Greedy Goblin

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Weekend minipost: sample of one

Meet Hajducina123! He is in Silver 5, 0LP, meaning artificially held from falling to bronze. He is less than lucky:

12 wins and 26 losses.

Yes, he is a sample of one proving nothing at all. But can we at least contemplate on the possibility that the matchmaker placed him unnaturally high initially and that's why he keeps losing?


maxim said...

We can.
We can also contemplate the possibility that he used to be a good gold level player, but something happened and he is on a losing streak. "Something" can in this case range from something trivial - f/ex getting bored of competing in the game and spending more time trying ineffective fun stuff than actually playing to win - to something vastly significant - f/ex getting dumped by a love of his/her life so simply can't focus on anything.i

We can contemplate every possibility. What we can't do is draw solid conclusions from contempation of possibilities.

Anonymous said...

You do realize its a documented feature of ranked play that falling complete out of a league takes more losses than falling down a step within one, right? You keep seeming to want to find some conspiracy, but right now all you are doing is confirming a known feature of the game's design.