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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The weirdest thing about the Buzzfeed scandal

No, not politics post, social-bashing! You probably heard that Buzzfeed and CNN ran an - admittedly unverified - story that Donald Trump took part in some "private time" that included peeing on the mattress. Then - as expected - the internet was all over it. The real problem is not that the story is so obviously fake that more somewhat reputable media refused to publish it during the campaign season, despite it was distributed months ago. Even the Clinton campaign refused to air it in fear that it backfires on them.

No, the real problem is how all the comedians and "joking" media jumped on it. How it isn't condemned by politicians and the rest of the media. How Buzzfeed and CNN didn't became instantly boycotted by everyone. Why should they be? Because there is a more disgusting and toxic thing than pee: feces. The pee of of a person is mostly sterile, save for the patients of a few infections. You can't get most STDs, including AIDS from touching the pee of a patient. Feces is never sterile. You can get all gastro-intestinal diseases by interacting with feces of the infected, that's how they are contracted: the ill person doesn't wash his hands after toilet and leave milligrams of feces on the furniture and you touch it and then don't wash your hands before touching food. For the same reason we have both strong senses for feces, its smell is very detectable by our nose and also very strong feeling of disgust of it.

So we can agree that any "private" activity involving feces is much worse than one involving pee. And there is a very common such activity: anal sex. It's the main activity of gays, therefore the slur "shitcock". A word that no mainstream media person or comedian would use and expect to keep his job. No one would dare to go around and make fun of gays, despite what they do is objectively more hazardous - think of the high AIDS rate among gays - than what Trump is accused with.

The thing is that if Trump really did what this smear peace accuses him, he is a member of a sexual minority and for that he is mocked and ridiculed by the mainstream media and joked around over the internet. This shows how the behavior of socials isn't consequent, but simply "I do what others do". Ridiculing gays became a taboo and everyone is all over protecting the "LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM" community and calling anyone bigot who dares to criticize them. Then, they do just that with someone they don't like.

Finally, the whole document is crazy: they claim that Russia blackmailed Trump with this. How?! Trump survived 12 rape accusers and the "grab them" tape. The current claims are ... piss against the wind.


Anonymous said...

I believe that one can develop lesions in ones bladder from AIDS that leak infectious blood into your urine.

I know from personal experience that a kidney stone can tear up the ureter (the tubes that join the kidneys and the bladder) and dump blood into ones urine.

So while I would go along with urine generally being pretty safe to handle there are some exceptions that make it worth taking additional precautions imho.

Anonymous said...

The sexual claims were the least important parts in the document, but the easiest for people to latch onto.

Xmas said...

You also have the "slut shaming" of Trump's current wife because of some artistic nudes she had done when she was a model.

These attacks are supposed to hurt Trump, because Republicans are anti-sex prudes or something. Never mind that Trump's biggest support comes from blue-collar guys who are anything but prudes.

Nielas said...

CNN only published that the dossier exists and it was Buzzfeed that published what was in it. CNN is getting a lot of flak for something that they really did not do.

Frankly the reaction by comedians and entertainment media is not surprising. It is still not as bad as the Clinton Cigar or the Lewinsky Dress jokes that kept reappearing years after they lost all relevance. Kerry was never able to shake the Swift Boat jokes.

Frankly, I have little sympathy for Trump. It is essentially karma coming back at him for his birthism. Anytime he tries to deny stuff like this, I want to request that he do it in the form of a long form certificate.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't have to be real, it only has to plant a seed of doubt in people's mind, more serious people than just comedians, such as other party members or intelligence agents. I believe this was the Russian plan all along, divide and conquer. The Russian "sources" being directed fully by the kremlin to tell stories to this mi6 agent.

Russians also have a sense of history. The British intelligence made up "fake news", as its callled now, in WWII about Hitler that he got his niece to pee on him. To this day people believe this is true.