play properly
SouLinChains(GK): and you wanna play him *****
SouLinChains(GK): and you dont main it
SouLinChains(GK): on ranked you play main champ,not learning new one
TheRealSpectar: noob
TheRealSpectar: i am noob ahahh
TheRealSpectar: said guy who is silver
TheRealSpectar: cmn
SouLinChains(GK): i see from here that you are
TheRealSpectar: ****
BAMSEEk 1St: I ll *** your game
BAMSEEk 1St: I ll feed my **** off
SouLinChains(GK): i am silver coz idiots like you
BAMSEEk 1St: You both suck
SouLinChains(GK): i were gold last 4 seasons
TheRealSpectar: m2
TheRealSpectar: and
TheRealSpectar: idc
TheRealSpectar: if i know how to carry the gma
BAMSEEk 1St: And i get placed with guys like you
BAMSEEk 1St: =)
billasionqq B3boz: why you ban vayne...i main
BAMSEEk 1St: Damn this rito
BAMSEEk 1St: Losing 2-3 games
TheRealSpectar: astfu trash
BAMSEEk 1St: Places you with silver.

Luckily someone dodged this.


Andru said...

I dodn't understand a thing out of that conversation. Gevlon, why are you trying to talk to them?

It has been ~4 years since I played with you, but you used to advise to not talk to people spouting incomprehensible gibberish. (And you banned it in guild chat.) When you did PuGs you kept off chat.

Why are you dealing with these people? What do you hope to accomplish?

Gevlon said...

@Andru: unlike WoW, LoL punishes not playing with toxic or useless randoms (queue dodging). In order to finish my research I have to play with this scum.

maxim said...

Bit tired of pointing out all the various reduction of the team matchmaking problem you perform in order to arrive at your predetermined conclusions ("all placements are for bronze" being only the most recent pearl).

My only concern at this point is whether you'll go after your next game with the same prejudice you displayed through this whole LoL affair.

Asphodel said...

Why would you choose to spend your precious free time with these kids? It seems to me that if you want to make an impact on LoL, in stead of trying to break the matchmaking code, you should post these chats on parenting websites and see the playerbase get decimated.

Gevlon said...

@Maxim: team matchmaking is a trivial task if it's not rigged. Here is a very simple method to create fair matches:
- the players are separated into N divisions
- within the divisions players are matched first came first serve. So the first in the ADC queue goes to Team 1, the second goes to Team 2. Of course the length of the queues of various roles is different, so players who want to play a popular role must wait longer, while support role is instant.
- after a month or two, the highest winrate 1/4 of the division gets promoted, the lowest 1/3 gets demoted (this also means that every division is less populated than the previous)
- new players are starting in the lowest division
- players who didn't play enough become invisible. They are nowhere. If they return, they get placed some division below their old depending on time spent.

I guess even I could code it in an afternoon, it would be completely fair and it would provide ranking (after several months everyone is in his proper division). It also allows progression for new but talented players.

I didn't approach LoL with prejudice. I didn't look for rigged, I was looking for new strategies. My plan was to create a "new meta" to disprove the "skillz" kids. It's just that LoL is probably the most disgusting pay-to-win game. The first that is literally pay-to-win, not simply giving power but literal wins via rigged matchmaking.

Gamjatang said...

I don't agree that matchmaking is rigged without ruling out other possibilities first (which I suggested would require more research in a previous post).
However, I do agree that unranked players should not be put into match-making at a low or mid silver ELO. Every time I see an unranked player, he or she has been significantly worse than the other players on his or her team.

maxim said...

Few things are more amusing and confused than backseat game design.

The system you proposed will be a complete mess that will never fix itself as long as there is an actual new influx of players. It will both create multiple instances of what you call "ELO hell" and won't actually achieve good matchmaking outside of those instances. It might be a halfway decent way to organise a tournament ranking, when you need to host a few dozen high-impact games every few months, but it won't be able to adequately support the matchmaking for thousands of ladder matches a day.

And that's not mentioning the fact that this system does not address neither the complexities of team matchmaking, nor the complications of having multiple champions.

Gevlon said...

@Maxim: whatever is the "right" matchmaker is, I can tell with no doubt that it
- should not give advantage to buyers
- should not include clueless newbies to top 1/3 games

Can we agree on that?