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Monday, August 8, 2016

BDO tip: buy gear now!

While tears overflow because the Black Desert devs did what devs usually do (change the game to get more money), we shall not ignore its effect on the market: whales will be able to exchange their power items for in-game currency and then go shopping. Before it happens (likely Wednesday) you should buy yourself some gear.

I went shopping with 1.6B and #1 wealth and now I'm #3 wealth with 0.8B and a full set of Tri Ultimate Heve, a Tri Liverto and Duo Ultimate Kite shield (will be enchanted to Tri of course). I also got a Red Nose Armor and will enchant it one day. And some accessories, but I won't bother shopping much, since most people ignore the +DP accessories I'm collecting. Of course they'll be Duo/Tri before I start some project or join a guild or ... generally have time to play.

Here are my current gear and stats:
I didn't even have time to gem them up because I can't play (actively) much. But sooner or later I'll have time to go to Red Battlefield and finally brave the desert. For you: buy, buy, buy before the whales do!


Destabilizator said...

Why do you collect DP accessories? They are useless...

Shivaro said...

Don't invest in red nose armor its sub par to the regular sets. there a reason people sell it for 30 mil.

Anonymous said...

I believe whales won't invest in regular now they should have pretty decent regular gear.
They are after the boss gear and weapons and Night Vendor awaits them.
They can refill energy by buying energy potions from the market and shop the Night Vendor peacefully.
What they will need the most from the market is energy potions, memory fragments & hard+sharp black stones.
Soon devs will come more to their help and sell them Valk Cry in the pearl shop.

Gevlon said...

@Destabilizator, Shivaro: see tomorrow's post

@Anon: so far being a whale didn't help gearing up without normal play. Now whales can gear up without playing at all, just by selling items and buying gear.