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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Minipost: Hystria

No, not hysteria, the post is a mini-business post, about good gear to a transport alt whose job is to pick up goods and offline travel to the headquarters for sale or processing. I'm sure you're thinking about Silver Embroidered Trader's Clothes, but I've found something much cheaper and more weight carrying than a +2:
Don't forget to wear a belt for more weight capacity (even if not a Ruthum elite). Also, some Beehive Cookies can be consumed, they don't expire while offline.


seanas said...

I understand what you're doing, but I'm not sure I understand the logic: you're using alts to shift things, using the offline transport function, instead of shifting goods via npc wagons and transport ships. So that's the process, but what's the logic?

Are you shifting stuff to vendor, or are you shifting trade items? If you're just shifting stuff that you're going to vendor, from Olvia - Velia; Glish - Heidel or Tarif - Altinova, I guess it makes sense... but with all that weight gear, I'd be inclined to put the alt on a mount and ride the same distance. Riding takes more playing time but less real time, and gets training and mount xp. Using the transport function here saves palying time but takes more real time and forgoes the other life xp gains.

If you're shifting trade goods, I can understand that somewhat. I transport Calpheon wood boxes via ship to Altinova, costs less than 2% of sale cost, is a bargain - but the reverse shipment of Superior Sunflower crates really eats into my profits. So in this case, shifting trade goods, I can see using an alt stacked with +weight gear - it's something I might actually do.

So are you using the transport alt function to shift trade good? or vendor good?

Gevlon said...

1: The alts offline travel to all towns and go to the storages.
2: Fill everything worth processing or selling on the marketplace into carts
3: Fill everything doesn't worth (Copper, Ash, Maple) it and excavation vendor items to their back and walk to the vendor to sell it.
4: they return to Heidel offline where they fill everything to the storage.
5: when everything is in Heidel, I check prices of items with stack size over 500 and list them on the market

The gear decreases the rounds between storage and vendor for the third and provide some extra storage for the second.

Anonymous said...

also there is a limit how far overweight you can go. with this setup you can overstretch with way more items. and yes every twink need a simple horse because you don't run with 150%+ weight but you can easily ride with normal speed.

Anonymous said...

A bit of an off-topic question, but will your girlfriend be joining you in BDO? She did not seem to enjoy EVE, but surely BDO would suit her better?

Gevlon said...

I've just shown Red Battlefield to her and she seems interested. But like many, she waits for the endgame features. Let's face it, BDO is currently just a toy, a pasttime. The game part is missing where you actually fight other players.