Greedy Goblin

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

More BDO crates

There are awful lot of business opportunities in a video game. When you find one, you assume that you encountered a rare niche, while in reality you found one of the many opportunities. The reason for the existence of these many business "niches" is that most players mindlessly grind. Or just "have fun" (suck). So when I found the Calpheon crates I thought I found something exceptional. Only recently I did the right thing: calculations. The problem is that Calpheon crates need 3x5 plywoods, while other big crates need only 2x5, so only 2/3 material cost and processing time. The cost of Calpheon materials are very high (fir: 700, birch: 500, cedar: usually not on market), while the materials of other crates are low, only Acacia timber is in this range. So let's see the calculations:
As you can see, Calpheon crates are the least profitable if you sell on the Trent-Ancado route. Probably it's still very profitable if you manually carry them using the desert buff, but no thanks for me, AFK-ability is a crucial issue for all of my businesses. There is a metal workbench in Trent, but I make my ingot crates in Epheria, losing 4% distance, because I have an artisan goblin with +3 ore packing skill there. Yes, he's a jackpot and I wish to thank to his former boss who put him on the exchange for 600K! In Trent I have a pro goblin with +1 timber packing skill, so I'm not complaining. So I make non-Calpheon timber crates in Trent and Brass+Bronze crates in Epheria.

I'd like to emphasize the importance of the marketplace, especially with the value pack buff: I'm better off selling my birch, fir, cedar and buying maple, white cedar and zinc than just working from my own materials.

Having multiple type of crates greatly increase sell speed. After a channel shift, it's very rare that I can't sell any of my crates. Sometimes I can sell multiple types as they are all over 120%, selling 100+ crates in one go. I usually check the prices standing by the storage (map, wheel icon, buy button, raw materials, scroll down) and fill the cart with high % goods.

Happy Crate Building!

PS: selling crates seems to give XP. I mean level XP, not just trading XP. My alt went from lvl 20 to 41 just by selling crates.


Destabilizator said...

The Desert Buff, at least the 50% one that was mentioned below other post, idd requires Trading Master 1 at least. I'm not getting any q or buff from Marzana/Samaya at Skilled 3.

Selling crafted crates yields pidly Trading exp, cca 800 crates for 1 lvl at Skilled.

Machiaveli said...

Hi Goblin, thanks overall for your very interesting posts, as usual. I heard of BDO after reading your post during your Eve time... and now I'm hook :) Now about this post, I did the calculation and looked at yours as well. That's a lot of work for 20% benefits on the crates. Based on the calculations, just selling the raw materials (timbers) would be way more profitable. Do I miss something? is there benefits I don't see? I'm interested in trying setting up my production lines as you did, but the pure raw material sales are so profitable...

Gevlon said...

Selling raw materials is the highest silver/hour no doubt. But your materials are limited. So unless you settle with 10M/day, you need to either process+crate sell or grind.

Edremis said...

I have a doubt. Do I have to sell at 120% always or can I just go with a ton of crates and just sell it?

I mean yes it's less profitable but will I be losing a lot of money? I don't care about optimizating I just want to earn money to avoid a lot of grinding time.