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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Weekend minipost with no pictures

I wanted to make a weekend minipost about the ongoing protest in BDO. As usual for years, I screenshotted the protest flags, cut the picture to size, converted to JPG and went to picasa web albums. It was the default image holder of google when I started the blog and I used it ever since. But instead of the usual interface, I was redirected to "Google photos". It still had my old photos and after an hour of struggling I could upload the new one, but I couldn't make a link to it to insert to my blog. All attempts ended with an album link that you can click to see the whole album, instead of an image link to embed.

I fully understand that I'm not the target audience, it's the retards who photograph their food and poop with their phone and share it on Facebook. I understand if they develop nothing to me. But why remove an existing thing? Since I don't have much time to play and blog, I have to use that little to find a new place for my pictures where I can actually link them in the blog. I don't know when I'll succeed as all sites seem to be mobile-friendly which means a couple hours of digging before I find the feature even if it exists. So my blog might lack pictures for a while.


Rohan said...

Since you're on Blogspot, you can upload them directly. Just save the picture to your hard drive, and then when you insert a picture, there's an option to upload from disk. Do that and it will store the picture on the Blogspot servers.

Take a look at my last post, and look at the URL of the picture. It's quite easy and simple.

Destabilizator said...

Right click the opened pic in google photos - Copy address of the picture (in Chrome, idk how it's called in other browsers) - it makes superlong anal link, but it works in <img src=""< tag.

Anonymous said...

Maintaining an old garbage service that no one is using any more is tedious and expensive. At some point, the old horse goes to the glue factory and is replaced by a shiny new tractor.