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Friday, June 10, 2016

Very fast dailies

Daily quests are a big source of annoyment: if you don't do them you lose valuable rewards. If you do them, you are bored by their repetitiveness. However I managed to find a way to very quickly complete 7 alchemy, a processing and 8 cooking dailies which provide skill XP and contribution points. Alchemy is an underrated skill in BDO, despite the alchemy stone is a stronger gear enhancement than one more necklace (more about stones later).

So I ride to Olvia and place my mount in the stables. It has +1 slots from the item shop (300 pearls for both Olvia and Velia), but that's far from mandatory, you can save it by leaving your mount and having a "gear cart" in Western Guard camp and go Olvia on foot. So first I take out the "alchemy result" cart:
I put everything from the cart to my inventory and deposit gear, potions and other stuff not needed for alchemy or cooking. Then I open the alchemy cart:
If I pick the content left from right, they are placed in the same order to my inventory. Then all I need to do is pick the quests and start doing alchemy in my residence. Just click the materials from left to right and press the button to create the quest items:

Alchemy is suffering from the constant lack of wild grass and purified water. The latter can be substituted by distilled water. Visit the market regularly and buy any River, Distilled and Purified water you can touch. Anything is better than standing by the river for an hour picking water. Wild grass shortage is solved by the fact that only the first quest needs it and its reward is Wild grass, so you can run this forever if you get the first batch. The reagents for the quests is provided by the first quest. Rough stone can also be a problem, but sometimes someone dumps it on the market. Grab it!

So, after I completed the quests, I put the materials back to the cart in the same order. Then I pick the food wagon and remove its contents, complete the quests including the Fragrant Jerky one and put them back:

Then I take out the alchemy result wagon once again, remove the gear, put back the results and put the wagon back to the stables. When I'll have a big bunch of results, I take them to the market and collector NPCs. I ride to Velia where I only need 2 wagons, but have a third, for even more convenience. I put the gear to the third, empty one. Than take out the food wagon. Completing the quests is fast, as once again I just have to click left to right:

After the quests are done, I put the materials back and take out the results wagon and add all the cooking results from the quests:

Then I pick the gear from the empty wagon and leave. While setting up these wagons took some time and about 4M silver, they'll serve me for months. I'd like to stress that doing these dailies isn't limited by combat level, you can do it as lvl 20 and you should! Besides the life skill XP that will get you lot of money, the results and byproduct collectibles give lot of silver and contribution points which allow you to buy gear. I strongly suggest to prioritize life skills over combat during leveling, as leveling is much smoother when you have 150 AP+DP at lvl 25 and 250 at lvl 40 and the workers and life skill products can make that happen!


Anonymous said...

This kinda reminds me of PI in EVE, I havent played BDO at all, so maybe getting the wrong impression, but that was my first thought, "This reminds me of PI"

Destabilizator said...

You can substitue Wild Grass with Weeds 1:1.
Also, the higher your alchemy skill, the less of mats you can use (valid for any profession), it can fail from time to time, but if you make do with only half of the mats, it makes up for it... although you gotta restart the crafting process.

Destabilizator said...

@Gevlon wtf? Weeds you can get by touching any Thicket/Brush or harvesting any herb WITHOUT the Hoe tool... it's like the most common material ever :P

Gevlon said...

Weeds are just as rare as Wild grass but true.
Having to restart the crafting process kind of kills the point. I mean the good in crafting is that I fill my inventory with something and leave the computer to come back to see valuable stuff. If you don't mind sitting there and restarting every minute (you'll fail once or twice in 10 tries), then you shouldn't be crafting at all. You should be grinding Sausans, that pays much better.

Destabilizator said...

I meant it like if you are crafting something with rare mats. Normally you can lower the mats and still keep the 100% success rate, depending on your skill lvl.

Using 4x Trace of Earth or 2x while keeping 100% or 1x at 70% makes a difference.

Trenjeska Schutte said...

When in Olvia, I usually pick up the additional nodmir coop quest to get weeds, the half dozen bushes next to the stable are almost always enough to get the 15 weeds using barehand gathering. weeds can drop in batches of 5 even at lower levels. the wild grasses are just a nice byproduct I never use unless I'm out of weeds (which almost never happens)

Gevlon said...

@Destabilizator: the most common material is Bottle of River Water as you can gather them en masse standing by the river. It's much easier to pick than weeds. Still, I wouldn't do it if there's a way to, nor anyone with brain, so it's always missing from the AH. Like weeds.

Destabilizator said...

@Gevlon: The reason why Weeds are missing from AH is not Alchemy ;) It's because of ppl hoarding hundreds of thousands of these since the start of the game, knowing they'll cash in soon.

Gevlon said...

Yes, sure. People don't hoard black stones, they don't hoard Yuria Blades, they don't hoard black crystal shards, but they hoard weeds. (I don't claim that no one hoards them, but I doubt hoarding of weed would be too common)

Unknown said...

Weeds sell every single time I post them. There must be a reason something so easy to farm sells so quickly.