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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Minipost: Look at me! Look at me! I'm important!

Trolls try to derail my current fight against rewriting history as an narcissist egomaniac crying for attention. There are two problems with that: at first, my claims are true or false on their own, me being a narcissist egomaniac crying for attention is irrelevant. But more importantly Lenny dropped by, and left some comments, including:

You see, he gave me and MOA credit! And he wanted me in, just I rejected his envoy. And he still wants to talk to me! Look, look, that means I'm important! I told you! I'm important! I was right all along! Look at me!

So, if I was just an egomaniac, I would simply accept his comment, maybe ask him to repeat it on Reddit for visibility and go on with my life. Remember, I've left EVE and stopped writing about it. By doing so, I accepted the natural way of things that I'll be totally forgotten after some time. Do you remember any names from the Guiding Hand Social Club theft? Or do you remember the name of the spy who dropped BoB Sov? All names will be forgotten.

I'm not a narcissist egomaniac crying for attention. I'm a narcissist egomaniac crying for attention who found something really nasty: Lenny is rewriting history from "Goons were a bunch of morons and slackers and met their natural fate" to "because of IWI we all united and defeated the Big Bad Goons!".


maxim said...

I believe you are not going in enough detail in why that rewrite of history is nasty. Especially, if you are okay with being forgotten.

Gevlon said...

I am (my person) will be forgotten as I'm mortal. Anyone hoping to be remembered forever is crazy.

I'm not OK with the idea of data over "metagaming" is forgotten. It's a good thing that money won. I wanted that. I also wanted data analysis to be used over propaganda. Lenny creates a monster enemy against the data to look a bigger hero and to canonize himself. The truth is that Goons were at the verge of collapse and SOMEONE would have finished them in 2016 anyway. I believe we had a shot with MoA in August.

Anonymous said...

You believe you had a shot with MoA....that is an untested theory, which, handily, you get to claim as a fact.

How long were you at it with MoA?

Grinnz marius said...

I've said this in another comment but I'll say it again. You were out shined by a bigger wallet. It feels like this is the only reason history unfairly pushed you out of the limelight with the defeat of goons. It's a shame really but we all know you started it and proved what was possible.

maxim said...

I can't shake the feeling that you are severely underestimating the contributions of metagaming. Games that are determined purely by data are no fun to play.
"He deals the cards to find an answer. The sacred geometry of chance. The hidden law of a probable outcome. The numbers lead a dance" - Sting, shape of my heart

Gevlon said...

@Anon: it's being untested is not my fault. Blame Falcon!

@Grinnz: yes and I was OK with that and left. But he also want to push out the data analysis and create an imaginary superevil from Goons, while they were just a bunch of ratters and miners.

nightgerbil said...

thought you promised you would stop posting about eve? Stop making promises you can't keep. Really. it detracts from your cause to use such rhetorical devices.

Rob Thompson said...

Hi Gevlon, it's all a bit like the recent Brexit victory here in the UK.

The perception was that the 'Remain' side would win the day, because 'good-sense' and the Political Elite were seen as a stronger influence than their opposites.

But, despite the parade of 'facts' and figures, it was essentially a gamble. And sensible people don't gamble. The real numbers, those of the quantity of discontented voters, never made it to the media outlets, or if they did, were there buried.

In the same way, the perception that Goons could never be beaten, became lore. Your instinct appeared to indicate otherwise, and was later proven reliable by... the numbers. All that was required was a demonstration of the possible. The gamble, in this case, was whether Nullsec players would a) perceive the truth, and b) be prepared to act upon it if they did. But that was beyond the scope of your activities, apparently.

Your spat with Falcon is clearly justified. But I believe that you can overcome it simply by ignoring him. You're not good at ignoring stuff, I think. He's just one man, not the whole of CCP. You can ignore the Redditors, too, if you wish.

I think you are a driven man; one who needs to be at the front, at the helm, and on the bridge - all at the same time. Your ideal 'crew' is composed of mercenaries, or those who act like them. Not for you the unquestioning loyalty of the social group.

I think James 315 has it exactly right - for his manner of working. He's somewhat distant and heavily committed to his daily blog. But, his idea - the Code - is a fiendishly clever concept which resonates with a section of the Highsec player base, enthusing them in processes rather than outcomes.

You could do worse. You might even find it easier to conceive of new 'projects' from outside the game itself. All you need is contacts and influence in-game.

I'd like you to return, because we really don't have many people of vision and drive in EVE Online. But if you really don't want to, then why not break with it completely? I get the impression that EVE runs in your bloodstream just as it does in ours, and that you are, in many ways, just another EVE player who takes a break when the rage or boredom gets too much, and who returns later to start from scratch.

Long comment; edit or delete as you wish Gevlon.

Rob Thompson/Sasha Nemtsov

Anonymous said...

As an anon been reading your posts for years. Please Mr. Goblin, you said you were done with this game, please, please, please be done with it.
Any more posts say that you are still involved in the meta with that game.
Just walk away.

Gevlon said...

Yes, if I'm gone, I should be gone. I just realized that the MBC, which looked like a people's movement, were actually an attempt to overcome the Media-monetizing Mittani with something much worse: flat out RMT monetizing.