Greedy Goblin

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Extremely irresponsible use of supercapital assets

This is something I don't support.
If you ask me, it's needless and reckless and should stop and proper tools are to be used.
If you ask any PvP-er, he'll say the biggest balls in the North. No wonder the Goons stood in disbelief.

There is another post today, the 2015 analysis on Cynosural Field Theory.


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with having fun in a super.

Gevlon said...

Except once you run out of luck and your enemies will have the fun.

Anonymous said...

Its an asset to be used, but here is the rub, it does disrupt their ratting fleets, yeah they have the ability to set a trap and all that, but as long as he plays it smart and uses it in a very random fashion at times when there is low activity or when other stuff is going on he should get away with it quite often and in doing so reduce their income generation.

I was ratting in Cobalt Edge with a mate, we used three carriers when Razor had BLOP's in the area, we had a cyno toon in our system, however we fitted for triage, had a cyno on each carrier and stuck the middle finger up by continuing to rat. We stopped when we saw that they had brought a Super into the area.

I think if it is used without a pattern then you can get a good effect from the fear factor.