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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Weekend minipost: Koolaid till the last minute

Mininons of Goons had too much Koolaid. This moronic FCON titan died in Deklein. This one in Pure Blind! What the hell it was doing in Deklein? It was going there to "join the Goon super fleet for the counterattack" or something. Like crazy arrow cross fanatics who executed anyone who questioned that Germany will win WWII, even in 1944-45 winter.

Here's a tip for FCON trapped in Branch, Init and RZR trapped in Tenal: head away from Deklein, where the MBC converges. Go to Tenal, Cobalt, Oasa, Malpais, Etereum, Molden Heath. It's much longer, but Drone Walkers, Shadow of xXDeathXx, Brothers of Tangra and Stella Nova aren't famous for their supercap hunting. Tri might catches you, but even that is better chance than walking into the middle of the war.

Get it already! Goons have lost and even if they aren't, they can't care less about you. Even if you jump into a system with 100 Goon dreads and 100 carriers in station, none of the ratters will dock to grab these to save you. You are worthless pubbies to the Goons! Run for your life!

PS: maybe I was wrong and Goons are ready to deploy caps for their friends.


S Riojas said...

Koolaide must be the meme today. There is this EN24 article about a CFC director who was finally caught spying. There is this statement which goes to support, from an ex-CFC leader how the CFC leadership works:

"Luckily, as I knew the Illum would be hunting me out as I began the leaks, I took logs and all kinds of other things with me. I knew I was going to be caught, but the fall of the Imperium is too goddamn funny to pass up and I kept leaking. I wanted to show the world what the GSF directorate really thinks about their allies. They literally plan to allow everyone to fall for their cause and yes it will all be on reddit very soon."

Anonymous said...

It has been for some time already .

Anonymous said...

Koolaid is on both sides for some people.

Blindly believing propaganda from either side is drinking the koolaid.

Believing that there will be no battles lost by MBC is drinking the koolaid
Believing that Imperium will retake all its sov is drinking the koolaid.

Linemembers do this.

I have not heard any of the leadership of PL/TEST etc proclaiming victory at all, every single bit of "We have won this war in 2 weeks, its over" has come from people who arent shooting anything, or line members who have never done any large battles, or new people to Eve who have never seen nullsec explode like this.

For me, I hope this war drags on for over a year, for traders, killing is our business, and business is good.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard anyone in MBC saying it's over.
TEST is spamming "VFK by may" chilling with us in 5Z when there's nothing to hit.
MoA is making plans to contentify anyone who settles in the area, while doing the morning timers.
PL is just being retarded in its usual way, exposing rorq on X-7 undock to trap the retards who try to nuke it.
NC just camps systems and shoots everyone, MBC or whatnot, last seen in EWOK.
Haven't seen waffles in a while, they probably moved to Fade.

Anyway, as long as Deklein is ratting, it aint over.