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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Emporium losses in January

There are two curses for a blogger: if he has nothing to say or if he has too much. I'm suffering from the second. The 2015 killboard analysises are fundamental for my beliefs: hard data instead of "people say". But here is the end of January and the monthly report. And other things to say. So I started to post two things a day, hoping that you don't run away screaming "TLDR" (if you do, you are a slacker and I don't want you here). The other post is the Bastion 2015 analysis.

I also made a change. RvB was removed from the Emporium list, their leadership changed multiple times, they collapsed and rebuilt, they aren't the minions orbiting a Goonwaffe POCO from two years ago. This came from - surprise - their 2015 analysis.

Like last month, I received the killboard loss data for all members of the Imperium of Evil (formerly CFC), also know as "Emporium" for their heavy monetization of players. As always, the killboard inflation is removed, so if you did 1% damage of a 100B titan, you get 1B kills and not 100B. 61548 API verified kills were processed and distributed among the alliances:
Alliance B ISK lost
Circle-Of-Two 591
Executive Outcomes 52
Fidelas Constans 818
Get Off My Lawn 426
Goonswarm Federation 1322
I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth 51
RAZOR Alliance 221
SpaceMonkey's Alliance 552
Tactical Narcotics Team 182
The Initiative. 169
The Bastion 313
Small ones 15
Total CFC losses 4712

Despite removing RvB, The Emporium reached record high losses, 1T more than ever before. And no, it's not SMA, they barely lost more than in December. It's GSF and FCON. If you scroll down, you also see that TISHU made more reddit posts than damage. While 160B isn't nothing, they are just #4 after PL killing ex-Bat ratters and the two usual Emporium boogiemen: MoA and OOS. Hell, they barely did more than The Culture and Vendetta Mercenary Group who mostly killed highsec haulers. This result shows why these analysises are so important: All the "community" was loud about TISHU and they openly mocked MoA for being irrelevant and ... well, they were just mediocre.

Below you can see how many killers were on their kill reports, proving that solo and small gang are not dead:
Size category B ISK destroyed
Solo 755
2..3 774
4..5 548
6..10 834
11..30 975
31+ 826

Below you can see how many ships and ISK they lost in different ship value groups:
Size category Ships lost B ISK destroyed
-40M 33326 318
40M-125M 9942 764
125M-250M 3265 622
250M-400M 1688 514
400M-1500M+ 1445 983
1500M+ 343 1511

Finally, the zone distribution that shows that CFC mostly dies at home, usually while ratting:
Zone B ISK destroyed
Branch 525
Vale of the Silent 506
Deklein 483
Pure Blind 474
Tribute 291
Venal 276
Fade 274
HighLonetrek 214
Low_Heimatar 175
Low_Black Rise 149
HighThe Forge 147
Tenal 113
Sum of small ones 1085
Total 4712

Let's see the top killers and their 500M+ kills!
  1. Pandemic Legion with 452B ISK damage: 765M, 993M, 568M, 98B, 22B, 722M, 930M, 764M, 722M, 2203M, 1011M, 860M, 803M, 641M, 967M, 1485M, 1874M, 1074M, 1037M, 1059M, 595M, 1023M, 825M, 834M, 753M, 14B, 2214M, 668M, 1374M, 49B, 755M, 1257M, 564M, 1971M, 948M, 605M, 684M, 680M, 664M, 843M, 685M, 685M, 690M, 690M, 688M, 690M, 684M, 684M, 685M, 633M, 687M, 690M, 775M, 690M, 605M, 552M, 605M, 1247M, 1464M, 1265M, 3191M, 736M, 519M, 851M, 583M, 1094M, 514M, 514M, 514M, 1865M, 2922M, 2641M, 1148M, 2434M, 514M, 3117M, 514M, 2759M, 514M, 3194M, 514M, 3074M, 514M, 3478M, 514M, 3763M, 514M, 3618M, 514M, 3442M, 514M, 3228M, 514M, 3382M, 514M, 3522M, 2781M, 3401M, 3191M, 516M, 2119M, 2937M, 818M, 645M, 624M, 646M, 650M, 4671M, 17B, 50B, 840M,
  2. Mordus Angels with 237B ISK damage: 1060M, 797M, 879M, 1178M, 566M, 569M, 525M, 606M, 1349M, 513M, 1049M, 937M, 777M, 1325M, 582M, 1151M, 555M, 619M, 1578M, 1447M, 1104M, 534M, 1883M, 624M, 1108M, 538M, 1068M, 860M, 1481M, 555M, 596M, 1346M, 551M, 7189M, 929M, 656M, 2965M, 7122M, 627M, 594M, 501M, 1004M, 568M, 782M, 900M, 638M, 8447M, 863M, 689M, 526M, 946M, 545M, 588M, 1378M, 834M,
  3. Out of Sight. with 224B ISK damage: 1663M, 1184M, 1298M, 772M, 678M, 559M, 1632M, 1422M, 3610M, 815M, 503M, 1120M, 507M, 597M, 575M, 596M, 659M, 665M, 2106M, 595M, 702M, 526M, 548M, 588M, 519M, 613M, 608M, 526M, 640M, 627M, 586M, 901M, 960M, 678M, 613M, 603M, 684M, 735M, 566M, 2428M, 1851M, 636M, 517M, 557M, 670M, 650M, 3695M, 1772M, 807M, 1578M, 1204M, 983M, 1052M, 1471M, 1427M, 627M, 811M, 586M, 924M, 1274M, 897M, 950M, 959M, 925M, 952M, 951M, 967M, 1979M, 1587M, 577M,
  4. Psychotic Tendencies. with 165B ISK damage: 2049M, 1598M, 553M, 597M, 541M, 3787M, 835M, 714M, 538M, 1748M, 896M, 1928M, 510M, 768M, 1514M, 1923M, 931M, 967M, 537M, 1391M, 2246M, 646M, 502M, 601M, 1164M, 567M, 1593M, 2480M, 748M, 757M, 2445M, 1324M, 760M, 895M, 833M, 579M, 2193M, 2370M, 533M, 1949M, 1318M, 1771M, 2454M, 843M, 3305M, 1302M, 503M, 598M, 513M, 565M, 626M,
  5. The-Culture with 160B ISK damage: 632M, 608M, 554M, 849M, 1225M, 755M, 2266M, 562M, 739M, 855M, 527M, 856M, 917M, 1539M, 1097M, 1816M, 569M, 868M, 715M, 1703M, 974M, 2713M, 914M, 2213M, 2345M, 5815M, 674M, 519M, 2905M, 2941M, 730M, 658M, 742M, 668M, 683M, 736M, 632M, 610M,
  6. Vendetta Mercenary Group with 158B ISK damage: 2497M, 7158M, 1021M, 992M, 666M, 573M, 2448M, 6675M, 7149M, 558M, 5925M, 1626M, 538M, 710M, 1336M, 539M, 2852M, 674M, 7154M, 4784M, 7158M, 2484M, 1088M, 12B, 4416M, 564M, 7373M, 7868M, 7787M, 663M, 624M, 4045M, 5480M, 1378M, 1339M, 1102M, 22B,
  7. Northern Coalition. with 154B ISK damage: 511M, 520M, 1467M, 850M, 947M, 645M, 563M, 895M, 744M, 837M, 595M, 836M, 936M, 512M, 779M, 1065M, 613M, 603M, 507M, 533M, 524M, 810M, 803M, 733M, 636M, 837M, 676M, 719M, 545M, 7383M, 786M, 832M, 33B, 637M, 951M, 591M, 2590M, 2344M, 1401M, 2200M, 526M, 3911M, 1836M, 1519M, 3108M, 641M, 585M, 619M, 1015M, 541M, 718M,
  8. WE FORM V0LTA with 126B ISK damage: 932M, 723M, 1401M, 525M, 707M, 867M, 721M, 561M, 795M, 551M, 630M, 534M, 569M, 1282M, 1061M, 1381M, 6393M, 2219M, 797M, 550M, 881M, 551M, 551M, 551M, 551M, 550M, 1026M, 1650M, 1292M, 1616M, 1570M, 2531M, 1968M, 1778M, 2452M, 3528M, 1586M, 1089M, 1962M, 2068M, 2527M, 514M, 929M, 1608M, 532M, 696M, 3643M, 738M, 4080M, 508M, 930M, 1406M,
  9. Complaints Department with 116B ISK damage: 1935M, 5009M, 513M, 958M, 8070M, 584M, 616M, 2263M, 7095M, 3549M, 507M, 1390M, 681M, 960M, 553M, 812M, 17B, 2440M, 4650M, 2037M, 7080M, 6682M, 1022M, 1133M, 571M, 12B, 2591M, 730M, 1692M, 686M, 3196M, 1096M,
  10. Logitech Blasters with 115B ISK damage: 607M, 678M, 682M, 550M, 814M, 705M, 11B, 570M, 2071M, 645M, 811M, 2341M, 937M, 979M, 7818M, 704M, 595M, 592M, 1215M, 7348M, 730M, 631M, 863M, 765M, 6287M, 868M, 557M, 2427M, 1891M, 723M, 517M, 788M, 679M, 637M, 2735M, 958M, 1486M, 515M, 2204M, 527M, 1993M, 522M, 1935M, 2146M,
  11. Project.Mayhem. with 111B ISK damage: 503M, 874M, 1216M, 786M, 1274M, 937M, 688M, 684M, 766M, 1693M, 1034M, 707M, 731M, 643M, 727M, 2496M, 796M, 1860M, 654M, 851M, 1364M, 660M, 566M, 775M, 795M, 501M, 533M, 899M, 560M, 776M, 525M, 966M, 764M, 1092M, 802M, 740M, 883M, 880M, 1411M, 967M, 1089M, 733M, 3032M, 2933M, 2139M, 988M,
  12. Mercenary Coalition with 87B ISK damage: 1227M, 1060M, 597M, 546M, 1174M, 564M, 575M, 878M, 1038M, 639M, 523M, 1599M, 2356M, 1662M, 811M, 525M, 1885M, 707M, 616M, 1239M, 533M, 509M, 1664M, 547M, 564M, 1814M, 1741M, 2265M, 531M, 789M, 828M, 525M, 3140M, 966M, 1676M,
  13. #Corp: Hax. with 72B ISK damage: 691M, 504M, 981M, 523M, 558M, 541M, 2710M, 9127M, 702M, 850M, 547M, 1075M, 2909M, 1232M, 645M, 822M, 1264M, 1168M, 540M, 2371M, 801M, 603M,
  14. The OSS with 69B ISK damage: 693M, 652M, 1408M, 1066M, 541M, 593M, 530M, 3244M, 11B, 806M, 610M, 1041M, 666M, 516M, 1184M, 771M, 556M, 999M, 514M, 555M, 911M,
  15. Legion of xXDEATHXx with 58B ISK damage: 600M, 576M, 619M, 880M, 1199M, 1106M, 597M, 995M, 2165M, 789M, 526M, 535M, 731M, 582M, 1160M,
  16. Snuffed Out with 57B ISK damage: 503M, 806M, 1807M, 1915M, 4362M, 4262M, 3666M, 1607M, 597M, 705M,
  17. Goonswarm Federation with 55B ISK damage: 2795M, 753M, 1268M, 546M, 2051M, 596M, 874M, 1261M, 549M, 2694M, 1093M, 555M, 1499M, 1106M, 1340M, 2130M, 1246M, 1137M, 1137M, 2757M, 1202M, 1214M, 2679M, 3061M,
  18. ChaosTheory. with 47B ISK damage: 937M, 668M, 2078M, 574M, 566M, 1368M, 2491M, 1270M, 884M, 927M, 504M, 773M, 925M, 1399M, 559M, 558M, 870M,
  19. Verge of Collapse with 46B ISK damage: 1228M, 976M, 1001M, 726M, 673M, 604M, 713M, 2301M, 2157M, 534M, 526M, 567M, 839M, 907M, 908M, 574M, 1057M, 3064M, 708M, 2218M,
  20. Pandemic Horde with 39B ISK damage: 636M, 814M, 1502M, 1783M, 713M, 514M,
  21. PURPLE HELMETED WARRIORS with 39B ISK damage: 34B, 4125M,
  22. Hard Knocks Citizens with 39B ISK damage: 740M, 1703M, 4947M, 544M, 1639M, 1010M, 979M, 657M, 2287M, 568M, 691M, 803M, 3337M, 3920M, 526M, 742M, 815M,
  23. Infinity Space. with 37B ISK damage: 1189M, 533M, 639M, 731M, 736M, 651M, 733M, 594M, 691M, 5802M, 1825M,
  24. #Corp: Conquach with 36B ISK damage: 7059M, 28B,
  25. The Mutiny with 35B ISK damage: 1544M, 999M, 1938M, 953M, 929M, 603M, 653M, 723M, 833M, 700M, 578M, 608M, 536M,
  26. Fidelas Constans with 35B ISK damage: 553M, 2745M, 1232M, 1376M, 1936M, 1197M, 1260M, 630M, 1995M, 1373M, 1183M, 1007M, 749M, 1086M, 1781M, 2106M, 1352M,
  27. Bora Alis with 35B ISK damage: 559M, 805M, 553M, 2265M, 1896M, 1214M, 873M, 1270M, 1642M, 2533M, 911M, 595M,
  28. The Gorgon Empire with 33B ISK damage: 878M, 948M, 781M, 1538M, 838M, 518M, 504M, 532M, 923M, 988M, 916M, 711M, 1019M, 572M,
  29. #Corp: Lazerhawks with 30B ISK damage: 675M, 1413M, 856M, 745M, 666M, 4820M, 1620M, 504M, 829M, 8673M,
  30. Skyfire. with 29B ISK damage: 519M, 1028M, 544M, 600M, 620M, 2050M, 2694M, 2126M, 687M,
  31. Banderlogs Alliance with 28B ISK damage: 571M, 3459M, 1107M, 719M, 611M, 1015M,
  32. Synergy of Steel with 28B ISK damage: 612M, 577M, 617M, 892M, 4937M, 1116M, 542M, 2176M, 666M, 719M, 505M,
  33. Phoenix Company Alliance with 28B ISK damage: 1035M, 1112M, 577M, 1453M, 1129M, 643M, 1540M, 706M, 1132M, 1058M, 635M,
  34. #Corp: Church of the Papal Mainframe with 27B ISK damage: 5662M, 22B,
  35. Suddenly Spaceships. with 27B ISK damage: 561M, 984M, 970M, 654M, 975M,
Let's see the top 100 individual killers and their 250M+ kill contributions (remember, 10% damage on 1B ship is 100M)!
  1. Commander Lojak (Sucker Punch., Complaints Department) with 67B ISK damage: 4802M, 8070M, 2263M, 6664M, 3199M, 14510M, 2232M, 4554M, 7080M, 1022M, 8167M, 2591M, 1568M,
  2. Terminus Wrex (The Phoenix Rising, Vendetta Mercenary Group) with 56B ISK damage: 903M, 1010M, 2368M, 1959M, 309M, 1953M, 1845M, 2513M, 327M, 1093M, 435M, 7154M, 3621M, 764M, 2484M, 587M, 723M, 3502M, 269M, 3435M, 470M, 13983M,
  3. DellaRocko (Conquach, -) with 36B ISK damage: 7059M, 28298M,
  4. Elanis (ElitistOps, Pandemic Legion) with 31B ISK damage: 26395M, 4577M,
  5. Annie Gardet (V0LTA, WE FORM V0LTA) with 30B ISK damage: 381M, 276M, 619M, 275M, 923M, 550M, 542M, 544M, 551M, 523M, 494M, 316M, 1650M, 252M, 404M, 425M, 425M, 404M, 404M, 265M, 404M, 404M, 425M, 404M, 284M, 284M, 273M, 284M, 284M, 284M, 273M, 284M, 273M, 273M, 261M, 414M, 267M, 280M, 514M, 519M, 1608M, 311M, 738M, 2977M,
  6. Loeni (The Phoenix Rising, Vendetta Mercenary Group) with 28B ISK damage: 299M, 4803M, 4710M, 1219M, 3569M, 3506M, 3094M, 3630M, 315M, 1915M,
  7. DoomDoom Revolution (Church of the Papal Mainframe, -) with 27B ISK damage: 5662M, 21788M,
  8. glenarvan (Raging Angels, Mordus Angels) with 27B ISK damage: 7188M, 2965M, 7122M, 333M, 568M, 8447M,
  9. Col Ostomy (Sniggerdly, Pandemic Legion) with 26B ISK damage: 3892M, 22510M,
  10. Nerd Trap (ElitistOps, Pandemic Legion) with 22B ISK damage: 16190M, 5529M,
  11. simon perry (Hostile., PURPLE HELMETED WARRIORS) with 20B ISK damage: 16739M, 3076M,
  12. Wszyscy (Born to Ghostride, The Boogeymen) with 20B ISK damage: 6227M, 13479M,
  13. OninoTimmo (ElitistOps, Pandemic Legion) with 18B ISK damage: 5950M, 11874M,
  14. Destoya (Habitual Euthanasia, Pandemic Legion) with 17B ISK damage: 14074M, 2837M,
  15. RoCkEt X (Sniggerdly, Pandemic Legion) with 17B ISK damage: 13874M, 2916M,
  16. No Ref (Parental Control, PURPLE HELMETED WARRIORS) with 16B ISK damage: 15561M, 781M,
  17. Elgin Dark (Caldari State Police, Logitech Blasters) with 13B ISK damage: 289M, 397M, 979M, 595M, 348M, 376M, 276M, 545M, 527M, 488M, 1993M, 254M, 279M, 368M,
  18. spottington (ElitistOps, Pandemic Legion) with 13B ISK damage: 10472M, 2437M,
  19. penifSMASH (ElitistOps, Pandemic Legion) with 13B ISK damage: 10968M, 1719M,
  20. Brad Sather (High Flyers, Northern Coalition.) with 12B ISK damage: 277M, 520M, 282M, 255M, 850M, 429M, 613M, 285M, 603M, 450M, 260M, 311M, 305M,
  21. User Offline (The Suicide Kings, Psychotic Tendencies.) with 12B ISK damage: 305M, 710M, 538M, 266M, 655M, 834M, 537M, 317M, 260M, 376M,
  22. XxKatharsisxX (Kath's Menagerie, Vendetta Mercenary Group) with 11B ISK damage: 268M, 487M, 3257M, 1032M, 2882M, 881M,
  23. Miesmaccher (Daily Terror, Logitech Blasters) with 11B ISK damage: 632M, 338M, 312M, 384M, 631M, 397M, 331M, 2735M, 306M, 986M, 448M,
  24. CtrlFreak (V0LTA, WE FORM V0LTA) with 10B ISK damage: 288M, 272M, 721M, 258M, 1134M, 267M, 403M, 321M,
  25. Valdomia (Adversity., Psychotic Tendencies.) with 10B ISK damage: 261M, 597M, 541M, 2454M, 276M,
  26. Akimos (R. Daneel Society, Logitech Blasters) with 10B ISK damage: 570M, 441M, 1889M, 261M, 417M, 1011M, 2427M, 386M, 968M,
  27. magic preacher (Concentrated Evil, Vendetta Mercenary Group) with 10B ISK damage: 514M, 1917M, 559M, 455M, 4873M,
  28. Olivia Longhaul (R. Daneel Society, Logitech Blasters) with 9B ISK damage: 5299M, 2454M,
  29. Airia Linn (Paradox Collective, Project.Mayhem.) with 9B ISK damage: 937M, 490M, 411M, 533M, 632M, 322M, 675M, 720M,
  30. tical31 (AQUILA INC, Verge of Collapse) with 9B ISK damage: 494M, 1052M, 2985M, 1908M,
  31. Jonn Burque (R. Daneel Society, Logitech Blasters) with 9B ISK damage: 704M, 418M, 257M, 592M, 2080M, 765M, 557M, 308M,
  32. Luukje (The Phoenix Rising, Vendetta Mercenary Group) with 8B ISK damage: 700M, 558M, 2673M, 2553M,
  33. xxLesterxx (Sniggerdly, Pandemic Legion) with 8B ISK damage: 5973M, 2077M,
  34. Harvey Skywarker (Higher Than Everest, The-Culture) with 8B ISK damage: 537M, 855M, 527M, 255M, 294M, 269M,
  35. Jason Ripcord (Space Colony, Synergy of Steel) with 8B ISK damage: 4116M, 2176M,
  36. Romulus Vacher (Rogue Clones, Yulai Federation) with 8B ISK damage: 1494M, 1307M, 469M, 1205M, 502M, 316M, 346M, 420M, 316M, 263M,
  37. 1 noisserppuS (The Phoenix Rising, Vendetta Mercenary Group) with 8B ISK damage: 956M, 1709M, 3096M, 468M, 317M, 262M,
  38. Vladimir S (Russian Wings, Skyfire.) with 7B ISK damage: 616M, 2694M, 565M,
  39. Selena Nolen (PiU PiU oLoLo I am driver UFO, Out of Sight.) with 7B ISK damage: 345M, 327M, 2106M,
  40. Cable Uta (V0LTA, WE FORM V0LTA) with 7B ISK damage: 342M, 446M, 786M, 881M, 306M,
  41. Col Deathstroke (AQUILA INC, Verge of Collapse) with 7B ISK damage: 489M, 271M, 368M, 498M, 547M, 450M, 310M,
  42. Kaleesa (Paradox Collective, Project.Mayhem.) with 7B ISK damage: 503M, 321M, 410M, 326M, 581M,
  43. Brutus Duran (Mosquito Squadron, Mordus Angels) with 7B ISK damage: 260M, 641M, 588M,
  44. Ole Biscuitbarrel (Dixon Cox Butte Preservation Society, Psychotic Tendencies.) with 7B ISK damage: 377M, 1928M, 394M, 341M, 513M,
  45. light blade (Caldari Provisions, #NPC Corporations) with 7B ISK damage: 261M, 297M, 252M, 322M, 988M,
  46. floris123 (Steel Fleet, Phoenix Company Alliance) with 7B ISK damage: 433M, 325M, 276M, 477M, 820M, 883M, 344M, 477M, 519M,
  47. jarack (Hax., -) with 7B ISK damage: 678M, 2371M,
  48. whysoserios Andrard (Covert Syndicate, -) with 7B ISK damage: 336M, 407M, 1481M, 415M, 385M, 319M, 357M, 612M, 494M, 256M, 325M,
  49. blackbird01 (Ex Presidents., Complaints Department) with 7B ISK damage: 366M, 513M, 553M, 417M, 411M, 686M,
  50. Swagdust (Black Serpent Technologies, The-Culture) with 7B ISK damage: 917M, 409M, 1816M,
  51. HerrBert (V0LTA, WE FORM V0LTA) with 7B ISK damage: 342M, 420M, 356M, 514M, 334M, 333M, 333M,
  52. Demeisen Atreides (Dixon Cox Butte Preservation Society, Psychotic Tendencies.) with 7B ISK damage: 278M, 428M, 260M, 263M,
  53. thearrowofapollo (Hax., -) with 7B ISK damage: 811M, 298M, 350M,
  54. Alexandre Bellenger (Dixon Cox Butte Preservation Society, Psychotic Tendencies.) with 6B ISK damage: 283M, 390M, 441M, 255M, 343M, 312M, 253M, 433M, 1302M, 565M,
  55. Teutonius Descartes (Saunaclub Bunga Bunga, -) with 6B ISK damage: 527M, 904M, 251M, 429M, 304M,
  56. Wren (Sniggerdly, Pandemic Legion) with 6B ISK damage: 811M, 488M, 1900M, 287M,
  57. gnshadowninja (The Phoenix Rising, Vendetta Mercenary Group) with 6B ISK damage: 1513M, 303M, 254M, 829M, 1276M,
  58. Feir Ronuken (Adversity., Psychotic Tendencies.) with 6B ISK damage: 370M, 394M, 301M,
  59. Steven Ellecone (Catastrophic Overview Failure, -) with 6B ISK damage: 273M, 439M, 287M, 287M, 333M, 1186M, 575M, 399M, 652M,
  60. Wii Gank-Yu (Caldari State Police, Logitech Blasters) with 6B ISK damage: 1145M, 495M, 527M, 429M, 471M, 3170M,
  61. Erebus SilentKill (Dissident Aggressors, Mordus Angels) with 6B ISK damage: 494M,
  62. WarGod (V0LTA, WE FORM V0LTA) with 6B ISK damage: 265M, 418M, 1401M, 397M, 334M, 508M,
  63. Yrii Gagarin (Terminus Est Lost Squadron, Infinity Space.) with 6B ISK damage: 409M, 2935M, 1611M,
  64. PsychoticShooter (Steel Fleet, Phoenix Company Alliance) with 6B ISK damage: 401M, 798M, 491M, 285M, 690M,
  65. ImNotCompensating (R. Daneel Society, Logitech Blasters) with 6B ISK damage: 607M, 1460M, 528M, 1043M, 868M, 316M,
  66. Shingly (KarmaFleet, Goonswarm Federation) with 6B ISK damage: 1499M, 979M, 255M, 3061M,
  67. draup Reon (Sequent Industry, Out of Sight.) with 6B ISK damage: 419M, 960M, 924M, 897M, 950M, 382M, 959M,
  68. Icarius (The Wings of Maak, -) with 6B ISK damage: 5530M,
  69. Velias Hector (R. Daneel Society, Logitech Blasters) with 6B ISK damage: 385M, 438M, 863M, 736M, 1177M,
  70. Captain Storm Black (Sucker Punch., Complaints Department) with 6B ISK damage: 431M, 350M, 2776M, 2037M,
  71. PiXEL UA (Mass of Pixels, Bora Alis) with 6B ISK damage: 253M, 553M, 2265M, 273M,
  72. marine rosger (Viper-Squad, WE FORM V0LTA) with 6B ISK damage: 494M, 930M, 786M,
  73. Pumpenshop24 (Miners League of Exploration Coalition, Requiem Eternal) with 6B ISK damage: 365M, 399M, 253M, 321M,
  74. Jacob Amaris (One Man Crew Inc., -) with 5B ISK damage: 504M, 281M, 681M,
  75. taylor04 (Hax., -) with 5B ISK damage: 734M, 263M,
  76. Koji Airuta (My Little Pony Industries Inc., Out of Sight.) with 5B ISK damage: 1052M,
  77. Tau AD (Elite pilots, Project.Mayhem.) with 5B ISK damage: 319M, 497M,
  78. Rawstyle (Anomic Entropy, -) with 5B ISK damage: 422M, 701M,
  79. Septen Reaper (Hax., -) with 5B ISK damage: 691M, 265M, 689M, 396M,
  80. Tin Taron (My Little Pony Industries Inc., Out of Sight.) with 5B ISK damage: 447M, 265M,
  81. Neda Tomas (Tr0pa de elite., Northern Coalition.) with 5B ISK damage: 480M, 671M, 331M, 252M,
  82. Griever Takkow (The Phoenix Rising, Vendetta Mercenary Group) with 5B ISK damage: 628M, 538M, 1698M, 1896M,
  83. lt blacklotus (Super Cr3w, -) with 5B ISK damage: 281M, 322M, 671M, 554M, 303M,
  84. Icer Xx (Carpe Noctem., Pandemic Legion) with 5B ISK damage: 765M, 362M, 364M, 327M, 339M, 757M,
  85. tainted demon (Danger Gnomes, Vendetta Mercenary Group) with 5B ISK damage: 403M, 2852M, 847M, 277M,
  86. Vizant (Fat Dragon Mining Co., Darwinism.) with 5B ISK damage: 545M, 916M, 337M, 408M, 322M, 320M, 341M, 320M, 316M, 309M, 324M,
Total damage of the top 50 individuals is 758B ISK.


Anonymous said...

what % of your commenters are on pure statistic / data posts?
what % of your comments are on statistic post that has some opinion like this one?
what % of your comments are on pure opinion posts?

how about unique visitor counts?

i know the statistic / data posts are necessary as they provide evidence that is fundemental to your other posts. i'm not sure about your other readers but when i see a pure data post for the 5th day in a row i just scroll to the bottom and find something interesting in your blog roll to read.

perhaps its time to launch a compaion site that allows people to lookup the data and then make your blog reference that data when needed. there is room for a 'unwhored' kill board in the eve meta even if the data is not immediate and only statistical in nature. if it becomes popular it might even convince either an existing killboard or a new one to 'unwhore' their data.

Gevlon said...

Comments on statistics are near zero, but it's normal, since what meaningful can you comment (unless you point out factual error). You can argue against an opinion. Vistor counts are higher than on "usual" opinion posts, though controversial posts get more.

However I write my non-profit blog for myself. If someone don't like it, he can go and I won't cry.

Kevan Smith said...

However, I would also recommend a "stats only" blog for the kill report analyses.

Jim L said...

When it comes to SOV, MOA is irrelevant. They have zero influence on who owns what SOV

Chris K. said...

Have you considered creating a sub-page where you link the posts for the 2014 and 2015 reports? After a few blog posts they tend to get lost and it's a pain to search for them manually. And it's a pity, because you obviously put work in them.

Gevlon said...

@Chris: of course there will be a permanent page for the reports with pretty overview chart and links.

@Jim L: so is PL

Anonymous said...

"@Jim L: so is PL"

yes, but this argument is not pro moa. it just say that you agree and make another example.

you never made any form of target. when do you want to achieve results. and what kind of results. this will be ongoing for next years till eve is dead. same results as now, same effect.

Gevlon said...

@Jim L: I mean that "MoA can't take Sov" is just as irrelevant statement as "Jim L has no wings", since no alliance can take CFC sov, like no man has wings. We must walk and hurt Goons one ratter at a time. Life isn't fair.

Anonymous said...

"All the "community" was loud about TISHU and they openly mocked MoA for being irrelevant and ... well, they were just mediocre."
The thing is that objectively TISHU were considered much more of a threat than MoA since they hit better targets and they meant that Goons had to act. So what this really proves is that kill statistics really don't have as much meaning as you suggest.

Lich Reaper said...


MoA may have more isk killed, but they didn't hurt the CFC or specific alliances like TISHU has. Killing a lot of isk is not synonymous with making an corp/alliance/coalition disband or failcascade. I'll give you some examples

1. Awoxing : TISHU infiltrated a lot of corps and bumped out many an orca/rorqual out of poses, killing them in the process. The after effect of that is that they did like 4 SOTAs about how they need to close recruitment, reset pos passwords, get shit on by their alliance leadership, actually look at APIs (we had alts in TISHU join sma lmfao)

2. AFK Camping : TISHU normies stay logged in to most of the region just to piss of SMA, which cut their ratting so hard they made a SOTA and declared they needed to rat in groups. Obviously the few that did that died. Lots of complaining on their alliance forums, and leadership responding with "you're shit"

3. Highsec dunks : a couple of dudes asked us to wardec them so they can farm them in highsec when nothing is going on. We had quite a bit of success on that end and now every 2-3 days a corp leaves SMA and we get a new wardec notification.

4. Propaganda : see and have a laugh. Post on reddit about dub things they do, leak their internal drama, leak their comms, leak their forum posts. All these contribute to them failcascading

In the last 30 days I have seen many corps leave/get kicked from SMA. Most of them that are no longer in SMA were tired of us. In some cases, we made them panic so hard we convinced a lot of directors that so and so was a spy which resulted in him being kicked. Furthermore, the amount of isk stolen from their coffers/logistics network nears 500bil... put that in your statistics )))

Finally, we may not have killed more, however, we have definitely hurt them the most. Either through our casual propaganda (which somehow even the mittani can't even cope with v0v) or through exploiting their internal strife, we have dealt a lot more damage. Roam the region, you'll see that there isn't much left, and they barely form more than 40 dudes for ops anymore, despite being one of the largest alliances. Let's not forget that SMA is a noob-tier alliance (most of them have <5mil sp lmao) so their kills will inherently be less expensive than other alliances (only 1 or 2 dudes in the entire alliance rats in carriers).

Anyway, MoA should take some notes and learn from the pros

Kinis Deren said...

Interesting analysis, as always, in regards to CFC losses for January.

I do have to say I'm a little uncomfortable with the TISHU comments though G. Yes, TISHU may be more vocal in /r/eve about their successes against CFC, but hey, props to them for posting and getting the attention for that effort. Personally, I'm glad that TISHU are hitting CFC in whatever capacity or level they see fit. The more groups that are nibbling at the Emporiums' ankles, the more likely they will stumble and fall. So,in my humble opinion, it isn't a competition between MOA, OOS, TISHU, PL or whoever, nor do we have to become the thing we hate to defeat it (i.e. a bigger blob coalition). Sure, let's work together when it suits the situation but the CFC will be defeated through cumulative attrition, delivered on may fronts and from groups with their own motivation for fighting Mittens' sheeple.

@JimL 09:31

Hey Jim, out of interest, can you name a relevant group in EVE that would be capable of taking and holding sov in Pure Blind currently (excluding CFC blue status, NIP/NAP agreements of course)? Also, if you can, could you also answer why they are denying themselves content 24/7?

Suas said...

I'm up there fighting (although arrived only recently), and completely agree with Lich Reaper. Kills are important-ish, denial of game play (mostly stopping ratters, rat) is BIG, the loss of trust by throwing spies in everywhere and the disruption caused by that is ENORMOUS

Unknown said...

Everything you described makes you worse than MOA, the fact you cant fight an entity on fair ground, you have to resort to being a douchebag and taking advantage of CEO's to hurt, not SMA leadership. but the lowly member, the foot soldier who works a 9-5 job and simple is trying to make ends meat in EvE.

You're not killing capital fleets, you act like Tissue is so good, but your no different than that shit side of goons that play the game/ other games, to ruin a community.

The corps you claim that SMA lost, belong to CEO's who are inactive, you will find most of the members have been seeded into other corps, 2 corps have left since Tissue deployed, and they were small corps who never participate in fleets.

At least moa fight toe to toe, can you say the same? At least MoA show up and try to participate in capital engagements (Where they have no business being) just to try and leave an imprint on the whole Grr goons movement. SMA has this whole saying "Write our Own Narrative" MoA have taken on a very similar image. Tissue? as far as I'm concerned the only thing your good at is putting 2 mil SP toons into corps just to hurt the little guy. That's some kind of accomplishment? are you fucking inbred? Jesus, I used to think TEST were the bottom of the totem pole, you guys are even more desperate than them for attention. get fucking lost punk mercs, your useless

-CVA Carebear #Fuckgrammer

Anonymous said...

Lol sorry, the "pros" will come through, and be gone as fast as they came. The impact will be minuscule, and will not have a resounding impact. It will be nothing more than a drop in the bucket. High intensity, short term campaigns are fun. Try running the longest sustained conflict in Eve's history without holding space, and appealing to new recruits simply through the promise of killing CFC. Then, throw in the neutrals, and the groups that wanna take joyrides through the region for a few days. They float through and bad mouth the group that's been doing what they haven't been for the last five years. Spaceships are spaceships, but TISHU needs to get its ego in check. They are a drop in the bucket, and won't stick around long.

Anonymous said...

"Anyway, MoA should take some notes and learn from the pros"
Is that you Lich? You the pro?
Honestly, most of what you've written there is completely off base. SMA lost like 13 tiny corps in the last month, most before you really got started, so pretending that's you is funny. Also things like them having less than 5m sp, out intel tells us otherwise.

Face it, MOA outclasses you at every turn, and you're just mad that we do enough to warrant being paid by Gevlon while you get laughed at for being incompetent. MOA FOR LIFE.

Jim L said...

Why did you put "MOA can't take SOV" in quotes? I did not say that. Pretending I did is rather dishonest. Read what I wrote again and try answering more honestly. In fact, I didn't say anything about taking SOV. I said influence over SOV. The CFC has influence over areas of SOV they do not own. Lots of groups/alliances have influence over the SOV map. MOA has none. Since they have no influence on SOV, they are irrelevant when it comes to SOV.

Rather than dishonesty quote me, why don't you give just one place MOA influences SOV. If you can't, you will pretty much have to agree with me that MOA is irrelevant when it comes to SOV.

BTW, there is no shame in that. I am irrelevant when it comes to SOV as well. The shame is in deluding yourself or falling for propaganda because you want something to be true.

Anonymous said...

"If you can't, you will pretty much have to agree with me that MOA is irrelevant when it comes to SOV.v"

Yes, we are irrelevent when it comes to sov. We have never tried, or alluded to trying to hold/take/influence sov.

The only thing we have ever tried to do is kill goons and their pets, and at that we're very fucking far from irrelevent. Top goonie killers in 2015 i believe?

03 February, 2016 09:21 you made your shitposting comment about us and sov, thinking you've lit up some truth or something, when in actual facts all you're doing is moving the goalposts.

Hurray, we're irrelevent in something we don't ever participate in! Well fucking done for pointing out the obvious you fucking muppet.

Kinis Deren said...

I agree with Saus and Lich Reaper, a battle may be fought & won through many means.

I don't know if we, in MOA, have ever really gone in for subterfuge tactics against the CFC (and even if I did know, I wouldn't say). Also, zkill is by definition highly unlikely to be a source of any measurable data for the success/failure of such methods.

Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is if you have the skills and patience to rip the guts out of a CFC alliance by stealing assets, SRP fund, skill book horde or sow discontent and drama from within, then I think that's awesome and I wish you every success in the endeavor and really look forward to reading about it on /r/eve.