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Monday, August 15, 2016

Deserve has everything to do with it

The head propagandist of the Goon site wrote how they didn't deserve to be defeated and evicted. Their complete inability to learn from their errors is astonishing. I'm not only talking about the internal problems I explained them on their own site. Note: I still can't fathom why did they publish that article if they are so sure that nothing of value was in it.

While I'm sure that Lenny had nothing to do with defeating Goons and he jumped on the bandwagon only when the outcome was clear, he has a lot to do with the magnitude of their defeat. I didn't want to and probably couldn't crush and completely evict Goons. I wanted them to change and accept my terms (Widoting slave alliances, ending griefing after ganking and so on). Lenny on the other hand is hunting them down and want to completely destroy them. And the pure existence of Lenny, Ironbank and the whole IWI abomination is fully and completely the fault of The Mittani, Sion and the TMC crew.

It were Goons who changed EVE focus from playing (performing actions in the client) and from metagaming (manipulating players) to corrupting devs.
  • It was The Mittani who first used his connections to CCP to perform an obviously banworthy and probably criminal action and then get away with it.
  • It was the Mittani who bragged how he made a dev "bend the knee".
  • It was Sion who celebrated CCP Falcon who sided with criminal Goons against CCP itself, saved them from the criminal justice system and lied to the media for them and let them get back to the game so they can plan their next attack, this time with mercury.
  • It was the Goon propaganda site who celebrated Falcon's cyberbully campaign against me and flat out declared that their "in game war plan" against my project is "CCP Falcon knocks Gevlon out".
  • It was the whole TMC who corrupted CCP devs to hand over CCP intellectual property to a "book publisher" with zero publishing experience to milk the customers of CCP for $150K and to made the mentioned devs do marketing work for this "publisher", probably on their working hours paid by CCP.
  • It was The Mittani, who organized a bunch of "content creators" to openly demand the removal of the unique selling point of the game by ending competition for ratting space and turn EVE into an AFK ratting game. The change was delivered and Goons used it completely, ratting more in Deklein than the carebears in any highsec region.

Probably The Mittani didn't want to destroy EVE, even less The Imperium. He corrupted devs to rule the game forever and probably believed himself to be a benign dictator who will make sure that the game has content and players under his wise rule. He - despite trained as a lawyer - didn't see that the rule of law is the only way for a system to prosper, only checks and balances can protect everyone - including wannabe dictators - from something much worse. He should have known the best how bad a systemic corruption / state capture can go. But being the egomaniac he is, he couldn't even imagine that anyone else could outdo him using the channels he carelessly opened.

Without these channels Lenny, Ironbank, Eep and the rest of their disgusting crew would be RMT-ing nobodies hiding in the shadows, offering batteries in obscure TS-es and having a few billion on their accounts to limit losses when Team Security finds and bans these accounts. Sure, they could linger, as every game has RMT-ing scum, but they would be completely irrelevant.

However they dared to think big and realized how far one can go if he make devs "bent a knee" either by bribes, beers or bully. They realized what power The Mittani had and how stupidly wasted it: why use your control over devs to be game-important when you can be RL-rich instead?! While Goons used their "get out of the jail" cards on drunken antics, IWI wisely used theirs when Team Security caught them and blocked their site from the in game browser first and their accounts from the game later. While Goons used their influence on development to let their members rat endlessly, IWI used theirs to make Jita lowtax citadels that print more ISK than all ratters of EVE without any player interaction or even theoretical counterplay (due to wardec and reinforcement mechanics, you can't destroy an undefended highsec citadel in a week and by that time it payed for itself).

Their work is now complete: they print ISK on untouchable citadels and sell the ISK for real money on their site. Their activity don't even have theoretical counterplay, no players can even be a thorn in their side like hauler and ratter hunters were to Goons. They also realized that the only risk for their business is player outrage, so they spend a few % on their income to throw circus to the plebs to make them happy. They choose "The Imperium" to play the role of the Christians in the Colosseum: perfect irony.

Hey Mittani, Sion, Matterall and the rest of you! How about taking responsibility for your actions and try to fix what you broke! Publish your old corruption logs and create big enough scandal to wash away Falcon and the rest of the devs-for-sale and let CCP replace them with devs who serve the game, not the highest bidder, best drinking buddy or loudest internet bully. Then the IWI gang will be gone overnight and you can start to rebuild your little pixel empire (under new aliases, new brand and clean people in the front as no honest dev will tolerate you in his game).

Of course I'm not naive to expect it to happen. Goon leaders will keep their head in the sand and repeat their old lies until they'll have no one to follow. And probably no one to play the game anyway, as EVE lost 1/3 of its activity in 3 months:

PS: pretty please repost it on r/eve, I want Goonies too see it!


Provi Miner said...

Not sure what you are talking about I don't see any "IWI" cits maybe they are using alt's but without verification all I can see is stuff burning around jita, cits go up 1 day 3 to 4 days later they come down. granted the keepstars are dam near impossible to kill with TIDI but mostly the larges are dying and so to the med's Hell one is even named "help needed to defend" if they had the isk you talk about they could hire mercs in force and wouldn't need "help". WH corps do it all the time (even you did). I don't think the isk is flowing quite like you make it sound.

Still I heard a story once (forget where) but apparently goon's had broken several games prior to getting into eve. Eve is the only game that they pretty much ran out of ability and were forced to long game it.

While I am still upset by the "different rules" for this group or that group. I am faintly amused by Lenny, he has now sic'd the dawgs of war upon goons in delve we shall see how that goes.

Anonymous said...

that is not what i got out of it, bottom line is it doesnt matter if someone deserves or not.

Anonymous said...

"Goons made CCP devs corrupt"......Please...T20 would like a word.

IWI have no citadels.

Provi miner is incorrect on the citadels going down fast, 1 has gone down to a contract from IWI, a second has been decced.

These two were owned by the same corporation, and have been "Dominating" the market screen on PLEX and injectors.

Gevlon said...

T20 was an isolated case. As soon as he was found, he was forced to apologize and his cheating was unmade. Let's not be naive: GMs, devs spawning items to their characters or friends is as old as MUDs. I'm sure that there were many T20s undetected in EVE, just as well as in WoW and any game you can think of. Goons did something different: they made this open, made it clear to everyone that they get dev support.

IWI have no citadels is something I don't believe at all. Anyone can be behind the characters owning Jita citadels. Why would the IWI gang skip on dozens of trillions a month for free?

Anonymous said...

Hey Gevlon, can you explain more this sentence:

"Their work is now complete: they print ISK on untouchable citadels and sell the ISK for real money on their site"

Where on their site are selling ISK for real money?

Gevlon said...

You go to their channel and ask for "batteries". After you paid, they make you "win" on IWI and your "prize" will be paid by the banker at term.

Anonymous said...

Lenny has paid to Mercs to blow up all citadels near Jita, that is the reason these are repeatedly popping there lately. So it's just matter of time when all EVE palyers will start paying taxes (directly or indirectly via broker fees) to Lenny.

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