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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Göring went lowsec

During the Summer of 1940 Hitler started air force attack on Britain, with the goal that for the first time in history win a war with only air force, making Britain surrender or weaken them to the point where they cannot repel an amphibious landing. To everyone's surprise, the British air force emerged victorious. This feat was immortalized by Churchill saying "Never was so much owed by so many to so few", referring to the whole free world and the handful of British pilots.

This wasn't true at all. The power of Luftwaffe was grossly overestimated by both sides. On the Axis side, the bombastic "media personality" Göring bragged about his unbeatable armada to everyone, making Hitler overestimate them again. On the British side there was a huge pre-war hysteria about bombers. In reality, the British aircraft production and crew training was always above German. Combined with the fact that Germans had to use much of their fuel to cross the Channel and downed pilots were captured, while downed British landed at home territory, it was a war of attrition that Germans couldn't possibly win.

On November 2015, an EVE personality who makes Göring look modest declared "As part of this, we will be going into lowsec to fuck the people who thought that we will never follow them there. The era of "we cannot do lowsec" is over". In retrospect, this was a fatal failure, not just because the huge asset and morale loss among the Imperium fleet, but also by gaining new grudge enemies who would never consider taking part in nullsec politics. Today the "lowsec scum" is providing big part of the fighting force pounding on Imperium Sov, showing how dumb Mittani, Sion, Aryth and Laz were.

The 1940 history was remembered for a reason. Like then, the lowsec defeat of the Imperium was anything but a miracle performed by a few extraordinary men. Let's look at the 2015 killboard analysis (all kills, not just the campaign):
It's impossible to count for all lowsec entities and I don't have complete data, so I just compare top 4 with top 4. You can see that they are roughly equal. If you add that there are much more lowsec entities than Imperium and the Imperium is much more front-loaded (Goonswarm is alone bigger than #2-#4 while Project.Mayhem is half as big as #2-#4) we can conclude that lowsec was always a bigger fighting power than the Imperium. Let's add that they were fighting on home turf, so pilots could mission between battles while Goons had to travel regions to rat, we see that "we can do lowsec" was a pointless attack on a more powerful enemy, a war that Goons lost in the minute they started it. Boosted by their media ego, they looked down on the enemy and jumped head-first into inevitable disaster.

Trust the numbers, not the bragging!

PS: Deklein is safe, Mittani promised us!
There was a 6-hours long battle for R-LW2I between the Imperium and Paisti/MoA/Suddenly/PH with a a crushing defeat for Goonies. The IHUB is destroyed (see ADM), the JB system connecting the farms of Deklein to Empire is severed. Here is a report from a MoA pilot: "Damn gewnies bridged new caracal fleet on us 3 times during the fight. Paisti helped us to the first one, the second one was stomped by Spectre Fleet, and Pandemic Horde feroxed the third one. It was indeed us (MOA) who did the nodes, stayed up to all 3 fleets of gewnies, and reshipped 3 times to match the changing situation on the field."

Finally, CO2 left a huge poop at the yard of Goons. While having little military value, this is surely a slap in the face for Goonies:
"Little" is more than nothing. Who would bet that a huge Goon fleet will guard it to avoid shame while MoA will run unopposed evicting TNT from PB?


Provi Miner said...

least you forget the other parts of the story:
1: a very generous lend lease
2: evolution of aircraft
3:training germans trained in squad, allies typically rotated the good pilots out to train the noobs prior to sending them to the front
4: the lack of a strategic bomber
and the real killer, the switch from the RAF air bases to the cities Churchill and the airmarshal both said this was a gift that altered the battle for Brittan.

When you add in the fact that goring was unable to crush the Dunkirk pocket before the English extracted a moral victory that's another nail in the coffin. Last but not least the german army was pretty pissed that hitler chose to try and end Dunkirk by the air (even though they knew a ground assault would chew up their main line forces it would have been better). Oh one other point to remember, after the jump in Belgium where everything went wrong hitler refused to secure a beach head in England via jump troops (not sure they could have held long enough but we won't ever know). So it was more than reship and undock and down time. it was long term planning, a switch from war to terror, and the ability to replace lost craft effenciently that were the real difference makers.

Anonymous said...

btw you could have mentioned CO2 reinforced VFK.

Gevlon said...

Didn't know that, assumed MoA, will update.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why people are still crazy about VFK, it hasn't been the goon home system for a long time.

luobote kong said...

Actually, the difference was the British had integrated command and control with radar so could use, direct and rest pilots more efficiently and effectively. Something they didn't have in the Battle of France. Despite that they were on the point of losing and had abandoned airfields in Kent. But the Luftwaffe switched strategy and bombed cities instead. But your point probably stands in terms of the numbers game and the if the Germans hadn't changed strategy, the RAF had probably done enough to makw the invasion unviable.

Anonymous said...

And from the side of a guy who did participate in a "6-hours long battle for R-LW2I", get your facts straight. We reinforced the damn IHUB in advance. Yesterday, we had a battle for nodes, and we won it, destroying the IHUB. The bridge is severed. Their fleet had to extract by other bridge, making their way towards it. The reinforced IHUB you see is the new one they laid out.

Damn gewnies bridged new caracal fleet on us 3 times during the fight. Paisti helped us to the first one, the second one was stomped by Spectre Fleet, and Pandemic Horde feroxed the third one. It was indeed us (MOA) who did the nodes, stayed up to all 3 fleets of gewnies, and reshipped 3 times to match the changing situation on the field.

Gevlon said...

@Anon: Post updated with your battle report.

Max Chee said...

So, if you quit EVE, does this mean you'll stop covering it? Or will you still be blogging about eve?

Gevlon said...

If I quit, I quit. Why should I cover a game I consider a P2W shit?!

Anonymous said...

Don't quit yet.. War might change things and now is the time "give back" to Goons..Use your ISK.