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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

No more Nunu

I had this "genius" plan to utilize Nunu for top and support. I tried several top champions but I liked neither one. I liked Nunu. But it clearly didn't work. In the last month I had 9 wins and 11 losses with Nunu, while 55 wins, 29 losses with Warwick. That's fair and square failure. So goodbye Nunu.

Why did it took so long? Because I didn't "suck" with Nunu. What I planned worked: holding top lane and teleporting down to take dragon. But the results still didn't come. Most times I was on top with 1-2 kills and losses, facing a similar stat enemy top while my teammates were happily feeding. Sure, I can blame it all on them, but it doesn't change the fact that Nunu had worse results than Warwick, despite no matchmaker would feed me worse team for one champion than another. OK, maybe it does, maybe I'm placed top when it wants me to really lose.

Anyway, results says whatever I'm doing with Nunu is not working, so I'm queuing as Jung/Mid and simply dodge when I'm mid and no one wants this position. This is the morale of the story: it doesn't matter why it doesn't work, if you can't fix it, abandon it!

Of course there are exceptions, like having a 17 Wins 3 Losses Yasuo, a 10 win 8 loss Kassadin and 2 OK-ish players. This case I took Nunu support and wasn't even that bad!


Anonymous said...

Why would you run Ghost on Nunu ? Blood Boil does almost the same job and you can take something more useful instead.

Anonymous said...

How many dodges do you make?

Gevlon said...

A lot. About 3 per accepted game. Statistics will come

David Caddock said...

Have you thought about making or joining something similar to your asocial guild you had in WoW, but for LoL? I imagine ranking with people you have experience with not being terrible would be better than solo queueing and dodging so many bad teams. I don't play LoL, so I don't know if this is viable or not.